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RobbbertARCADE32/64 0.185
Posted on 04/26/17 09:52 AM
Posted by Robbbert

Arcade-only portion of MAME, a replacement for the defunct MAMEUIFX.

Further details listed on the above link.

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RobbbertMESSUI 0.185
Posted on 04/26/17 09:50 AM
Posted by Robbbert

Console/computer portion of MAME, command-line and gui versions. 32 and 64 bit builds.

Also you can find 32-bit build of MAMEUI there.

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John IV[Annc] MAMEUI64 .185 Released w/ Snaps & Icons
Posted on 04/26/17 09:27 AM
Posted by John IV

Thanks to Robbbert for the .exe

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Vas CrabbMAME 0.185
Posted on 04/26/17 09:09 AM
Posted by Vas Crabb


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Stilettodox WIP - Dodge Man BG decoding and color mapping
Posted on 04/26/17 05:54 AM
Posted by Stiletto


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B2K24System11: Using MAME to assist with repairing Nova 2001
Posted on 04/23/17 08:59 PM
Posted by B2K24

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DrLarryEMame Won't Start
Posted on 04/24/17 04:44 AM
Posted by DrLarryE


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4th Chaos EmeraldViolent Storm (Arcade) - Improper screen transition
Posted on 04/22/17 09:57 AM
Posted by 4th Chaos Emerald


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MAME Artwork: Official
DonkeysDongMAME backdrops
Posted on 04/21/17 02:49 PM
Posted by DonkeysDong

Trying to add some MAME backdrops for Discs of Tron and Space Invaders to my Hyperspin/Rocket launcher setup.
Managed to do bezels okay (since disabled), but kinda stumped at the backdrops.
Downloaded some from here:

and tried adding the zip and unzipping it to the artwork folder in my MAME directory, and also to the artwork folder in my rocketlauncher/media folder but no cigar.
The background option is turned on in rocket launcher and mame ini.
Any tips would be greatly appreciated, kinda stumped.
Using MAME 0.178 64 bit.
Ken to ge that cool backdrop for DOT and asteroids deluxe, etc!
Many thanks

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MAME Artwork: Official
NightvoiceHardware Question
Posted on 04/17/17 08:52 PM
Posted by Nightvoice
Attachment nitedrvr.png (1 hits)


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