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. Re: btw

The recent decapping of some the Model 1 DSP chips should help with emulating that system I would imagine. If I wasn't broke I would donate money towa ...
News jonwil 10/21/17 11:07 AM
. Re: A Program from a 35 Year Old Magazine for “BASIC Month” and a Chat with Its Author [Reddit]

Interesting that the guy in that article wrote a UI code generator for Basic called "ThunderCode". Thunder was the original code name for wh ...
EmuChat jonwil 10/05/17 02:20 PM
. Re: Capcom Is Re-Releasing Street Fighter II On A SNES Cartridge

I wonder where the lockout chips for these are going to come from? Are they going to buy old SNES carts and re-use the lockout chips? Are they going t ...
EmuChat jonwil 09/03/17 11:51 AM
. Re: Hard drive crashes worse now on SSD?

I bought a Samsung SSD and it did wonders for my performance. Have owned it for years and its still as good as new with no corruption or failures or s ...
The Loony Bin jonwil 08/30/17 01:03 AM
. Pandora's Box 4S cabinet

Spotted a strange xxx-in-1 bootleg arcade cabinet today. It was set up to take actual money and had hundreds of games on it (including what looked lik ...
EmuChat jonwil 08/24/17 04:02 PM
. Re: Got a message asking me to report to mame developpers

If the Direct3D drivers for these GPUs dont support the necessary features but the OpenGL and GDI options do work, maybe the answer is to detect the l ...
EmuChat jonwil 08/24/17 10:37 AM
. Re: Prosecutors: 6 charged with making fake Pac-Man games in Santa Clara

I see these x-in-1 cocktail multi-game tables (which clearly violate the copyright of at least some of the games involved since I know for a fact Nint ...
The Loony Bin jonwil 08/17/17 04:24 AM
. Re: DU: Porn collection (NSFW)

Isn't there some rule where MAME wont support MPEG video because of the patents and the risk of being sued? Or did that change?
News jonwil 07/21/17 09:22 AM
. Re: DU: Legend

I dont see a CPU on that board? Are they cloning the CPU (and other SNES hardware) with the big FPGA/CPLD and the various surface mount chips in the m ...
News jonwil 07/11/17 12:27 AM
. Re: DU: Bubble Bobble prototype and more

I wonder why someone would go to the trouble of epoxying a 1-off proto board like that...
News jonwil 07/02/17 06:28 AM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's

I suspect that trying to play a game where the input device is a motorcycle that you tilt left and right to make it steer with any other kind of input ...
News jonwil 06/21/17 11:53 PM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's

There seem to be 2 different variants of the M37450 in use. One is a stock Mitsubishi part with no internal ROM used on finalap3jc (at least, if not o ...
News jonwil 06/21/17 12:03 PM
. Re: DU: So many MCUs I don't know what to do's

Does anyone know what MCU is used for the Namco C65 and Namco C68? (used to handle inputs and things for Namco System 2 games). Is there a known way t ...
News jonwil 06/20/17 05:59 AM
. Re: A Challenger Appears

I decided to try my arcade stick with SM64. Is it as good as a proper analog stick? No. But it was good enough to allow me to spin Bowser around fast ...
EmuChat jonwil 06/03/17 04:02 AM
. Neo-Geo roms now legally available on

Gog have now done a deal with SNK to sell NeoGeo games on their site. A ...
News jonwil 06/02/17 12:58 AM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

Anyone used the 8bitdo controllers before? Wondering if it mi ...
EmuChat jonwil 06/01/17 02:08 PM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

If I dont care about rumble, is it better to buy a N64 controller and a USB adapter for N64 emulation or is it better to buy something more modern tha ...
EmuChat jonwil 05/31/17 01:51 AM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

I have a USB arcade stick (1 joystick and a whole bunch of buttons). Its great for MAME and games like Street Fighter II, I wonder if it would be any ...
EmuChat jonwil 05/27/17 02:47 PM
. Re: Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the recommendation. Project64 is great. Mario 64 is extremely fun and I can see why it has been labeled & ...
EmuChat jonwil 05/26/17 01:36 PM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

Even if its not a candidate for the official version of MAME, I am sure its something HBmame would be interested in...
EmuChat jonwil 05/20/17 03:55 PM
. Best Nintendo 64 emulator?

Can anyone tell me which emulator is the best (as in most accurate while still remaining playable on a Core i5-6500 CPU) one to use for Nintendo 64 th ...
EmuChat jonwil 05/04/17 12:19 PM
. Re: How to know if an Adam Sandler movie is a hard pass from the trailer

My rule is that if the trailer contains a single frame of Adam Sandler, I wont go near it. When I first saw the trailer for Pixels I thought it looked ...
The Loony Bin jonwil 04/18/17 03:07 PM
. Re: The first thing to look for in a phone...

This is why I own a phone (Nokia N900) that doesn't require me to pay money to someone else in order to run code on my own device or share code I have ...
The Loony Bin jonwil 04/07/17 07:03 AM
. Re: Caps0ff tackles sega chips

If I wasn't flat broke right now I would donate money to somewhere for the sourcing of the 315-5711 from Star Wars since proper Star Wars Arcade emula ...
News jonwil 02/25/17 03:25 AM
. Re: Caps0ff tackles sega chips

Do we know which of the Model 1 games this is from?
News jonwil 02/25/17 02:12 AM

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