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Re: Bill Maher still can't see 5 feet in front of his face
10/12/17 08:29 PM

>I used to like him but ever since he hopped into the Hillary Clinton denial rabbit hole I
>can't watch him anymore. "But you have to admit we'd be better off with Hillary" he always
>says. He can't look at the situation as anything but pure black and white, in this moment.

Bill Maher 's political views are on libertarian side rather than democratic side which is why he bashes politicians on both sides. He likes to do the "devil's advocate" routine on his tv show. Bill's reason of equating both sides is the example that HRC was willing to also praise interest groups such as AIPAC or give a speech to Goldman-Sachs executives in 2016 in which HRC was not willing to allow transcripts be made available to public and media. And then to add to that of other past examples of HRC playing it safe by casting a Yes vote (when as NY senator) on the "Defense of Marriage Act" (anti-gay marriage in 2005) and then HRC changing her views on same sex marriage 10 years later. And also HRC not willing to agree with legalization of cannabis (pot) including it being for medicinal usage until many more states joined in including Colorado going full mode in legalization for recreational use.

Clinton played it safe and added her support by the time a majority of the population gave their views. That's why Maher would criticize her and any other politicians that might have a Neo-Liberalism (little regulation of businesses etc.) side of politics which is what HRC stood for compared to Bernie Sanders.

I rooted for Bernie to win primary, but since that didn't happen, I still voted for Clinton....but grudgingly. There were already issues with Jill Stein (ie: Putin and Russia) and other examples I had already noticed from last year with why I didn't cast my vote for her either. It then had to be Clinton no matter what.

>For example he apparently can't accept that long term change from a coming backlash against
>Trump is going to lead to positive longterm things like Medicare for all, whereas if we had
>Hillary it would just be more continued Obamacare. Trump is the worst person in the country
>but he woke people up to where they pay attention now. That's the one good thing about him.

"Trump is the worst person in the country"

The examples and these are far worse than Reagan's tenure.....especially the supposed dementia onset. It is fully there imo and others out there have felt same way. The problem is there are no handlers whatsoever that can control him compared to those during Reagan's tenure in office. Nancy kept Reagan in check and hid as best possible of Reagan's dementia. The current officeholder is adamant and will refuse any medical examination and declare being mentally fit even though examples show otherwise. The current first lady is timid and will not say a thing and neither will anyone else. An aside example....a few years ago, it took a court order from Mrs. Donald Sterling to get former NBA LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling to be declared mentally unfit in which the LA Clippers were then sold to billionaire Steve Balmer (former executive of M$). No one related to the Oval Office Donald is willing to take that type of action.

Besides the medical issue is that the GOP way back then in 1980s wouldn't dare pull the stunts then compared to what the current GOP legislative branch (treason etc.) is doing these days to this country. Current federal level GOP (majority at this time) officeholders will not want anything to do with 25th amendment (removing president from office if unable to serve capacity such as mental or physical health) because their legislative goal is to obey whatever their special interest holder (ie: Mercers, Koch brothers etc.) state such as destroy country as best possible in order to get tax cuts, graft, privatization of all government assets, end medicare and programs that might be a burden to their wallets.

The dementia example during 'Executive order' signing to start dismantling ACA healthcare.


From the Live Updates:

11:45 a.m. Trump begins to walk out of the room without signing the order
After making his remarks, Mr. Trump began walking out of the room, until Vice President Mike Pence tapped him and reminded him to sign the order. Mr. Trump then turned to the table to sign the executive order.

Other past dementia examples over past nine months.


'Pharmacy is said to have delivered Alzheimers drugs to members of Congress'

Supposedly Utah Senator Orin Hatch who has shown symptoms earlier this year during various congressional hearings. It is there from what others have shown. CA senator Feinstein will run next year, although I wish it were Barbara Boxer instead. Feinstein should retire imo, but her thoughts and speaking is still lucid compared to others such as Hatch imo.


*skipping the 'first lady' and her appearance, just the slob in the WH*

And one more example even though this is far less important, but shows the embarassment of trying to look like an executive, but dressing far worse than Danny DeVito's tv show Taxi's character of cab dispatcher Louis DePalma. Even the dispatcher character Louis DePalma looked better dressed than compared to what is seated in the Oval Office and even Louis would poorly dress himself when his character would appear on a scene in Taxi.

The Trudeau's (PM and his spouse) are in fine shape that even the late Mr. Blackwell (fashion critique from late 20th century decades) would likely give his approval to their attire.

'This may be a catty post I'm not sure'

A couple more items to mention. The current Chief-of-Staff and the DoD will probably not intervene should there be a mental-meltdown and a decision to do a first strike launch with nuclear weapons. A few including myself crossing fingers that some sanity might prevail and prevent things from happening, but after watching Kelly answering questions from today's press coverage, I believe the generals (Mattis and Kelly) would be supporting him.



As for GOP legislative branch willing to do pull a 25th amendment procedure. Not happening there either. A conversation between Robert Reich (former Clinton dept of labor chairman) and a unnamed former GOP congressman source regarding current GOP members' strategy and willingness of not challenging current oval office occupier.

Robert Reich: "This morning I phoned my old friend, a Republican former member of Congress...."


US common citizens to soon experience possible nuclear fallout along with rest of northern hemisphere portion of the planet because GOP legislators not willing to do anything other than serve their GOP interests.

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