05:21am <Gyrovision> Gyro Sez Quikk SecretAgentMan, Orc drck AeroCityMayor, Sune keshbach1 xess jeremymtc. hmmmmmm
07:52pm <AeroCityMayor> Alsome!
10:28pm <jeremymtc> The shoutbox is The Fun Time Treat for everyone!
10:49pm <Tomu Breidah>
10:48am <Gyrovision> Wake up, old thread. Rise from your grave...
09:06pm <AeroCityMayor> Yes, wise fwom your gwave
09:06pm <AeroCityMayor> < /Kwipke>
09:07am <jeremymtc> On the Gweeeeen!
02:34am <Big Karnak> Happy Festivus everyone
10:11pm <Big Karnak> This dungeon only shows the timestamp, but not the date. So how are we supposed to know how old these messages are?
07:50am <mameworldling> .
03:30am <Orc> Smell em......
03:30am <Orc> Happy new year tossers....
06:27am <Bob Borakovitz> ::sniff, sniff::
06:08pm <CrazyMonkey> Uh, hey guys, apart of the credits system (duh), in your opinion, what's the second greatest difference between 16/32-bit Arcade and Home-console games? :V
11:08pm <WolvesUnited> hello i need artwork for qbert mame can you give me the download link
10:02pm <grobda> bollocks
06:36am <Bob Borakovitz> Hope everyone's gaming is creamy
09:06pm <AeroCityMayor> Yeah d00d, with two sugars!
01:17am <Orc> Hah...Still at No 5.... Come on tossers....
01:23am <Orc> Farewell Europe......Hurrah for misshapen bananas
01:24am <Orc> Nothing like a misshapen banana...Ask Faz....
02:13am <Orc> Short Stats is still fucked I see....
05:54am <jeremymtc> For my friend, he will have a hamburger sandwich. For mein, I will have a hamburgur sandwich. I would like to have schweinspeck placed upon my hamburger sandwich. Good day.
09:17am <B2K24> Is that a German pecker placed on yer hamburger?
09:10am <jeremymtc> Schweinspeck ist stripped pig flank made thin, for putting on hamburger sandwiches.
12:50pm <eispic> I need help. In qmc2 is my Software List empty, Why?
12:28am <Orc> gregf and Pi.....Pull ya fucking fingers out will ya...
12:29am <Orc> Only another coupla thousand posts.....
12:29am <Orc> Sheesh......Can't get teh staff these dayz....
01:34pm <SecretAgentMan> bleh!
05:23am <124scratch> Hey guys, anyone wanna see my HLSL settings I use with MAME 0.180? I'm really happy with them.
05:36pm <B2K24> Sure. Make a thread with your settings on pastebin or something
12:09am <Sune> HLSL needs separate .inis for games that ran on 15 and 31Khz monitors.
12:49am <Sune> I've been away for nearly a year so if it has that now then great
12:50am <Sune> Anyway from what I saw on the emuversal shoutbox today, HLSL could be on its way out
05:52pm <124scratch> Anyone know where I put config files like horizont.ini and vertical.ini?
05:57pm <124scratch> And how do I make them?
06:01pm <124scratch> Guys?
12:25am <Orc> Aint gotta fucking clue....
07:10pm <Sune> They go in the ini folder. Make a copy of mame.ini, rename it, leave in the parameters you want to change and cut the rest.