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Kitsune SniperHaze: Lucky Poker this isn’t, just plain lucky it certainly is.
Posted on 07/23/17 05:18 PM
Posted by Kitsune Sniper

Like, dang.

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GfinchMAME front end pfeMAME version 1.007 released
Posted on 07/23/17 03:38 AM
Posted by Gfinch

pfeMAME version 1.007 has been released today

pfeMAME is a front end for the Multiple Arcade Game Emulator (MAME) written in Python. It is cross platform (tested on Linux - Ubuntu and Windows). It also includes a graphical Tile View designed for MAME cabinets which allows control using joystick / gamepad. It supports favorite game flagging, MESS systems, and a Tiled view for arcade cabinets. It was written with a minimalist view in mind but also because there were some features I wanted that other front ends just didn't provide.

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SmitdoggDU: Porn collection (NSFW)
Posted on 07/20/17 07:59 PM
Posted by Smitdogg
Attachment IMG_4541.JPG (0 hits)

NSFW: system11 made a post with videos about the Nichibutsu High Rate DVD System series

frsj8112 sent us a dump of the world version of Kageki

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SmitdoggDU: Acting fancy
Posted on 07/18/17 07:39 PM
Posted by Smitdogg
Attachment ActFancer.JPG (1 hits)

Corrado Tomaselli dumped version 3 US of Act Fancer

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B2K24Haze: DS5002FP Dumping
Posted on 07/17/17 04:12 PM
Posted by B2K24

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SmitdoggDU: Time Limit
Posted on 07/16/17 06:34 PM
Posted by Smitdogg
Attachment 0008.png (0 hits)

Shoutime got the Time Limit board and dumped the 3 bproms so the colors can be fixed


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DullaronMess with the RetroArch + MAME 0.187 last night.
Posted on 07/24/17 12:43 AM
Posted by Dullaron

Letting you know right off the bat that they didn't port the MESS into MAME for RetroArch. Piss me off about that. I wanted to play some of LCD games from the MAME 0.187 on my Android phone. I did tested out Ms. Pac-Man and Puckman. Those run great on my Moto phone and Samsung Chromebook Plus.


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Schmudra[Solved]Dungeons&Dragons Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara Noob Questions
Posted on 07/18/17 02:39 PM
Posted by Schmudra


I am Matt and I am new to this whole emulator thing, but I find it very interesting.

I already got a few games to run, which are MK 1,2,3; Turtles Arcade and Golden Axe.

I'd like to play D&D - both games in the title - but I am unable to start them up and I dunno why.

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MAME Artwork: Official
Divemaster? pole postion and pole postion II artwork
Posted on 07/19/17 08:26 PM
Posted by Divemaster

I've noticed recently that in these two games when using the artwork the shift no longer works. However if I use shift L or R it does. Is there something in the lay file that needs to be updated?

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MAME Artwork: Official
NightvoiceDECO Cassette Cabinet CPO
Posted on 06/28/17 07:27 AM
Posted by Nightvoice
Attachment deco_cpo.png (0 hits)

I vectored this for my artwork file for cterrani. Maybe others can use it.

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