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MAME Artwork Update?? ... MAME Artwork Update
07/03/17 06:24 AM

SITE UPDATE - July 2, 2017

In-Game Artwork: 8 new games; 6 games updated artwork; much other stuff fixed

It has been three and a half years since artwork on this site had any type of update; almost five years since we had regular updates. That stops today. We will save the "where have I been" news for another day, and get straight to the artwork.

NOTE: this is NOT all the artwork that has been released on the forum in the past three years... there is way, way more that I still have to sort through. I figured it would be best to update what I have looked at now, and continue to go through the rest as quick as I can.

  • Starship 1 has full artwork. Thanks to pics and scans from TrevEB, it is like playing on the full cabinet. Update includes marquee, all inner artwork, control panel with flashing start button and working speed shifter, and outer bezel. comboman did the bulk of the cleanup here, including the LAY file, and I touched up a few things at the end.

  • Antny did an outstanding job with the bezel for Clowns. And gregf was kind enough to supply scans of the various instruction cards that are taped to the inside of the bezel. All of the different variations are in the artwork file, but I have not added all the different views yet (which simply changes the card). That will come next update.

  • comboman was able to completely revamp the artwork for Drag Race. TrevEB supplied a scan of the outer bezel, which comboman cleaned up nicely, and I touched up a bit more. comboman added the text to the inner bezel. The game has a whole control panel now, including blinking start button, working gear shift (which he also submitted a code change for) thanks to pics by blinddog, and working tachometer (which works thanks to a code update from hap... in 2014).

  • With Drag Race done, comboman was able to apply the gearshift artwork to Sprint 1, and gave it a whole control panel. This also adds gear shifters to the view for Sprint 2.

  • comboman recreated the bezel for Aztarac, as best as it can be done for now, based on some pics we had lying around.
  • I plan to overhaul all of the Neo Geo games at some point... for now, Metal Slug 2 and the generic MVS file are done. The mini marquee is a better scan, cleaned up; it includes a new generic bezel provided by N.I.B., and the buttons have been updated, thanks to a posting at Deviant Art by atebitninja. The quality on the buttons is almost perfect, but they are currently raster copies of the pic posted there; if he ever gets back to me, that will change. We will also be able to use these buttons in all forthcoming control panels in MAME Artwork.

  • As it is now in base MAME, the artwork for Donkey Kong: Pauline Edition has been added to In-Game Artwork. (I have not updated the Other Artwork page yet.)

  • Added the Taito F3 bezel to spacedx; added files for dankuga and dariusgx, as they were made to parent games in 0.182.

  • Added files for cocean1a and cfboy0a1, which are new DECO Cassette games added since the last artwork update.

  • Updated the overlay for Solar Quest, to include a scan of the actual sunburst in the middle, thanks to, um... I am not sure. I know where I got the scan from, but do not remember who originally supplied the scan. I will try to find out and update.

  • Updated the LAY file on the following games, as overlay settings in these were incorrect, and I finally noticed last year: armora, astdelux, invaddlx, invaders, omegrace, seawolf, seawolf2, solarq.

  • Many games where the filename was a clone, these have been renamed to the current parent, with slight LAY file changes. The current names for these games are: cobra, decocass, fantjour, feversos, grindstm, kingdmgp, nvs_machrider, redearth, secretag, sstriker, travrusa. This also resulted in deleting two files where the game is now the clone of something else, and the artwork in the file was already duplicated: cobraseg and trivia12. I am not sure if I had them "wrong" this whole time, or if parents for these games changed in the last couple years. The rule I try to use is: all clone artwork goes in one file, named after the parent game. The exception is if the artwork for the clone is made specifically for EXACTLY one clone only, and keeping that artwork in a separate file makes sense. (Subject to change without notice).

  • I was missing a bunch of screenshots here and there; this should all be fixed now.

That will be all for tonight. Happy downloading!!! I will post in a week or two, just to update what I have been up to, then the artwork updates will continue for a good long time.

NOTE: mirror2 link for new files is not working at the moment... looks like I need to get a new password.

RELAX and just have fun. Remember, it's all about the games.

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