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Re: FFE Beta 1 (by Mamu)
12/08/13 02:05 PM

>Is there any option to resize snap previews ? Currently it's a little to small.

No, this would be too hard to do such per game, that's why i'm planning to create later some special snaps for each games, better centered and zoomed as it should...
You can still modify your snap file using an editor program to apply a zoom in these (but don't modify snap size or FFE won't display it correctly... select what you want (square), copy it over actual snap, stretch it to be full height snap and move it to complete left of the snap, should be ok... yes that will be long, but guess what, this si what i plann to do later and release sort of MAMu_ icons FFE edition for each games...)

>I don't mind if configuration tool will be standalone program, after all it's not used too much but in cab env. is better to run frontend and do config with it like like mamewah.

I'll see how to use Flex later... It has way more options than Flash projectors... joystick inputs, real full screen with no menu or right click, possibility to write to disk for options, etc... But this will come only when FFE will get out of its currently beta stage... As I'm better in Actionscript (AS2/AS3) and actually exporting with Flex gives me a few errors I don't wanna loose time checking at it...

>For a long time I had only TV, PC, arcade stick and that's it but after some time I gave up and bought wireless mouse and keyboard. So if the frontend will required mouse and keyboard that's fine for me.

Mouse support, navigation and selection will come later, joystick inputs if i succeed with Flex.

>First configuration might even be long process but I would like to add option for custom rom list just like in mamewah where frontend add only those games that are found on disk.

This will be done... list roms file you have in a txt file > extract values from XML according to what was found, then modify output as it is currently done for Flash.. but setup.bat will be longer again...

But this can be done actually if you are patient : add a pause in setup.bat after the 4 lines at start where you can read :
... > 0variables.txt
... > 1variables.txt
... > 2variables.txt
... > 3variables.txt


(edit: the pause can be later in setup.bat, dunno exactly when, have no time to check, but later after some optimisations, perhaps just before the awk -num process... as this you will have less lines to remove, just check the two files copied at the end, this is these 2 files you'll have to modify before the num process...)

now run setup, when setup is paused, edit the 0 1 2 3 variables files at FFE root, and remove all lines corresponding to the games you don't want to see (i know this can be long, but you can create your own batch in order to do so)
Then unpause setup.bat

Setup will continue its process, optimizing, numbering, sorting...
When done, all games you have removed should be gone from FFE.
All the batch will still be created before that process, but that's not important as long as you can't launch the unneeded ones from FFE as the games list won't show what you have removed.

>Is there any option to create or better import from mameui or IV-Play favorites?
No but if you want to create a batch that would do this after the pause you added (previous answer), that can compare favorites file from mameui or 4play and my 0,1,2,3variables.txt, you're welcome...

I mean, how FFE works and its setup is not that hard to understand if you know cmd lines, awk and sed...
PS: I didn't know how to use awk and sed before starting to code FFE, so if i did not beeing a coder, i think that anybody can...

>BTW. I like manufacturers logos, I hope you will add more
Of course All logos except perhaps one or 2 that actually are in FFE were redone and vectorized by me... this is the funny and graphical part of developping FFE
More logos will be added...
And generic icons will be added too (if you don't want to use snap and leave snap dir empty, FFE will display a M from MAME for rasters (except for some exceptions, ie neogeo, CPS1, CPS2, etc..) , M with green edges for vector, a cherry for fruits games and a pinball ball for mechs)

Again, don't forget that it is only a beta 1... not even a real 1st release.. but to have a real 1st release, i needed some beta testers to see if everything was correct and that it was a good start... So thank you all for testing it

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