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Re: BullShit!!!
06/26/12 06:40 PM

> > > Do children carry such documents at all times?
> >
> > It's particularly important that children carry their STANDARD ID so law
> enforcement
> > can stop them on every street corner and ensure they aren't the children of
> > who will teach them to steal American jobs, just like Salma Hayek.
> Honestly, your speaking about hypotheticals and hyperbole, but no law or policy calls
> for searching children on playgrounds.
> In reality, children are enrolling in public schools, WIC and welfare, and getting
> state-sponsored medical care who aren't here legally because some states (California
> for example) don't require ID to enroll. Isn't today a milestone day for the state of
> California because it is officially bankrupt unless other states (responsible
> states?) bail it out?
> In SC and TX, when I enroll my children for school every year, I need to provide
> birth certificates and social security cards... reasonable id checks before enrolling
> them in tax-funded public services.
> In contrast to the lax US, when we travel in Brazil with my small children, not only
> do we need their picture IDs even to board a simple bus going from one city to the
> next, we also need a notarized letter from their state of residence AND a letter from
> that state verifying that the notary who signed said letter is actually a verified
> notary, in order to ride that bus. Even with all of this paperwork on us, we
> routinely get detained while they call various offices to verify our papers, and we
> schedule a couple extra hours for travel to compensate for this. We aren't even
> getting on a plane to leave the country... we're taking a BUS! We are clearly being
> racially profiled because Gatinha is a typical Brazilain "brown" skinned woman, but
> our children are atypically porcelain white, blue eyed and blond. We don't resent
> being stopped all the time for this documentation because Brazil is addressing a huge
> problem they have with child kidnapping and trafficking. I APPRECIATE that it is
> difficult to travel with our small children in Brazil, because it would hopefully
> save my children should they one day get taken from us.
> A society has to do what it can to protect its citizens and vulnerable populations
> when there is a need and a problem. Our social services in the US are literally being
> bankrupt, so the need and problem is factually there. Fact checking citizens when
> enrolling for services is not an unreasonable step. Calling for manufactured outrage
> and demanding NOT to check to IS unreasonable, because its only motivation is to
> garner votes at the expense of the society's sovereignty.
> To expect a country to forgo its sovereignty and solvency so its citizens can walk
> around in unchecked anarchy mingling with likewise unchecked illegals is
> unreasonable. You'll eventually be "free" in a lawless bankrupt society of no value
> to its citizens.

Gatinha is in Arizona for who knows why, maybe looking for a place for you two to die when you get old,
and her purse gets stolen by a natural born citizen. She goes to the police to report her stolen purse, and
because she is a typical Brazilian "brown" skinned woman with an accent and no ID, they detain her until
her status can be determined. As per county policy, she's strip searched before going into the lockup.
You're able to get her out within a few hours, but she found the whole experience degrading.

Is this cool because it might help catch an illegal, or BS because it's your wife? Or both?

Oh for Pete's sake.

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