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MAMEinfo 0.191 :)
10/25/17 11:24 AM


* Updated to MAME 0.191 -

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs (25th Oct)

* Added DEmul v0.7 (12.10.2017) Emulator info

* Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos

Download at:

MAME Testers at:


- New Working games: Big Casino, Target Hits (ver 1.1, Checksum 5152) and Target Hits (ver 1.0, Checksum FBCB)
- New Non-Working games: Baby Boom Challenge, Casino Strip I (Poker version, for Pioneer LD, set 1), Casino Strip II (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip III (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip IX (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip Private Eyes / All Start (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip V (Poker version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip V (Shooting Game version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip VI (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip VI (Shooting Game version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip VIII (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip VIII (Shooting Game version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip Vivid 1 (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip X (Poker version, for Sony LD), Casino Strip XI (Shooting Game version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip XII (Poker version, for Sony LD), Dobou-Chan (ver JAA), E-Touch Mahjong Series #2: Joshiryou de NE! (Japan), E-Touch Mahjong Series #6: Scandal Blue - Midara na Daishou (Japan), E-Touch Mahjong Series #7: Trap Zone - Yokubou no Kaisoku Densha (Japan), Gokidetor, Note Chance, Ocha-Ken Hot Medal and Ton Puu Mahjong [BET] (Japan)
- New clones: Alien3: The Gun (Japan), Athena (bootleg), Biomechanical Toy (Ver. 1.0.1878), Cabal (UK, Joystick), Casino Strip XI (Poker version, for Sony LD, set 2), Cobra Command (M.A.C.H. 3 hardware, set 2), Cyberball (rev 1), Flash Point (Japan, bootleg set 2), G-LOC R360 (Japan), Knights of the Round (bootleg, World 911127), Knights of Valour 3 (V104, China), Knights of Valour 3 (V100, China), Poker Ladies (Censored bootleg, set 2), Rod-Land (World, set 2), SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki (Korea), Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Beta bootleg), Target Hits (ver 1.1, Checksum 86E1), Tecmo World Cup '94 (set 3), TH Strikes Back (Non North America, Version 1.0, Checksum 020EB356), unknown 'Space Invaders' gambling game (set 2), Virtua Athletics / Virtua Athlete (prototype) and World Series: The Season (rev 0)
- New PinMAME games: 301/Bullseye (Traditional Scoring), A.G. Soccer Ball (R07u), Cheetah (Blue Cabinet), Eight Ball (rev. 17), Time Warp (L-3) and Trident
- New drivers: anes.cpp, gokidetor.cpp, notechan.cpp and seibucats.cpp
- New devices: i8212, pc060ha, sega_scu and smpc_hle
- 8085A CPU: Correct a few opcode names (cpu\i8085\8085dasm.cpp)
- DS5002FP MCU
. Added DS5002FP SRAM dumps to Target Hits and clone (Games now playable). Bring visible area down to size of test screen, seems more likely. See
. Dumped Touch & Go DS5002FP SRAM from 2 more boards, used that dump to verify/correct the SRAM image.
- Dynamic Re-Compiling
. Changed SSE control to not use Denormals-Are-Zero. Allows MIPs DRC to function correctly and fixes mismatch between MIPs DRC and non-DRC modes (cpu\drcbex64.cpp). Fixes various effects in Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy cause more damage than they probably should (64-bit only) (ID 06724).
. Fixed compile due to unused variable (cpu\uml.cpp)
- I386 CPU: Use correct stack size in retf
- M6800 CPU: Fixed behaviour of V flag #2 in CPX (compare X) instruction (m6800\6800ops.hxx). Previous fix for CPX a year ago (MAME 0.175) was flawed and didn't handle overflow properly.
- M6809 CPU: Fixed overflow flag problem with SBC8 and ADC8 (cpu\m6809\base6x09.ops) (ID 06719). Credit goes to Pierre Sarrazin and Tim Lindner for investigating/finding this bug.
. Fixed register state for debugger
. Moved SCU related functions inside a device (machine\sega_scu.cpp)
- SH-3/4 CPU
. Merged Hitachi SuperH CPU cores and implemented a preliminary SH3/SH4 recompiler
. Recompiler is currently enabled for Cave CV-1000 but disabled for Sega NAOMI and can more than double the benchmark speed of CV-1000 games.
- Z8000/Z8002 CPU: The Z8000 daisy chain is different enough from the Z80 that it'll probably need it's own implementation if anything uses it. The (MESS) P8000 (16bit Board) uses glue logic to make z80 daisy chain devices work.
- EEPROM: Removed endianness check (machine\eeprom.cpp)
- Floppy
. Don't set mon_w(0) if there's no image otherwise you have to insert, remove and insert a disk again before ready is set (imagedev\floppy.cpp).
. Don't change sides if the drive has only one head (imagedev\floppy.h)
- HuC6270 video
. Inverted h/vsync logic for interrupts, fixes several PC Engine hangs (video\huc6270.cpp).
. VRAM is actually only 0-0x7fff, area 0x8000-0xffff is open bus and cannot be written to.
. Moved VRAM-VRAM DMA from vblank callback to hsync, fixes extended/Unexpected periods of black screen in (MESS) PC Engine Takeda Shingen (ID 06701).
. Actually battlera.cpp can access upper VRAM bounds, fixed regression.
- Imgtool: Created a more flexible imgtool::datetime structure for use within Imgtool. This is intended to replace most usage of time_t. Changing the granularity of imgtool_clock from 1ms to 100ns, as per Vas' suggestion. Created arbitrary_datetime in timeconv.h to facilitate interpretation of datetime info. I concluded that invoking std::mktime on manually assembled std::tm is bad, because it is indeterminate how the std::tm members may be "dominant". This required that I go further in imgtool, and updated a number of drivers (imgtool\modules\amiga.cpp, cybiko.cpp, cybikoxt.cpp, fat.cpp, mac.cpp, macbin.cpp, macutil.cpp, prodos.cpp and thomson.cpp) and eliminated the parameter of imgtool::datetime that takes std::tm.
- MC146818 RTC: Fixed main interrupt flag
- Taito Custom: Draw a nominal distinction between PC060HA and TC0140SYT. Separated Raimais configuration and unified video. Clone Cameltry (World, YM2203 + M6295) uses PC060HA. Darius more likely to use PC060HA instead of TC0140SYT.
- Voodoo GFX
. Use optimized routine to get color data (video\vooddefs.h)
. Use table lookup for RGB565 conversion (video\vooddefs.h)
. Added some code optimizations and reorganized a few function calls to make profiling easier (video\vooddefs.h, video\voodoo.cpp).
. Incorporated some more SSE optimizations (video\rgbsse.h)
. Check for starting x outside of clipping rectangle and fix clipping xstop (video\vooddefs.h)
. Eliminated custom MCFG_Z80DART_ADD/Z80SIO_ADD macros
. Inverted DCD status bit in Z80 SIO
. Z80 SIO and Z80 SCC now returns CPU specific default vector when no interrupt found to acknowledge.
. Fixed SCC interrupt mask generation
- avt.cpp: Added devices. Added notes from the remnants of the schematic. Fixed regression and added notes.
- bishi.cpp: Added input labels to Bishi Bashi and Super Bishi Bashi based on in-game and cabinet images
- cv1k.cpp: Implemented a preliminary SH3 recompiler. Recompiler is currently enabled for Cave CV-1000 and can more than double the benchmark speed of CV-1000 games.
- dec0.cpp
. Updated inputs. Added input labels for most games in the driver and removed unused buttons.
. Updated positional rotary for Heavy Barrel/Midnight Resistance to use remap table
. Made Boulder Dash to use 4way stick as per manual
. Hooked up priority video port to Midnight Resistance bootlegs. This fixed missing sprites in the section where the player saves the family (and gets powerups) and the ending.
- cedar_magnet.cpp: Fixed typo in audio\efo_zsu.cpp (MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("fifo",HC40105 -> CD40105)
- gaelco.cpp
. Fixed various clock speeds (biomtoy, biomtoya, maniacsp, squash and thoop)
. Added PCB layout for Biomechanical Toy
- gcpinbal.cpp: Name keys as per game's test screen
- jalmah.cpp: Improved fake palette DMA behaviour, avoid corrupt colors for girls.
- micro3d.cpp: Fixed TCDCR register in MC68901 MFP. Bits 6-4 are used for timer C and bits 2-0 are used for timer D, see page 43.
- namcond1.cpp
. Rewrote built in RAM access control. Added screen control 7, 8 & 9 (video\ygv608.cpp).
. Fixed page select boundaries for tilemap drawing (video\ygv608.cpp), fixes Namco Classic Collection Vol.2 garbage gfxs in attract mode.
. Reset pattern name table states on mode changes (video\ygv608.cpp), fixes corrupt tiles in 'Mappy Arrangement' of Namco Classic Collection Vol.1.
. Added screen control 11 (layer transparency enable), made POST screens again green for NCV1 & 2.
. Kill legacy code, legacy register code and legacy ports variables (video\ygv608.cpp).
. Enabled sprite wraparound when both sx and sy past clipping boundaries, fixes Namco Classics Vol. 2 disappearing char on game select.
. Sprite drawing cleanups. Added screen control 12. Fixed CRTC vblank period, fixes NCV2: Dig Dug Original regression. Added note about missing registers.
- naomi.cpp
. Converted last remaining key data to PIC binary for Azumanga Daioh Puzzle Bobble
. Decap and identify Atomiswave 'ROMEO' ASIC
- segae.cpp: Minor documentation updates. Document Megumi Rescue.
- segag80r.cpp: Replaced protection kludge with something less horrible
- segas16b.cpp: Some corrections to Aurail documentation
- segasp.cpp: Network firmware ver 1.25 dumped
- seibucats.cpp: Revised old notes; some address map findings.
- stv.cpp
. Fixed STV crashing regression, make m_cart_reg explicitly nullptr if not initialized.
. SMPC device-ification (System Manager and Peripheral Control MCU simulation; machine\smpc.cpp)
. Reset/halt/nmi lines delegation. Moved IREG & OREG to internal device state. Execute commands internal to the device for ST-V.
. Simulated SETTIME bit behaviour if an invalid NVRAM data is found for Sega Saturn like original hardware does. All Sega Saturn ROM sets now calls the BIOS setup if NVRAM is uninitialized, setting up proper defaults.
. Added remaining devices, removed almost all trampolines, cleanups and merged implementations between ST-V and Saturn.
. Moved SCU related functions inside a device (machine\sega_scu.cpp) and added DMA save state registration
. Added ROZ mode 3, fixes split screen in 'Taisen Tanto-R Sashissu!!', backgrounds in 'Touryuu Densetsu Elan-Doree / Elan Doree' and Guy stage in 'Final Fight Revenge' (video\stvvdp2.cpp).
. Fixed potential crash in video\stvvdp1.cpp. CEF bit gets reset when the framebuffers get swapped (video\stvvdp1.cpp), fixes (MESS) 'Twinkle Star Sprites' arcade mode hang at least.
. Use explicit AM_REGION to prevent unnecessary copying; use AM_MIRROR for ROM mirrors.
. Don't downcast controllers that aren't configured (machine\smpc.cpp)
. Modernized BIOS mirroring; fix up finders and region lengths/widths.
. Don't let SCU DSP go anywhere, use device_reset_after_children() (machine\sega_scu.cpp).
. Fixed Guardian Force hangs after insert coin (ID 06697). The game tests an exclusive monitor mode bit to be 1 from title screen to gameplay. Sea Bass Fishing explicitly wants this bit to be 0 when screen is disabled from bios to game transition.
. Fixed Sport Fishing 2 'No CDROM found' regression. Patch BIOS to actually return a country code. Added bare bones MPEG CD commands. Game now loops into attract mode with mostly missing graphics (MPEG video logic not yet added).
. Added Batman Forever input labels (Jump, Punch and Kick)
- supbtime.cpp
. Merged tumblep.cpp with supbtime.cpp driver. Removed duplicate code.
. Screen raw parameters and XTAL values. Added DIP locations to all games.
. Added PAL dumps for Super Burger Time
- taito_b.cpp: Fixed pixel layer offset and enable for Hit the Ice
- tecmo.cpp and tecmo16.cpp: Soundlatch modernization
- vegas.cpp: Changed SSE control to not use Denormals-Are-Zero. Allows MIPs DRC to function correctly and fixes mismatch between MIPs DRC and non-DRC modes (cpu\drcbex64.cpp). Fixes various effects in Gauntlet Legends and Gauntlet Dark Legacy cause more damage than they probably should (64-bit only) (ID 06724).
- Air Inferno: Dumped controller rom
- Ameri-Hockey
. Fixed Z8 disassembly of "LDE Irr, r"
. Make game play a few noises
- Big 10, Pyon Pyon Jump and TonTon: In according Success website (, Big 10 is Success gambing game, 'Pyon Pyon Jump' year is 1991 and release year is 1985 and 'Waku Waku Doubutsu Land TonTon' year is 1987 (ID 06487).
- Big Casino: Fixed input (Game now playable)
- Bottom of the Ninth: Fixed K051960 gfx rom loading (sprites have incorrect colors) in clone Bottom of the Ninth (version N) (ID 06690)
- Bubble Bobble
. Use MCFG_SCREEN_VBLANK_CALLBACK instead of irq0_line_pulse
. Fixed for sets with no MCU
- Capriccio Spin 2: Reduced address range for TE7750; add some notes on mystery writes.
- Denjin Makai: Fixed background pen colors
- Double Axle: Saner interleave CPU timings, attempt to fix road layer getting stuck on continue.
- Gauntlet: Reinstated correct size for gfx1 rom 136037-104.6p (second half 0x00), which was chopped off a long time ago.
- Hippodrome: Demoted clone Fighting Fantasy (bootleg with 68705) to MACHINE_NOT_WORKING. Note: Game doesn't move on when killing the Lamia, is the MCU involved?
- Kick Off: Fixed rom loading, OKI2 now plays proper crowd cheering.
- Mahjong Tenkaigen: Fixed credits lost after exiting the game. The game checks for the the string "A WARNING.IF YOU COPY OUR ITEMS,WE REVENGE BY ALL MEANS." at address 0x6E17, and will reset everything if the string does not match when the game starts. I'm not sure what the exact NVRAM address is, but at least this works.
- Martial Champion: Fixed game does not disable interrupts during EEPROM read when in test mode (ID 00759)
- Metal Black: Fixed inverted Single/Dual settings for 'Upright Controls' dipswitch
. Fixed CPU type and added 6522 VIA to Escape (jvh.cpp)
. Super Star (Recreativos Franco): Renamed I8212 IRQ to INT to agree with Intel pin names. I8212 overhaul: Changed the mode setting from a line write to an input callback. This is based on the observation that MD is nearly always tied to either Vcc or GND on actual hardware. Make the mode a scoped enumeration. Added strobed write handler for input mode. This allows the device to be hooked up in supstarf in place of generic_latch_8_device. Added interrupt acknowledge callback for future use. Added extensive introductory comments.
- Qix: Added some documentation to clone Qix (set 2, larger roms). Note: The same ROMs, with different labels, were also found on an original Taito TT Qix 2 PCB set.
- Super Pinball Action: Provisional MCFG_SCREEN_RAW_PARAMS. Acknowledge main IRQ; restore legacy screen configuration due to missing sprites.
- Tokio: Removed partial updates from Tokio video, fixes graphic glitches on the right side of the screen (ID 06691)
- Wheels & Fire: Converted palette to RAMDAC device
- Input port
. Tighten up scope. Get rid of vestigial palette that was breaking generic terminal when it isn't first screen (machine\terminal.cpp).
. Expose condition for dipswitches, configuration entries and adjusters. This eliminates ambiguities between settings with different conditions and allows a frontend/tool to generate a dipswitch preview (emu\ioport.h).
. Added support for multiple PORT_CHAR() bindings, and adopted in the (MESS) CoCo driver.
. Proposed fix for rotary positional joystick with skipped positions (emu\ioport.cpp) (ID 06154)
. Make xinput analog triggers half-axes and default IPT_PEDAL2 to RZ- instead of Z+, placing IPT_PEDAL and IPT_PEDAL2 on separate axes.
- Dipswitch fixes in supbtime.cpp, stv.cpp and taito_f2.cpp
- Fixed rom names in by17.cpp, itech8.cpp, naomi.cpp, st_mp200.cpp and thoop2.cpp
- Description changes of 301/Bullseye (301 Darts Scoring), A.G. Soccer Ball (R18u), Casino Strip I (Poker version, for Pioneer LD, set 2), Casino Strip IX (Poker version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip VIII (Poker version, for Pioneer LD), Casino Strip XI (Poker version, for Sony LD, set 1), Cheetah (Black Cabinet), Cobra Command (M.A.C.H. 3 hardware, set 1), Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons (US), Cyvern - The Dragon Weapons (Japan) (ID 06704), Dragon Ball Z (rev A), Dragon Ball Z (rev B), Dragon Ball Z 2 - Super Battle, Eight Ball (rev. 20) (ID 06713), Flash Point (Japan, bootleg set 1), G-LOC R360 (World), The House of the Dead, The House of the Dead 2 (USA), The House of the Dead 2, The House of the Dead 2 (prototype)', The House of the Dead 4 (Export) (Rev B), The House of the Dead 4 (Export) (Rev A), The House of the Dead EX (Japan), Meteor (First release), Meteor (Bug fix release), Naomi The House of the Dead 2 Bios, Oriental Legend 2 (Korea) / Xi You Shi E Zhuan Super Plus (World, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan) (ver. 205) [Oriental Ex], Panic Park (World, PNP2 Ver. A), Poker Ladies (Censored bootleg, set 1), Rod-Land (World, set 1), SD Gundam Sangokushi Rainbow Tairiku Senki (Japan), Shootout Pool Prize (Export) / Shootout Pool The Medal (Japan) Version B (prototype), Super Strike Bowling (V1), Target Hits (ver 1.1, Checksum 5152), Target Hits (ver 1.0, Checksum FBCB), TH Strikes Back (Non North America, Version 1.0, Checksum 020E0867), unknown 'Pac-Man' gambling game, unknown 'Space Invaders' gambling game (set 1) and World Series: The Season (rev 1)
- Renamed (cstrip) to (cs1_spp2), (cstripix) to (cs9_spp), (cstripviii) to (cs8_spp), (cstripxi) to (cs11_sps), (meteorp) to (meteorpo), (meteorp2) to (meteorp), (kov3) to (kov3_102), (targetha) to (targeth10), (trident) to (tridento) and (unkfr) to (unksig)
. Generated layouts for systems with three or more screens, fixes crash with four or more emulated screens (emu\render.cpp). Fixed unused variable error compiling with MSVC (emu\render.cpp).
. Rather simple performance optimization (video\rgbsse.h and validity.cpp). Optimized some SSE routines. Created a generic getter instead of having individual color operation. Allow up to 12 bits for scaling factors (video\rgbsse.h). Clamp intermediate values to u8.
. Fixed layout files loading (emu\render.cpp) (Work around for GCC compiler bug
. Device state interface (emu\distate.cpp)
. Polymorphism and std::function for entries. Created a templated subclass of device_state_entry to provide separate read/write interfaces for registers of varying widths. The efficiency impact of this should be minimal, given that this eliminates the need to make each byte width a subcase for reads and writes. Created similarly templated "pseudo-register" versions of device_state_entry that provides custom read/write interfaces through std::function. The intent of this is to eventually replace the dummy register + state_export interface hitherto necessary to provide debugger access to bankswitched or computed state registers. State registers can now be made read-only, and this is automatically done now when state_add is called with a std::function read handler but no write handler. This property is honored by MAME debug expressions.
. Added override keyword
. Removed explicit instantiations that were causing linking errors in tools build.
. Explicitly allow floating point values for state registers (cpu\dsp32\dsp32.cpp, powerpc\ppccom.cpp and machine\netlist.cpp). Note: The internal debugger's expression interpreter is not set up to handle floating point values at all, so they remain disabled there.
. Polymorphic classes need virtual destructors
. Added input sequence cheats (plugins\cheat\init.lua). Fixed 'no xml or simple for ram_device cheat'.
. Bail if database not open (plugins\data\data_marp.lua)
. Updated hiscore.dat (plugins\hiscore\hiscore.dat)
. Multi-Language
. Updated Chinese, German, Greek, Japanese, Portuguese, Serbian and Russian translations
. Added LUA translation to makefile and regenerated translations
. Improved localisation: Changed makefile rules to treat mame.pot as a target so rules can depend on it. Put mame.pot inside the build directory so it will get cleaned. Couldn't get xgettext to scrape LUA and C++ in the same command and still remove stale strings. Use larger strings and format specifiers to fix some localisation issues: Issue with "None" lacking context in Russian and Turkish translations. Issue with "Not implemented" changing depending on the noun in Serbian. Issues with LUA plugins not allowing for languages with different grammar/punctuation.
. Removed timer_device from emu.h and move it out of src\emu
. UI
. Fixed an options overhaul regression. This crash (discovered by Wizz) had the following symptoms: 1. Start MAME, 2. Choose "Configure Machine" and 3. Choose "Video Options"... CRASH. This was the result of the options editor not having a fully formed list of options where it was expecting one. The fix is to change the declaration of emu_options to one that have full OSD options (it is possible that SDLMAME needs something slightly different).
. Actually make sure OSD options are included when saving through UI (ui\ui.cpp) (ID 06637), fixes also configuring machine level "Video Option" causes crash (ID 06656).
. Small fixes to general info panel on internal UI. This fixed unknown numbers showing up at the right side panel (ID 06702).
. Fixed the last used game is not saved, if you exit MAME (ui\selgame.cpp) (ID 06711).
. Fix for prescale value entry. Top prescale value allowed via command-line is 3 (ID 06720).
. Avert potential crash when populating DSW menu (ui\inputmap.cpp)
. Removed deprecated attributes from -listxml output and DTD (mame\info.cpp)
. Expose condition for dipswitches, configuration entries and adjusters. This eliminates ambiguities between settings with different conditions and allows a frontend/tool to generate a dipswitch preview (emu\ioport.h).
. Reduced number of calls to fprintf - saves overhead of setting up the formatting engine (mame\info.cpp).
- MAC OS X: Xcode 9 compile fix (ui\selgame.cpp)
- SDLMAME: Fixed zexall build target (zexall\main.cpp)
- Compiling
. Fixed compile warning under Emscripten (3rdparty\asio\include\asio\detail\socket_types.hpp)
. Restored ROM directory, it's used when building packages.

"Theory is when you know everthing but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
In our lab, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why."

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