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. Re: Model 2 WIP

Quote: Is there a list of model 2 games anywhere ? System16 is the first choice.
News soviet 03/08/18 11:38 PM
. Re: DU: Super deformed

The PCB is smallish but not super deformed.
News soviet 09/24/17 03:57 PM
. Re: Dodonpachi III dumped

It is reported by someone in China who got to play it in an arcade to be more or less ...
News soviet 08/06/17 01:49 PM
. Re: Attn frontend developers: machine flags in XML

Quote: You can always discover a mouse by walking inputs and looking for mouse X and Y types Not always, as cases like machine "pv7" (m ...
News soviet 07/27/17 06:27 PM
. Re: Attn frontend developers: machine flags in XML

This design, with feature elements only present if the feature is unemulated or imperfect, doesn't account for feature relevance: both machines that d ...
News soviet 07/27/17 03:53 PM
. Re: The Return of the Japump

> No accusations have been made. I'm just waiting for you to prove you have this stuff > dumped. Announcements of having something ready to han ...
News soviet 06/19/17 05:53 PM
. Re: DU: Why would Shoutime go Hog Wild if it's only Tuesday? Does he have a problem?

You can "drop" roms and CHDs because you are dealing with software in interchangeable disks, cartridges etc. that shares identical, standard ...
News soviet 05/24/17 06:27 PM
. Re: DU: Newer version of Capcom Vs. SNK 2 - Millionaire Fighting 2001

> Well you dont have to be a dick about it. Not everyone is like you knowing how to > Code or what-the-fuck-ever. Was just a suggestion Mr. Stuc ...
News soviet 03/20/17 07:47 PM
. Re: [Annc] MameUI64 .183(a) & snaps/icons released

Tested by comparing -listxml output. The UI version has several dac, laserdisc etc. machines with an unusual sourcefile value of C:/MAMEUI/src/device ...
News soviet 02/22/17 07:23 PM
. Re: Final Push

> We still need a lot more if we are going to come close to guaranteeing a win in the auction. What figures are we talking about? Maybe I can don ...
News soviet 02/21/17 07:13 PM
. Re: The End Of An Era

I'm partial to Maximum Accuracy, or Mostly Accurate (in case developers are humbler), Machine Emulator: good for all systems, as appropriate after the ...
News soviet 01/08/16 06:43 PM
. Re: Series.ini 0.168

I noticed that xmvsfj is still called xmvsj ("X-Men"); parent xmvsf and the other clones of X-Men Vs. Street Fighter are all listed correct ...
News soviet 12/02/15 06:46 PM
. Re: Series.ini 0.167

I'm not sure this is the right place to suggest corrections, but: In the "Bagman" section, "bagnardi" is misspelled as "bag ...
News soviet 11/26/15 11:23 PM
. Re: anyone know this game?

Pretty similar to Guardian Storm/Sen Jin screenshots (e.g. double head enemies in the top right of the screen). Maybe a "Guardian Storm II" ...
EmuChat soviet 04/19/12 09:46 AM
. Re: Most Rare Arcade Game (Not Including Prototypes & Clones)

Don't you realize that "playable MAME game" and "went into production" are very blurred concepts that make the question almost wor ...
EmuChat soviet 02/16/12 11:43 AM
. Re: I'm boycotting clrmpro.....

> I get these messages; > Issue: Can't merge set due to equal names for different ROM hashes > Press yes to remove parent/clone relationship ...
EmuChat soviet 12/09/11 01:41 PM
. Re: Get over it [nt]

Thread summary: trolls play Pong.
EmuChat soviet 12/01/11 10:15 AM

> > You may want to try MAME+GUI > > From my understanding, MAME+GUI is the same program as MAME Plus, right? They just > renamed it? ...
EmuChat soviet 10/27/11 09:29 AM
. Re: Question about Darius games in MAME

I'm not familiar with Darius Twin for SNES, but why don't you try the games for yourself? Start with one version of Darius II (the previous game in ...
EmuChat soviet 08/11/11 09:59 AM

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