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MAMEinfo 0.192 :)
11/29/17 11:51 AM


* Updated to MAME 0.192 -

* Added Source/Listinfo changes

* Newest Bugs (29th Nov)

* Added DEmul v0.7 (11.11.2017) Emulator infos

* Added/Reorganized 'Recommended Games'

* Fixed Mameinfo.dat infos

Download at:

MAME Testers at:


- New games: Akai Katana (2010/ 8/13 MASTER VER.), The Big Joke (Version 0.00), Pac-Eight and Player's Edge Plus (PS0239) Jackpot Jewels Slots
- New Working games: Flower, Ping-Pong King and Time Attacker
- New Non-Working games: Golgo 13: Juusei no Chinkonka (Japan, GLT1 VER.A) and Mushiking The King Of Beetles - Mushiking IV / V / VI (World)
- New clones: '99: The Last War (bootleg), The 26th Z (Japan, location test), Action Fighter (FD1089A 317-unknown), Action Fighter (FD1089A 317-unknown, analog controls), Action Fighter (System 16B, FD1089A 317-unknown, analog controls), Action Fighter (System 16B, FD1089A 317-unknown, set 1), Action Fighter (System 16B, FD1089A 317-unknown, set 2), Action Fighter (System 16B, unprotected, analog controls), Action Fighter (unprotected), Action Fighter (unprotected, analog controls), Battlecry (Prototype), Battlecry (Version C), Bucky O'Hare (ver AA), Gran Trak 10/Trak 10/Formula K (older) [TTL], Grudge Match (v00.90, Italy, location test?), Gunbird 2 (set 2), Head On N, Landing High Japan (Ver 2.02 O), Martial Masters (ver. 102, 101, 101TW), Taikyoku Base Ball, Thunder Dragon 3 (bootleg of Thunder Dragon 2) and Troopy (bootleg of Mr. Kougar)
- New devices: adc0844, adc0848, arm_aic, c8095, cga_cportiii, flower_sound, i4100, i4220, i4300, i8156, i8274_channel, igs036, p8098, scn2681, teac_fd_30a and ymz774
- 8085A CPU
. Code readability (just whitespace/comments cleanup here). Moved opcode macros to main file, will convert these to functions. Moved single-use opcodes to execute function. Lowercase/Renamed some functions.
. Make cputype an enum, change flags and stuff to constexpr. Shorthand variable types. Changed opcode macros to functions. Cleanup. Added opcode space.
- ARM7/9 CPU
. Added rudimentary instruction prefetch buffer. Fixes (MESS) GBA NES Classics games.
. Added 32- and 64-bit population count utilities. Only used in ARM7 core for now. Requires -msse4.2 or -mpopcnt to use CPU feature on x86 and -mpopcntb to use CPU feature on POWER (cpu\arm7\arm7ops.cpp and osd\eminline.h).
. Fixed ARM7_BE and ARM7 MMU regressions
. Derived IGS036 type in ARM7/9 core, because it seems like MMU could be different and there are probably other internal devices.
. Fixed (?) BLX (LO) thumb opcode in ARM7/9 core, was storing a return address that skipped the following opcode. There might still be ARM9 issues.
. LDR/LDRM switch to Thumb mode on ARMv5T (cpu\arm7\arm7ops.cpp). Added ARM v5/9 check. Handle DP-commands ROR case where Rs=32/64, removed few outdated comments.
. Added support for high vector option, fixed v5 BLX to save the return address in R14.
. Implement BLX Rn instruction for ARM9. (MESS) Nintendo DS ARM9 BIOS gets to the first checkpoint.
. Flesh out ARM946ES, added movable DTCM and ITCM support.
- CDP1802 CPU: Added WAIT/CLEAR input lines
- HuC6280 CPU: Fixed brk logerror
- Hyperstone CPUs
. Some optimization (cpu\e132xs\e132xs.cpp), Elfin (dgPIX Entertainment Inc. 1999) benches roughly faster.
. Removed unnecessary full reinit of regs_decode struct (cpu\e132xs\e132xs.cpp)
. Reworked all opcodes, now considerably faster.
. Templated all opcodes to reduce code duplication and fixed a few oversights. Fixed ldxx2 local,local case.
. Added template check, index move, mask and sum handlers. sum Rd,C,const was incorrectly using the whole SR rather than just the carry value; sums with local register as destination was not burning cycles; negs doesn't need explicit guard against trapping when source is SR as carry flag alone can never cause an overflow. Template register-register mov and correct trap behaviour privilege trap should prevent user state code from writing high global registers; also change DEBUG_PRINTF to standard logmacro.h stuff.
. Simplified set opcode, removed some needless use of set_global_register to get some speed back.
- M6800 CPU: Reinstated registration of SR for debug expressions (cpu\m68000\m68kcpu.cpp)
- M68010/68020/68030 CPUs: Added support for bus error stack frames formats. This fixes common CPU type detection routine: (cpu\m68000\m68kcpu.h).
- MCS-48 CPU: The MCS-48 core needs to be re-written so it works at S-cycle level (if not clock cycle level), but for now I've worked around this case in the least intrusive way possible.
. Minor MIPS DRC fastram optimization and simplification (cpu\mips\mips3drc.cpp)
. Cleanup TX4925 CPU implementation
- PowerPC 4xx/6xx CPUs: Attempt at fixing PPC DRC scheduling (cpu\powerpc\ppcdrc.cpp). This fixed black screen on launch in Scud Race Twin (ID 06615).
- SH-3/4 CPU
. Added some SH3/4 recompiler changes that got lost at some point. It fixes an issue where 'Mushihime-Sama Futari Black Label' sound would cut out if left in attract mode on first boot due to timer irq 0 being missed and then never refiring due to the way the DRC code blocks work.
. Mark DRC cache dirty on reset
- TLCS-90 CPU: First step towards modernization of internal peripherals (cpu\tlcs90\tlcs90.cpp)
- Z80 CPU: Implemented Z80 HALT output and clear HALT condition during reset. Wakeup (MESS) Ritam 'Monty Plays Scrabble' and 'Master Monty' from HALT instruction using reset.
- Williams ADPCM Sound Board: Lower the DAC volume of the williams_adpcm_sound_device (audio\williams.cpp). This fixed missing music in Mortal Kombat (ID 06694).
- YMZ770 sound
. Added pan, main volume level and clip limit control. Renamed "elem" for readability. Added 2nd volume control and notes.
. Preliminary Yamaha YMZ774 emulation
. Use cached cos table for YMZ770 MPEG audio decoding (sound\mpeg_audio.cpp)
- 6522 VIA: Added some interrupt LOGs
- 68681 DUART
. DUART drives (MESS) Micro-Term 5510 EEPROMs (mc68681_base_device::ip6_w). Distinguish SCN2681 and MC68681 DUART types.
. Use MCFG_DEVICE_ADD instead of custom macro.
- 74123 TTL: Use line handlers for single lines (m10.cpp, nyny.cpp, r2dtank.cpp and spiders.cpp)
- 74LS259 TTL
. Added descriptive names for 74LS259 nibble write handlers to mjsister and rallybik
. Added 74LS259 device to jackpool.cpp, pturn.cpp, twincobr.cpp and wardner.cpp
- 8155 RIOT: Substantially rewrote timer emulation. Modernized logging. Abandon "RIOT" name properly belonging to MOS 6532. Provided separate device type for 8156. Regression fix for Golden Arrow.
- ADC0844 and ADC0848 A/D Converter
. Added ADC0844 A/D Converter for input to mcr3.cpp (maxrpm), mcr68.cpp (spyhunt2), micro3d.cpp, midvunit.cpp and midyunit.cpp (term2)
. Support ADC0848 variant, some adjustments to differential mode. Added ADC0848 to midxunit.cpp (revx).
- CGA video
. Added Compaq Portable III video, text modes and color need to be fixed.
. Supported 400 line text modes. (MESS) Olivetti M24 also has 400 line text mode.
- CHDMAN: Use DeviceIoControl to get disk length, allows chdman to access physical drives on Windows 10 (file\winfile.cpp)
- DECO Custom
. Fully handle sound latch internal in the DECO 146 device (boogwing.cpp, cninja.cpp, dblewing.cpp, deco32.cpp, dietgo.cpp, funkyjet.cpp, lemmings.cpp and rohga.cpp)
. Added DECO CRTC (12MHz/2) and screen raw params for bogeyman.cpp, chanbara.cpp, dec0.cpp, dec8.cpp, firetrap.cpp and ssozumo.cpp
- DS12885 RTC: Fixed DS128X/DS1288X main frequency divider. The output frequency must be fixed to 1HZ with these devices. In the MC146818, DV2-DV0 were used to select the input frequency to provide a proper time base. Since the DS12885/87 and DS1685/87 use only the 32.768kHz crystal these 3 bits are used to turn the oscillator on or off and to reset the countdown chain. There are not used anymore to select the main clock divider value.
. Added serial EEPROM using new DO write callback to (MESS) TTI SBC (machine\eepromser.cpp). Added reference info for X2444 commands.
. Added device emulating 28F010 Flash memory and family (not compatible with JEDEC Flash protocol). Converted (MESS) Interpro to use this device.
- Floppy
. Don't segfault on empty tracks, fixes (MESS) Einstein 4game (formats\dsk_dsk.cpp)
. Converted line handlers to READ/WRITE_LINE_MEMBER to make them devcb-accessible (machine\wd_fdc.cpp; drivers\guab.cpp)
. Added TEAC FD-30A 3 inch floppy drive (MESS) Tatung Einstein
- I8275 video: Added check to avoid potential buffer overflow
- Konami Custom: K051937 actually sets up a register when background should be dimmed, fixes start/end pouring event colors in Chequered Flag.
- MC6845 CRT: Minor transparent update refactoring
- RS232: Changed 9615 baud configurations to the nominal 9600 baud now that Z80SIO is more tolerant
- uPD4701 counter: Better handling of uPD4701 control lines
- V9938/9958 video: Converted to use RGB32 bitmaps. Palette has been retained mostly for the sake of the palette viewer, and now reflects the actual programmed values, rather than being a fixed RRRGGGBBB encoding plus a hacky mess for the V9958's YJK colors. V9938-on-V9938 transparent overlay is fixed for meritm.cpp (was broken a few releases ago).
- Voodoo GFX
. Use SSE routines for texture perspective correction
. Suppress function-like macro expansion for MSVC
- Z80 DAISY: Added a generic Z80 daisy chain device, for use in drivers with non-Z80 peripherals ((MESS) Einstein). Added irq output callback (cpu\z80\z80daisy_generic.cpp).
- Z80 SCC: General cleanup and backport of Z80 SIO improvements (machine\z80scc.cpp)
- Z80 SIO
. Moved object finder resolution before device_start (emu\device.cpp and machine.cpp). This fixed Z80SIO not safe with attached RS232 port. MAME can crash if a device sets the initial state of the input lines for a z80sio_device at device_start time.
. Made async receive behave more like real device. Check that start bit persists for half a clock interval. Sample data bits mid-interval. Handle invalid stop bit as described in Zilog manual. Check parity and latch overrun and parity errors. This fixes the issues with corrupt characters being typed on the Kaypro. Synchronous modes are still broken. The channels are still using device_serial_interface to transmit frames, but receiving is handled entirely in the device class itself. Overruns still aren't handled properly.
. Better handling of Rx FIFO and interrupts in async mode. Framing error should always generate interrupt in interrupt-on-first mode.
. Moved dlair.cpp and proconn.cpp driver from z80dart.h to z80sio.h
. First stab at WRDY emulation. Some logging improvements. Use arays for callbacks.
. Don't use device_serial_interface for transmit - it can't support sync modes, on-the-fly register updates, and other weirdness. Better modelling of 1-deep transmit queue. Better RTS/CTS behaviour. Completely overhauled interrupt logic - vectors should be correct for most async modes. Implemented different auto-reset receive errors in MPSC vs SIO. Implemented SDLC transmission including bit stuffing, transmit CRC, abort, and underrun/end-of-message behaviour. Added an SDLC consumer device that logs SNA frame headers and data.
. Generalise synchronous transmission to other modes, re-implement break detection.
. Implemented enough of synchronous receive mode to pass (MESS) Univac UTS-20 channel A loopback test. Treat disabling transmitter as satisfying a transmit interrupt. Disabled automatic CRC transmission in monosync mode. Clear receive errors on channel reset. Fixed reporting receive errors.
- amusco.cpp: Improved colors. Removed VRAM placeholder, allocate it in video_start.
- aristmk5.cpp
. Added BIOS / USA Set Chip v4.04.08
. Redumped Adonis (BHG1508, US), Boot Scootin' (GHG1012-02, US), Bumble Bugs (CHG0479-03, US), Cash Chameleon (DHG4078-99, US), Enchanted Forest (JHG0415-03, US), The Gambler (EHG0916-02, US), Golden Pyramids (AHG1206-99, US), Magic Garden (AHG1211-99, US), Margarita Magic (EHG1559, US, set 1), Party Gras (BHG1284, US), Sweet Liberty Deluxe (AHG1575, US), Sweethearts II (PHG0742-02, US) and Tropical Delight (PHG0625-02, US). Now the sets pass the checksum and boots.
. Reformatted the game drivers spacing to be more readable at first sight
- cb2001.cpp: IRQ acknowledgment
- cidelsa.cpp: Added WAIT/CLEAR input lines to CDP1802 CPU. Added DO read function to CDP1852 I/O.
- cps3.cpp: Fixed CPS3 Multi-game bootlegs and Street Fighter III 2nd Impact bootlegs to use for 6 buttons
- crgolf.cpp: Minor update
- cv1k.cpp
. Demoted all sets to imperfect speed, set audio output to mono. Document dipswitches. Consistent service mode enter button.
. Added some SH3/4 recompiler changes that got lost at some point. It fixes an issue where 'Mushihime-Sama Futari Black Label' sound would cut out if left in attract mode on first boot due to timer irq 0 being missed and then never refiring due to the way the DRC code blocks work.
. Added YMZ770 pan, main volume level and clip limit control. Added YMZ770 2nd volume control and notes.
- cyclemb.cpp: Added preliminary audio for Cycle Maabou and Sky Destroyer
- dec0.cpp
. Emulated sound protection state machine for Secret Agent/Sly Spy and get rid of ROM patch. Emulated Sly Spy RNG device at $31c00d. This makes gameplay to behave very differently than before, game extensively uses this port to mix up stuff especially with the bosses.
. Fixed sound randomly speeds up and eventually dies in bouldash and secretag/slyspy (ID 06740)
- dgpix.cpp: Some minor optimization, Elfin benches roughly 11% faster.
- dwarfd.cpp: Added check to avoid potential buffer overflow (video\i8275.cpp). This fixed debug assert shortly after start (ID 05761).
- firetrk.cpp: Added screen raw params. Got rid of using PORT_CODE on IPT_BUTTONs.
- gei.cpp
. Moved 'signatures' out of the source and into a ROM, as suggested.
. Switched to configured banking
. Added save state support
. Added default NVRAMs to avoid errors on first boot and signature roms to findout, geimulti, gtsers15, reelfun, reelfun1, sexappl, sprtauth, suprpokr, suprpokra and suprpokrb.
. Fixed game checks 'signature' in GEI Multi Game (ID 04651)
. Cleanup
- hyprduel.cpp: Removed sprite register hack
- idsa.cpp: Added PPIs and updated notes
- konamigv.cpp
. Trackball modernization for btchamp and simpbowl
. Better handling of uPD4701 control lines for btchamp
- mainevt.cpp
. Reversed button1 and button2 as per service mode for The Main Event
. Fixed sprite shadows for Devastators
- meritm.cpp: V9938-on-V9938 transparent overlay is fixed for meritm.cpp (was broken a few releases ago). This fixed "Run21" game in the Megatouch sets which are missing graphics for black-suited cards (ID 03719).
- metro.cpp
. Rewritten Imagetek I4100/I4220/I4300 video display processor family, hooked it up. Configure VDP the normal way with its standard XTAL.
. Added scanline timer-based vblank interrupt to Bang Bang Ball. This fixed game runs sometimes like slow-motion (ID 00525)
. Videoregs are read-backable. This fixed sprite layer disappears entirely in Blazing Tornado after completing single player game (ID 06518).
. Added sprite x/y center point registers, removed screen check hack. Mahjong Gakuensai 2 uses RMW access on POST.
. Puzzlet actually uses the same window VRAM area RMW as Karate Tournament, clean both.
- micro3d.cpp
. Added ADC0844 A/D Converter for input and fixed throttle regression. The throttle has been broken since MAME 0.154. Note: Clone Battle of the Solar System (rev. 1.1 3/24/92) doesn't have the analog throttle.
. Attach RS232 port to monitor port. Start with "mame f15se -monitor terminal" for example to see debug messages from the game.
. Correct and simplify device tags in Micro3D driver. Improved USART behavior for polled operation (machine\mc68901.cpp).
- model2.cpp: Input port rationalization
- model3.cpp
. Added Player 2 inputs for all games and left/right stick for Virtual On 2
. Attempt at fixing PPC DRC scheduling (cpu\powerpc\ppcdrc.cpp). This fixed black screen on launch in Scud Race Twin (ID 06615).
. Fixed music and reduced log spam (audio\dsbz80.cpp, machine\m3comm.cpp)
- mpu4vid.cpp: More standard device configuration for SCN2674 display controller
- n8080.cpp: Directly set 8035 IRQ line rather than generate fake pulses, restores some sounds in HeliFire.
- namcond1.cpp
. Fixed rotation and scrolling. Small cleanups (video\ygv608.cpp).
. Added scrolling-by-row used in NCV1 'Xevious Arrangement'
. Fixed scaling effect used in NCV2 'Pac-Man Arrangement' staffroll
- namcos10.cpp: Updated hardware and type 3 daughterboard docs
- naomi.cpp
. Replaced bad dump 317-0437-com.ic3 rom in 'Mushiking The King Of Beetles - Mushiking II / III / III+'
. Dumped Wave Runner GP motor board rom
- peplus.cpp: Added new gfx1 roms to Player's Edge Plus (XM00009P+XMP00002) Multi-Poker
- pgm2.cpp
. Preliminary PGM2 emulation. Most video features emulated, Oriental Legend 2 mostly OK. See notes.
. Dumped internal IGS036 roms from Oriental Legend 2 (V104, China) and Knights of Valour 2 New Legend (V302, China)
. Creating devices for the Atmel ARM AIC and a derived IGS036 CPU. Emulated IGS037 video hardware, this covers sprites (with zooming), tilemaps (including rowscroll) and the priority system.
. Fixed (?) BLX (LO) thumb opcode in ARM7/9 core, was storing a return address that skipped the following opcode. There might still be ARM9 issues.
. Added pan, main volume level and clip limit control. Added 2nd volume control and notes (sound\ymz770.cpp).
. Added yshrink for sprites, line doubling and sprite xgrow/xshrink for basic non-flipped cases.
. Support sprite zooming for flipped/reversed cases (lightly tested, only seems used by lightning on orleg2 char select at the moment)
. Use pre-calculated cosine table for DCT decoding, yields significant performance improvement (sound\mpeg_audio.cpp).
. Still marked NOT_WORKING due to missing memory card emulation (requires simulation of undumped MCU)
- piggypas.cpp: XTAL-derived clocks. Focumented some chip types. Added NVRAM. More documentation.
- playmark.cpp: Make games in driver respect common/separate Coin slot. Issue: DIPs where defined as "SW1" and conditional statements where looking for DSW1. Also makes coinage into a DEFINE statement and uses PORT_INCLUDE & PORT_MODIFY for clone Big Twin (No Girls Conversion) which only has 1 dipswitch deference.
- seattle.cpp and vegas.cpp: SMC91C9X Ethernet controller now working in connected mode with WinPcap or TUN/TAP tunnel
- segahang.cpp and segas16b.cpp: Use MCFG_SCREEN_VBLANK_CALLBACK instead of irq0_line_pulse for Sega i8751 interrupt
- seibucats.cpp: Dumped obj roms
- seta.cpp
. A few small cleanups. Documentation update.
. Improved wraparound handling for relative inputs (emu\ioport.cpp). This fixed speed difference when rotating player in Caliber 50.
. Soundlatch modernization for Wiggie Waggie, Thunder & Lightning (bootleg with Tetris sound) and Ultra Toukon Densetsu
. Added ADC device to Zombie Raid
- shanghai.cpp: Fixed fast gameplay and sound (ID 06193)
- stv.cpp
. Fixed line/polyline drawing for 'Die Hard Arcade' wireframe map (video\stvvdp1.cpp)
. Moved internal SCUDSP program/data maps (machine\sega_scu.cpp) into CPU core (cpu\scudsp\scudsp.cpp)
. Fixed shanhigw and sokyugrt starts with 2 credits inserted (video\stvvdp2.cpp) (ID 04366)
- taitosj.cpp: Fixed ay2,3,4 volume regression. This fixed Elevator Action sound (ID 06527).
- techno.cpp: IRQ modernization. Reimplement IRQ generation based on an educated guess.
- vegas.cpp: Improved debug messaging for serial port (machine\vrc5074.cpp)
- vicdual.cpp
. Added bonus sound sample to Depthcharge
. Fixed Head On 2 colors and clean up
. Added sound samples to Tranquillizer Gun and clone Borderline (Tranquillizer Gun conversion)
. Mark Space Trek as imperfect graphics. Star field and background gradient is missing. See
- Champion Base Ball Part-2: Redumped clone Taikyoku Base Ball (previously called Champion Base Ball Part-2 (set 2) and only partially dumped).
- Chequered Flag
. Fixed dimmed screen condition bug when soft resetting
. Improved shadow/highlight code, fixes black rain and lights at dawn.
. K051937 sets up a register when background should be dimmed, fixes start/end pouring event colors.
. "Black" colored rain definitely don't show up when it starts/ends pouring, fixed tables accordingly.
- Darius: Break up "IOC" handlers
- Dobou-Chan: Allow GFX ROM test to pass. Added inputs.
- Double Wings: Added save item (soundlatch pending)
- Flower
. Rewrote driver from scratch, fixing multiple issues that persisted in previous implementation.
. Fixed visible area to 288x224, fixes left-most columns (inside the big ship). Background layers actually had reversed priority (outside and inside the big ship). Fixed all outputs. Added third Z80, sprite shrink feature, flip screen and other stuff. Fixed zoom points for 32x32 sprites. Actually using Namco xtal so most likely runs at 60.606060.
. Rewrote custom sound device. Added guessed 'Flower Custom Sound' clock.
- Game Magic
. Correct error in shadow ram adresses and convert comments to C++ (bus\lpci\i82439tx.cpp)
. Not all sothbridges have an internal keyboard controller, RTC, serial and parallel devices. Now southbridge_device does not have them. There is a new southbridge_extended_device that has them. i82371ab_device derives from southbridge_extended_device. Converted comments to C++.
- Jackpot Cards: Added 74LS259 addressable latches and NS16550 UART
- King & Balloon: Added correct soundrom to King & Balloon (US). Note: The 2nd half was missing ("bye bye" voice cut off).
- King of Boxer: Fixed misconfigured NMI gate in clones Ring King (US set 1/2); works again now.
- Marine Date
. Rewrote driver from scratch, fixing multiple issues that persisted in previous implementation.
. Added sea bitmap and flashing when shark appears. Improved sprite/tilemap colors, now more accurate to the references. Fixed priority, both sprite layers are actually above text tilemap. Added player 2 trackball inputs, and global coin lockout. Streamlined and improved collision detection (still not perfect therefore game still marked NOT_WORKING). Sprite offset fixes and minor other changes.
. Fixed MAME crashed when starting game (ID 06745)
- Monkey Magic: Added sound samples (
- Mortal Kombat: Lower the DAC volume of the 'Williams ADPCM Sound Board' (audio\williams.cpp). This fixed missing music in Mortal Kombat (ID 06694).
- Out Zone: Fixed screen is misaligned 16 pixels to the left in clone Out Zone (Zero Wing TP-015 PCB conversion) (ID 06749)
- Pac-Land: Keep sprite-sprite priorities intact on priority-over-fg sprites. This fixed in invincible state Pac-Man are displayed in front of the hat (ID 06742).
- Paint & Puzzle: Added 6522 VIA interface and 8798 MCU dump
- Parallel Turn: Added 74LS259 device and coin counters. Removed PULSE_LINE.
- Perfect Billiard: Minor doc update & rom label correction
- Ping-Pong King
. Added preliminary MCU simulation for Ping-Pong King inputs
. Added preliminary YM2203 and MSM5205 ADPCM sound. Added P2/ DSW1 / clean stuff and flip screen.
. Added sub CPU IRQ ack and MCU input check on state 3
. Fixed input lag protection. DSW2 reading now works too.
. Fixed sprite left edge wraparound, made "round" dipsw more verbose, misc cleanups (Game now playable).
- SD Gundam Psycho Salamander no Kyoui: Replaced rom patch with a slightly less gross hack. Note: Routine at $134C sends no sound commands if lowest bit is 0.
- Sexy Parodius: Demoted game with IMPERFECT_SOUND & UNEMULATED_PROTECTION
- Space Firebird: Fixed DAC sound (ID 06766)
- Super Othello: Very minor cleanups + preparation for save state support
- Syusse Oozumou: Fixed wrong colors in the title logo (ID 03804)
- Tekken Tag Tournament: Fixed clones (World, TEG2/VER.C1, set 2) and (US, TEG3/VER.B) doesn't boot
- Thunder Ceptor: Properly hooked up 3D scope view to 3-D Thunder Ceptor II
- Time Attacker
. Added ball, edges and wall drawing. Fixed background color and visible area.
. Added paddle input & drawing. Added bottom edge and enable feature. Added paddle shrink, hooked up flip screen and bricks color bank.
. Fixed some dips/inputs. Emulated brick blinking effect. Added sound samples (Game now playable).
- Time Crisis 3: Added dump of V291 I/O board
- Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In!: Fixed wrong colors in Wai Wai Jockey Gate-In! and clone Photo Finish (bootleg?) (ID 03805)
- Wiping: Removed unused variable. Added guessed 'Wiping Custom Sound' clock.
- World Grand Prix: Added save state support, removed anonymous timers and killed trampolines.
- Zoofari: Cleanup TX4925 CPU implementation (cpu\mips\mips3.cpp)
- Input port
. Lower beeper volume (machine\terminal.cpp)
. Added a little logging to machine\input_merger.cpp
. Better wraparound handling for relative inputs (emu\ioport.cpp). This fixed speed difference when rotating player in Caliber 50 (ID 06759). Fixed core rounding error with analog input sensitivity scaling (emu\ioport.cpp).
- Dipswitch fixes in bishi.cpp, cv1k.cpp, cyclemb.cpp, gladiatr.cpp, marinedt.cpp, pgm2.cpp, playmark.cpp, popeye.cpp and tattack.cpp
- Fixed rom names in cps2.cpp, itech8.cpp, freekick.cpp, naomi.cpp and pacman.cpp
- Description changes of 3-D Thunder Ceptor II, Battlecry (Version E), Daytona USA (Japan), Grudge Match (v00.80, prototype), Gunbird 2 (set 1), Knights of Valour 2 New Legend (V300, China), Landing High Japan (Ver 2.01 OK), Last Fortress - Toride (China, Rev A), Last Fortress - Toride (China, Rev C), Last Fortress - Toride (Japan), Last Fortress - Toride (Germany), Mr. Kougar (bootleg), Mr. Kougar (German bootleg), unknown Fun World A0-1 game, unknown Fun World A7-11 game 1, unknown Fun World A7-11 game 2, unknown Inter Games poker, unknown game (MAC #1808), unknown poker game PKII/DM, unknown Sega gambling game (M1 Satellite board) and unknown 'VIP 2000' game
- Renamed (grudge) to (grudgep), (mtkob2) to (mushike), (orleg2oa) to (orleg2_101), (orleg2o) to (orleg2_103), (bbustersj) to (bbustersja), (bbustersja) to (bbustersj), (kov2nlo) to (kov2nl_301) and (kov2nloa) to (kov2nl_300)
. VIDEO RENDERING SYSTEM: Various palette and screen improvements. Use device_resolve_objects to removed the need for resolve_palette. Palette format no longer depends on configuration of first screen (emu\dipalette.cpp, divideo.cpp and screen.cpp) [AJR].
. DEVICE: Moved object finder resolution before device_start (emu\device.cpp and machine.cpp)
. UI
. Fixed tilemap live updates regression (ui\viewgfx.cpp)
. Fixed Reset was sometimes ignored in File Manager (ui\filemngr.cpp)
. Removed irqN_line_pulse interrupt generators. Vestigial commented-out uses remain in cdi.cpp. This does not affect nmi_line_pulse (emu\driver.cpp/h).
. Replaced driver_device::generic_pulse_irq_line with device_execute_interface::pulse_input_line + CPU minimum quantum. This "Pulse" an input line by asserting it and then clearing it later. Correct irq pulse timing in dotrikun.cpp and duration in firetrk.cpp. For meyc8088.cpp the interrupt is auto cleared by INTA (emu\diexec.cpp, driver.cpp, audio\dcs.cpp, rax.cpp, drivers\cball.cpp, changela.cpp, cvs.cpp, dotrikun.cpp, equites.cpp, firetrk.cpp, fitfight.cpp, gaelco3d.cpp, homedata.cpp, igs_m027.cpp, m90.cpp, mgolf.cpp, namcond1.cpp, namcos22.cpp, pntnpuzl.cpp, ssfindo.cpp, starshp1.cpp, zac_2.cpp, machine/3do.cpp, archimds.cpp, galaxold.cpp, namcos2.cpp and pgmprot_igs027a_type3.cpp).
. Merged popcount implementation in emucore.h with the new osd\eminline.h (see namcona1.cpp driver; printf("popcount ...population_count_32(m_keyval...))
. Added MACHINE_NODEVICE_LAN flags (cischeat.cpp, cps2.cpp, namcofl.cpp, namcos11.cpp, namcos22.cpp, neogeo.cpp and segaxbd.cpp) and CAMERA and MACHINE_NODEVICE_PRINTER flags (neoprint.cpp, stv.cpp and taito_b.cpp) (ID 06586)
. Get rid of branches in cout_leading_zeros and ount_leading_ones (osd\eigccppc.h and eigccx86.h)
. PLUGINS: Added option to hiscore.ini to only_save_at_exit (hiscore\init.lua)
. Multi-Language: Updated Dutch, Greek, Portuguese (PT-PT) and Spanish translations
- SDLMAME: Make SDL input less eager to generate double-click events when mouse doesn't move between clicks (input\input_sdl.cpp)
- Compiling: Get rid of some "auto" (cpu\z180\z180.cpp, sound\ymz770.cpp and drivers\gaelco3d.cpp)

"Theory is when you know everthing but nothing works. Practice is when everything works but no one knows why.
In our lab, theory and practice are combined: nothing works and no one knows why."

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