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Re: ......blinks.......
11/20/11 04:24 AM

> - there being any question JClampy was anything but a user (DOH!)

Hmm, would expect a bit more than 'user', definately 'tinkerer', would like to think 'problem solver' but I tend to be more a 'problem finder' with this stuff.

In regards to the previously posted issue I have decided that 'overlay' mode is currently the closest look to what I am trying to achieve. Because currently the 'alpha channel' cannot be adjusted for 'overlay' mode with the MAME border artwork feature, certain monitor display resolutions just don't look good enough. Probably a combination of that and the accuracy lost when not being in monitors 'native display' resolution may have something to do with it.

From my current testing it looks like fullscreen 1280x1024 and probably 1920x1080 are both working good enough for an initial release so I will hopefully have atleast one of those up for download tonight. Whether that needs to be your monitors native resolution I am not 100% sure yet. As far as I have tested all games have been displayed distortion free.

For other display resolutions you will either need to wait until someone responds with a solution to the previously posted issue. Or, you could try using it and have a slightly/highly degraded image. Maybe you won't notice the loss in quality on your monitor but I can see it on mine.

Was able to spend some time testing on a widescreen tonight. Everything was working as good as on my normal screen, was using the same 4:3 1280x960 setup and displaying it bordered (monitor was set to 1:1 ratio and bordered the image automatically) on a monitor which had a native resolution of 1920x1200. No distortion which is great, only that issue where the alpha channel can't be adjusted remained.

I spent alot of time writing out instructions and organising the files but after tonights testing I need to rewrite and reorganise things a little. I am now sure I can setup one release that caters to both normal and widescreen users. I will try for a release tomorrow if I have enough time after work but I might be too busy over the next couple of days.

So at the moment;
Normal screen
1280x960 displayed fullscreen 1280x960 works ok.
1280x960 displayed bordered fullscreen 1280x1024 looked a little better.
I guess will work fine on all normal screens with native resolutions of 1280x960 and upwards.

1280x960 displayed fullscreen (with automatic monitor bordering) on monitor in 1:1 aspect ratio mode works ok.
I guess will work fine on all widescreens with native resolutions of 1440x960 and upwards.

So the initial release will support all of that. Once I have got that posted up I will get it sorted for 1600x1200 and 1920x1200 users. Which maybe of even higher quality if I am not mistaken.

Ended up doing more testing and made some good extra progress in design and implementation. At the moment these could be the finalised supported resolutions at this time:

- Resolutions Supported by Pattern Type A: 1280x960 & 1440x960* & 1280x1024* & 1920x1080*
- Pattern Type A: Similar to Wells Gardner K7000 19" Standard Pitch 'Arcade Monitor'
*All resolutions shown bordered or boxed as 1280x960

- Resolutions Supported by Pattern Type B: 1600x1200 & 1920x1200*
- Pattern Type B: Similar to Wells Gardner K7000 25" Standard Pitch 'Arcade Monitor'
*Resolution shown bordered as 1600x1200

I recommend that people only use their displays 'native' resolution to ensure a perfectly clear image when games scroll either horizontally or vertically.

Should be released this weekend as long as I don't have any new major problems turn up.

Yep, release will definately be this weekend. I completed testing all resolutions bar 1440x960 since it seems is not a common resolution, or just I don't have access to a monitor that uses it. Should work fine anyway as my calculations look sound, since all other tested resolutions work fine.

It is made to work with people's monitor in 'native resolution'. If you don't then you will degrade image based on monitor's lack of accuracy when not in 'native resolution'. While matching the correct size resolution to exactly the same as 'native resolution' will look perfect, the ultimate setup seems to be either 1600x1200 and 1920x1200. Both monitors would give the same game image and use the higher quality K7000 25" phosphur pattern. Not only that but if you displayed a vertically orientated game without rotation so monitor in an horizontal position then the displayed image dimensions are very close to the phosphur pattern of a K7000 19" rotated vertically. So 1600x1200 and 1920x1200 monitors are great for all scenarios.

I can confirm my Version 3.0 works fully with or without HLSL 'complementing'. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages, so just comes down to personal preference. All will be explained in my future posts.

I'll start posting screenshots tomorrow and some information to help people understand how to get the most from it.

Read about my latest custom HLSL setup here;

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