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Re: Call your bluff.
11/18/11 04:20 AM

> Actually B2K24, why not list who the HLSL developers are so that we all know.

OK you Lazie



Implemented experimental HLSL post-processing support on Direct3D 9
targets. [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]

* 5-pass post-processing: Upscale, Post-Process, Store Last Frame,
Defocus 1, Defocus 2
* Many tunable effects including: Scanlines, defocus, linear
deconvergence, radial deconvergence, pincushion, RGB colorspace
convolution, YIQ colorspace convolution, saturation, simulated dot
crawl, simulated chroma subsampling, aperture masking, and more.
* Requires a GPU that supports Shader Model 3.0 to be enabled and a
powerful GPU, the entire pipeline consists of approximately 30
texel fetches and approximately 230 arthimetic ops.
* Will supersample the framebuffer up to 9x in both X and Y, but this
requires an enormously powerful GPU that has not been invented;
users with Radeon 5000-class cards should limit themselves to 3x,
Radeon 4000 to 1.5x.
* The default configuration will NOT appear to do anything; it
requires tuning to the user's liking.
* Should nicely fall back in all cases except missing shaders, and it
might fall back correctly in that case as well. Report any
- For obvious reasons, the Direct3D8 renderer cannont support this.

HLSL Updates [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment]
* Split color convolution and deconvergence into separate shaders for
potential GPU savings down the line
* Added light and heavy variants of the color convolution shader, the
former with YIQ colorspace removed
* Re-worked defocus to occur prior to shadow mask application, as it
would be on a real monitor.
* Split "pincushion" into "Pincushion" and "Screen Curvature", the
former affecting the only the displayed image and the latter only
affecting the shadow mask.
* Made major fixes to CVBS simulation, significantly increasing color
* Added magnet deconvergence via a shader uniform
* Improved phosphorescence
* Improved YIQ codec
* Added adjustable color carrier in YIQ processing mode.
* Fixed resolution-change crash and likely D3D performance regression
with -nohlsl on low-spec cards
* Created a new OSD function, osd_get_slider_list, which allows
OS-specific slider controls.

HLSL Post-Processing Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment, cgwg]
* The defocus pass is now switched off when defocus_x and defocus_y
are zero, allowing finer-grained performance tuning.
* Removed YIQ convolution from the main color-convolution shader and
replaced it with a full composite encode/decode pass. This is slower,
but looks amazing(ly like a terrible TV) and can be turned off.
* More authentic NTSC dot crawl and bandwidth limiting.


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