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Re: No, never *nt*
02/13/18 06:15 PM

> hmm may i ask why? mame\mess is now getting to the point where it will be emulating a
> toaster pretty soon, so why those things are left off?

It's called sarcasm, Google it.

Look, if there's something unemulated in MAME, rest assured that there almost always really isn't any sort of "we refuse to emulate X" policy in place. It all comes down to the VOLUNTEER manpower that we have, their PERSONAL decisions on what to tackle, and the TECHNOLOGICAL limitations holding us back.

This is not the first time you've asked a question like this. So the better you understand this, the more this should enable you in the future to cease needing to ask this question.

Not sure how many other ways we can describe it.
"Any plans to emulate X?"
No plans, but everything is in scope.
"What about product Y?"
No plans, but we want to emulate everything, it's in our mission statement.
"What about product Z?"
No plans, but anything is possible.

Truthfully: "We" DON'T really make plans, as an organization, for what games/machines/systems to work on emulating. We don't want to. We choose not to. Everything is left up to the individuals who volunteer and contribute to the project.

If those individuals have plans to target certain products, games or machines, they may or may not tell the public. They may or may not tell the rest of the collective and "team". Other than generally, even someone involved with project organization like myself doesn't know exactly what new things people are choosing to work on.

Follow the developer blogs and WIP pages and To-Do lists, read the emulation news reported here, follow the commit log on, that's the best I can tell you to get a clue as to what people are currently tackling.

When we, as an organization, make plans, they tend to look like this, not mentioning specific games, machines, or products:

For more information, please read the FAQ:


Please keep in mind that MAME is the work of hundreds of volunteers. These volunteers dedicate many many hours of their lives to working on the project, and they do so because they are doing something they really enjoy. One of the big reasons working on MAME is enjoyable is because it is not a job, and nobody is telling anyone else what to do or what to work on. In fact, attempting to tell the MAME developers what to do often makes working on that game much less appealing, because it starts to feel like a job.

Because MAME has been around for over 10 years, almost all of the easy work is complete. Most everything that remains unemulated is due to some very difficult issues. If your favorite game is not yet emulated, the best thing you can do is sit back and wait. Nagging, complaining, or otherwise asking what is happening is not going to make emulation happen any faster, and may in fact hinder further progress.

If you do have technical information that can help the MAME team emulate a certain game, it is best to set up a web page with the information. Technical information would include things like schematics, detailed technical info about the hardware that particular game runs on, info about custom or protection chips, video hardware, sound hardware, etc. Contributing this kind of information might be useful to the MAME team. ROMs alone and begging the team are not useful in terms of getting a game emulated, but useful tech information may sometimes spark developer interest in that particular game. However, since the developers are volunteers, there is no guarantee that a specific game will be emulated even with this approach but again this "research" approach might improve your chances, too.

- Stiletto

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