05:36pm <B2K24> Sure. Make a thread with your settings on pastebin or something
12:09am <Sune> HLSL needs separate .inis for games that ran on 15 and 31Khz monitors.
12:49am <Sune> I've been away for nearly a year so if it has that now then great
12:50am <Sune> Anyway from what I saw on the emuversal shoutbox today, HLSL could be on its way out
05:52pm <124scratch> Anyone know where I put config files like horizont.ini and vertical.ini?
05:57pm <124scratch> And how do I make them?
06:01pm <124scratch> Guys?
12:25am <Orc> Aint gotta fucking clue....
07:10pm <Sune> They go in the ini folder. Make a copy of mame.ini, rename it, leave in the parameters you want to change and cut the rest.
04:57am <TServo2049> hey, I asked in EmuChat if anybody knows of any games where there are bootlegs or other clones that run better or work better, I know it was a lot more common before
04:58am <TServo2049> After all the MCU emulation progress, anybody know of any games where you still need a clone to actually play it, or get sound, or something like that?
06:50pm <Orc> I'm Getting old.....
06:50pm <Orc> My Bellend just fell off...
05:39pm <aavada> OrcIsABast
04:30pm <Napalm> ini
04:22am <Neyxtian22293> Guys how to win you sheng el co 1992 video horse race
05:33am <Sune> I'm doing science and I'm still alive
08:57am <Gyrovision> oI
05:13am <Pi> bollocks here
01:59pm <Vas Crabb> I really shouldn't read the war room, it's more bollocks than this shit.
10:07pm <Hydreigon> New user, old player familiar with MAME. Had to register because of the "progress" done in 0.193.
10:08pm <Hydreigon> And I ask is there any form of introduction thread on the forums?
12:46am <Smitdogg> Nope
02:17am <Master O> Never Mind the Bollocks, It's The War Room!
02:17am <Master O> Wait... I think I quoted that wrong...
12:24am <extracampine> bolocks
12:34am <extracampine> :/
09:16pm <netty> Hi!! Any ideas about how to use MameWah Layout Editor? im going crazy...
01:03pm <extracampine> will look into that
08:22pm <RetrocadeMedia> Welp, Im new here, so if I accidentally spam trying to figure out how the site works, dont hate me. Feel free to be disgruntled though.
08:23pm <RetrocadeMedia> Actually, is there a way to make a post?
08:25pm <RetrocadeMedia> Nvm
07:27am <unknownclient> any electrical engineers on right now?
01:07am <Master O> It's shocking that there aren't any electrical engineers on right now.
07:21pm <xess> hellooo
10:42pm <Thatman84> Balls
05:40pm <MAMEThomas> Anyone know where one can submit a bug found in MAME?
06:14am <B2K24> mametesters
06:14am <B2K24> Or post it in EmuChat
09:59am <B2K24> Sluts
11:52am <dtdan65> Does anyone know how to decrease the sensitivity on an Ultimarc Spinrtrac?