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The Loony Bin
  This bush league psyche-out stuff. Laughable, man - ha ha!
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, twisty, aavada 
13703 82274 ::triggered::
      (jopezu) - 01/19/17 08:20 PM
  On-topic chat for arcade games, retrogaming, emulators or anything related. This forum offers an RSS feed and an RSS feed that includes replies.
   Moderator:  redk9258, URherenow, Tafoid 
4433 35887 Re: HDMI 2.1 Variable Refresh Rate
      (uman) - 01/19/17 07:35 PM

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News Submission
  Post any MAME, general arcade or arcade emulation related news. Any news considered off-topic can be posted in the Loony Bin. This forum offers an RSS feed, an Atom feed, and an RSS feed that includes replies.
   Moderator:  John IV, Tafoid 
4207 25190 Re: All new working games in MAME 0.181 video
      (mangamuscle) - 01/19/17 07:21 PM
MAME Artwork: Official
  This is a WIP/discussion forum in regards to recreating/restoring original arcade or console artwork and pics, for use by MAME in-game, as frontend reference pics, or to help restore original arcade cabinets.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
532 3160 Looking for high rez bezels for my mame 2 screen cab.
      (parabolic) - 01/19/17 01:39 AM
MAME Artwork 2: Other Stuff
  This is a WIP/discussion forum for anything else artwork related, including but not limited to, original artwork derived or inspired by original arcade/console artwork.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
23 675 Re: orginal cabinet bezels
      (Moksi) - 09/06/16 05:39 PM
PC Hardware & Arcade Cab Tech
  Help and discussion for PC hardware and arcade cabinets.
   Moderator:  KiLLerCloWn, italie, Orc 
980 4990 Re: I'm thinking about getting this SNES like pad what do you think ?
      (Traso) - 01/12/17 01:55 AM
  A general programming forum for all in the emulation community to use.
   Moderator:  twisty, Pi 
319 1681 Re: Race Drivin and linking?
      (bdam) - 01/15/17 04:17 AM
The Sticky Collection
  A collection of helpful sticky posts.
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, KiLLerCloWn, twisty, italie, Mr. Do, John IV 
681 2838 cgwg
      (Stiletto) - 09/06/15 08:43 PM

Frontend Tech Threads Posts Last post
  MAMEUI [formerly MAME32] is the GUI version of the M.ultiple A.rcade M.achine E.mulator. IV/Play is a frontend based on MAMEUI.
   Moderator:  John IV 
123 755 Re: Screenshot, Filter and Cabnet
      (Cheddar Cheeze) - 01/19/17 11:45 AM
  MiSFiTMAME and HBMAME are MAME derivatives that play homebrew hacks and other oddities that aren't eligible for inclusion in the official build.
   Moderator:  Tinker, Robbbert 
81 529 Re: Games no more present in HBMame release 177
      (shinobi681) - 10/14/16 08:41 AM
Emu Loader
  Get all the help you need with Emu Loader right here.
   Moderator:  CiroConsentino 
222 1027 Re: 1... 2... 3...
      (CiroConsentino) - 01/14/17 10:01 PM
MAME Plus!
  All discussion, bug reports, etc. for the MAME Plus! build.
   Moderator:  Emuman, MAMu_, Ashura-X 
85 472 Well.. one year past from MAMEPLUS last source.
      (Ashura-X) - 12/27/16 05:03 PM
  MAMEWAH frontend support.
   Moderator:  Minwah, jcrouse 
1021 4826 Ps2 on mamewah
      (termigame) - 12/26/16 10:50 PM
  The official forum. Questions and suggestions concerning all MAME related content found on the website can be discussed here.
   Moderator:  AntoPISA 
135 613 Re: 16
      (AntoPISA) - 01/08/17 02:56 PM
MAMu_'s Icons
  Previews of new icons by MAMu_ which can be used with MAMEUI and various frontends.
   Moderator:  MAMu_ 
7 33 Re: MAMEICONS easter eggs :)
      (AntoPISA) - 12/17/14 06:53 PM
  Use this board for talk about the I-Pac, J-Pac, ArcadeVGA or any other Ultimarc product. Please don't post support questions, address these to
   Moderator:  Andy Warne 
792 2534 Re: IPac 4 key assignment issue
      (Bad A Billy) - 01/19/17 04:46 AM

Monsters in the fruit cellar Threads Posts Last post
The War Room
  America Loves Trump's Hate
   Moderator:  Smitdogg 
182 1635 Re: This is news?
      (Smitdogg) - 01/19/17 12:59 AM

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