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Re: ARCADE32/64 0.185
04/28/17 07:41 PM

> I hate emu politics and above all I hate when they're carried in public instead in
> private, like they should stay. This doesn't do any good for anyone.
> FWIW I support the MAME board (I've voted for most of the elected devs) and to
> "reprimand" me is one of their unenviable tasks, so I have no problem with that.
> On the other hand, as a long time MAME fan I'm sad to see Haze stop contributing
> cause I feel he could still do a lot for the project.
> Hoping cooler heads will prevail and an agreement can be found.

no agreement can be found as long as the behaviour of the board continues in this fashion.

you asked me if I could work on these things, I agreed

in work terms that establishes a contract between me and you, I report to you, I submit to you.

this is what was done, you provided me with the materials to work with, I provided you with the result. a perfectly normal way of working, this is how 99% of my paid employment has worked!

you were reprimanded for that and have basically been bullied into not working with me.

how can you now say you support that, it definitely didn't come across that way when you mailed me, more from the apologetic tone of your mail that you regretted having to follow this nonsense but didn't want to cause any trouble, because that's exactly what it is, nonsense.

so somebody, tell me where the 'double standard' is in any of this, I've followed normal contractual style procedures that are used all the time yet the person contracting me has basically been reprimanded for doing so.

every time something like this comes up I get branded a 'MAME hater' too which is ridiculous. MAME, at least the reason it exists and purpose behind it is something I love more than almost anything else, but the current team, especially the board, the member in question being one of those spewing this 'MAME hater' bullshit actually make it impossible to want to contribute, that's just how incredibly bad they are. Those 'MAME hater' comments were the point at which, despite trying to contribute and still having some outstanding submissions I decided it wasn't even worth keeping my github account since somebody had such twisted perceptions, so if you want to know why I'm not on github, that's why.

You said you dislike that I won't be able to contribute, and if possible I should put the project first, but that's what I've been doing for years, and all it allows is this BS to continue, heck it's what I was doing by working with you, I don't want to be fully involved, but I care about the cause enough to be willing to help when asked because I shared your concerns about these not being handled, yet even that gets slammed down. You think that is fair? People help other people all the time, it's teamwork.

The only 'double standards' are coming from the team and their disgusting way of handling anything I do.

To think, they got rid of Guru, he was a saint compared to the way the current lot act.

You've not done anything wrong, I've not done anything wrong, don't be bullied into thinking otherwise.

Next they'll probably be claiming I worked on these on purpose and submitted them this way just to cause drama, when really, the drama disgusts me and I thought they were past all that shit or I wouldn't have bothered at all, in fact had you not suggested I look at them and provided me with the materials I wouldn't have looked at them at all.

If I decide to do anything else in the future at all I'm just going to self-publish. I'll work for people, as I've done here, and as I've done before when there have been dumps people have been concerned about and think need attention, but the team as an entity, in it's current state, I have no interest at all in working for, it's toxic. It's nice to have people to work with and there are many good devs on the team, but the team as a whole is something I don't need nor want in my life, and no, that isn't asking for special treatment either, that's me saying I care about emulation but everything else can do one, I'm sick of it.

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