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Re: FFE Beta 1 (by Mamu)
12/07/13 06:39 PM

"Interface is nice but I can only go to the next screen from lower right corner?"

Thank you for the nice interface

Yes, that is how I decided to design the navigation, next page from lower right corner, previous page from 1st entry... I had to decide if, when on last entry of a line, should FFE go to next page, or to next line... next line seemed to me better, in order to navigate game/game... you can still switch to fast mode or ultra fast mode using the space key, then from 1st or last entry, you will navigate page/page or 5pages/5pages... (see EDIT)

I will add mouse navigation later, perhaps for beta 2... then you will have a next or previous page button on left and right side of the pages, and mouse over a game will select it...

"Setup right now is terrible but since it's beta I assume it will be changed in later versions."
Well it's terrible, yes (i suppose you mean bad ^^, terrible in French can be used to say something is really nice :P, ie I loved kick ass 2, it's a terrible movie), but setup.bat is the heart of FFE, extracting, analysing, and optimizing the xml output from MAME in order to create txt files that can be read from Flash... Flash is able to read xml files, but reading mame output xml file (more than 150Mo) is too long when starting FFE, that's why i optimize it in a more easily readable txt file from Flash... This (analyse, optimize) can't be done inside Flash (in fact it could be done but each time you start FFE ! too long) as Flash can't save the result to your PC, Flash projectors can't write to your hard drive, security reasons...

Unfortunately, no, Setup won't change and will always be external to FFE (you have to run it only once when a new MAME is out, so that's not that terrible), except if I understand how to use Adobe AIR to export my project...
Explanation : for user side security reasons, a flash projector can't launch external files "with variables", and it can only launch files from the Fscommand directory, this is a Flash limitation. This to avoid a bad person to launch in exemple "format c: /y", "del files", or create a virus in Flash.
That's why i had to create each batch files externally from setup.bat with the parameters included in it before launching it from FFE.... Another security for the user is that you can check what I launch from the fscommand and analyse easily that I won't fuck your PC
AIR programm created in Flash can launch external files with variables, and can even save files to your pc (a flash projector can't, so so far, i won't be able to create a screen to change options from FFE as these options can't be saved in a txt file on your hard drive...)

If you want to change only MAME options, edit the config.ini options line and run the "Change batch files.bat", it won't analyse again the XML part and will only recreate all the per games batch files, which is still faster.

"I hope in the future can be used in cab env. just like mamewah and it won't repeat mistakes from mGalaxy."
FFE is designed to be mame cab driven, but I don't have a Xarcade, nor a functional hotrod (mine is old PS2 hotrod, not usb), so the keys i have choosed to use so far perhaps are not the good ones...
I use direction keys (should be ok with a mame cab), W to launch (should be ok too), space, D and S (perhaps not suited for arcade cab inputs)... As I want to design it keyboard driven and usable in a mame cab, that's why in my opinion the setup beeing external is not really a problem, as you're not going to setup your cab each time you start it, just once, and when a new mame is out...

If you prefer to use other keys to navigate, I'd really like to know which ones... I won't be able to detect joysticks inputs, Flash can't do this but I'll check later if someone succeeded to detect these, so far i don't know how to, and from what I read, that's not possible...
What are in your opinion the mGalaxy mistakes...? I will try to avoid doing the same...

Anyway that is a very 1st beta, beta 2 is already on its way (no more infinite navigation on undefined games when at end of the list, more mouse control, and ability to choose your snap directory)

Thanks for testing it and for your report

EDIT: I will change the navigation in fast and ultra fast mode: page/page will be from any line if you are on 1st entry or last entry of the line, it won't go to next line, but this only in fast & ultra navigation mode

Edited by MAMu_ (12/07/13 06:47 PM)

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