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QMC2 0.192
11/29/17 06:50 PM

QMC2 0.192


QMC2 0.192 has been released!

Our first release after five months… sorry that it took so long, but real life made it impossible to keep up with the pace of the MAME team. Anyway, it’s still a rather big update this time, including many bug-fixes (thanks to MusicLovr for his tests and reports regarding quite a few of them!), some nice performance and stability improvements, as well as a bit of new stuff.

There’s also work going on that will eventually allow users to create his / her own views (of the machine list) which can be filtered in any thinkable way. This new feature isn’t 100% ready for prime-time yet (no filtering, no tree mode), so it will not be included in any official build at the moment. However, UI integration, view-management and the (flat) view itself are already performing very nicely. If you would like to try it, you would currently have to build it yourself and add WIP=1 on the make command line. Otherwise, expect this feature addition to be ready for the next release (whenever that will be).

Also, we’re aware that changing slots / slot-options isn’t working at the moment. That’s due to earlier changes in MAME related to -listxml, and QMC2 currently has no support for what has to be done now (the front-end itself needs to traverse the MAME device tree according to XML). We have to redo the related module from scratch. If all goes well it should be ready until the next release, too. No promise implied, though.

For even more details consult the change-log below!

The source code is now available in the download section. As always, expect updated binary packages within the next few hours and days.

Have fun,

The QMC2 dev-team

Full change-log for 0.192:

fix: corrected build issues when using Qt 5.9.x (BT #157)
fix: software-lists: repeat the last search when the software-list is reloaded and a non-empty search pattern is present (BT #158)
fix: software-lists: corrected statistics string to also include the number of search matches (S:) when state-checking is disabled
fix: welcome dialog: explicitly set the GUI font if it has been customized before
fix: welcome dialog: fixed reverting to the current language setting when the dialog is reject()’ed (i.e. Cancel is clicked or Escape is pressed)
fix: video player: avoid some of the possible race conditions related to switching machines quickly while the attached videos list is being created
fix: video player: do not request video image data from YouTube again when the image is already cached, and don’t request anything for local videos (oops)
fix: avoid updating detail-tabs while the tab-widget itself is being recreated (BT #160)
fix: worked around a Qt bug to fix initial detail-tab header scrolling when the current tab is far to the right (BT #161)
fix: video player: avoid loading the video info map multiple times
fix: video overlay widget: don’t display status messages when the main GUI is minimized (as the overlay is actually a parentless window it’s not receiving the “minimize event” implicitly)
fix: avoid UI flicker when initially showing the loading animation with active category- or version-view
fix: example system-notes template: when on Windows, provide a play/pause button alternative for controlling the HTML5 video canvas as the built-in controls don’t work
imp: ignore the new dtd emulator option when checking the template map
imp: MinGW builds: changed the Makefile to support the newer MAME-dev tools, including Qt 5, but Qt 4 is still recommended (note that for Qt 5 /usr/bin/sh.exe must be renamed or removed, otherwise qmake won’t produce correct paths – see QTBUG-48876 which unfortunately isn’t fixed but closed)
imp: updated category.ini to MAME 0.192
imp: obsolete (or invalid) emulator options are now automatically removed when the options are stored
imp: video player: greatly improved the way the widget is reloaded upon changing the current system
imp: replaced the ghost video thumbnail with a more neutral image to avoid misinterpretation (also renamed the corresponding notes-template macro from $GHOST_VIDEO$ to $VIDEO_THUMBNAIL$)
imp: revised or replaced several icons
imp: example system notes template: removed the “opacity fade in” feature from the fancy image style (CSS) as it takes a duration of 1s that may cause issues if systems are switched very quickly
imp: added a key-event filter for the search boxes in order to disable their default handling of Up / Down key input (because this causes issues with the way QMC2 uses the drop-down list as a search history)
new: finalized the advanced setup wizard (started in 0.186) and promoted it to non-WIP
new: notes-templates: added a new JavaScript-accessible funtion to query the current operating system name (see wiki)
wip: adding freely customizable filtered machine list views (consumers of the machine list database added in 0.66, aka custom views) that can optionally be attached to the UI
doc: added a note about escaping special characters to both the software-search’s tool-tip and the QMC2 guide (BT #153)

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