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. Re: Toys R Us, why they failed

Bought a lot of games there back in the 16-bit days. Before the N64 was released, I was there every evening after work and play the demo of Mario64. ...
The Loony Bin vram74 03/15/18 06:38 PM
. You can't go to options -> Directories??

Suggestion: Use vanilla MAME and use launchbox as its front end. The internal UI is decent but launchbox sure makes it fun
MAMEUI & IV/Play vram74 03/06/18 05:23 AM
. Re: Organizing MAMEUI. :(

My mame.ini file is like this... rompaths roms;consoleroms;bios Those paths are all in the MAME root dir. You don't need to type the full path, just ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play vram74 02/28/18 09:50 PM
. Airplane cockpits look less complicated

Button map hell, lol!
EmuChat vram74 02/27/18 07:12 PM
. Jackal and Top Gunner :)

MAME Artwork: Official vram74 02/26/18 11:52 PM
. Proving once again that I'm a dipshit...

So the snaps for the systems weren't showing because the image selection was on cabinets, for which I had no cab images, so it of course showed no cab ...
EmuChat vram74 02/24/18 03:11 AM
. Vanilla .194

EmuChat vram74 02/23/18 04:43 PM
. Tried it both ways

and it still doesn't detect it. Wonder if there are pic dimension/file size requirements? my works fine otherwise(Progetto snaps package)
EmuChat vram74 02/23/18 03:37 PM
. How to get a snap of system to display?

Added a png of an atari 2600 to and named it a2600 but it doesn't display when I click in the system. Missing something?
EmuChat vram74 02/23/18 02:02 PM
. Re: KoF2002 Free on GoG

Neogeo games are like suckers they used to give to children at the bank. Just yesterday I tripped on the sidewalk. Looked behind me and it was a Fatal ...
The Loony Bin vram74 02/14/18 05:49 AM
. I know this

But I was under the impression that most upscalers on tvs today apply additional processing (filters etc) which make the image look shittier increases ...
EmuChat vram74 02/12/18 07:28 PM
. Re: Instead of that

> Supporting more resolutions requires upscaling. That's more processing, and more ways > to make the picture look subjectively "bad" ...
EmuChat vram74 02/12/18 02:41 PM
. Repeat after me

ďTaking pics of poon isnít worth my job. ď Recite this each day during meditation and while driving to work.
The Loony Bin vram74 02/12/18 12:37 PM
. Instead of that

How about we make modern TVs better by working to get rid of the latency, supporting old resolutions/refresh rates beside the new and even including t ...
EmuChat vram74 02/12/18 02:12 AM
. Thank you, Sir.

EmuChat vram74 02/11/18 05:40 AM
. Per console Bezel possible?

Say I wanted to have a specific Bezel for all SNES games. Is this possible or does it require a source code mod/compile?
EmuChat vram74 02/11/18 04:31 AM
. So are you hitín it?

The Loony Bin vram74 02/07/18 08:37 PM
. Re: Whatís up with the towels?

Just making sure you didn't have some weird shit OCD going on in there Now, clean up that damn wiring!
EmuChat vram74 01/17/18 01:54 AM
. Re: Could MAME be ported to UWP?

I used to think that but now Iím not so sure. Not that I want it to go anywhere, But MS seems to want to make it happen.
EmuChat vram74 01/16/18 08:54 PM
. Could MAME be ported to UWP?

Just asking. MS seems to want Win32 to go away at some point.
EmuChat vram74 01/16/18 06:49 PM
. Whatís up with the towels?

Under KB and covering tower?
EmuChat vram74 01/16/18 06:44 PM
. Thanks!

Hope one day we can save OC's (with a "don't report bugs" disclaimer splash), but this will do. > > Can the rate at which the slid ...
EmuChat vram74 01/12/18 10:49 PM
. Slider controls request

Can the rate at which the slider moves up/down be increased? Specially the CPU OC slider. I get that you guys arenít a fan of OCíing because of pote ...
EmuChat vram74 01/12/18 02:19 AM
. Some random stuff I ran....

i5 6500 @ 3.2GHz CPUID Bench 1.80.2 Before Single 413 Multi 1582.6 After Single 412.9 Multi 1582.6 Cinebench R15 Before 538-553 After 551-552 Hig ...
EmuChat vram74 01/05/18 04:42 AM
. Re: 2017 is almost over what do you expect in 2018

Phil Bennett is fixing CPS speed problems, so thatís something Iím personally happy about 1. Iíd like to see HLSL come with some presets that approx ...
EmuChat vram74 12/22/17 05:57 AM

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