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The Loony Bin
  The Scepter Of The Nagus
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, twisty, aavada 
13279 80031 Re: Did you know this "Lord of the Rings" book existed?
      (Gatinho) - 02/11/16 06:14 PM
  On-topic chat for arcade games, retrogaming, emulators (MAME, MESS and other emulators) or anything related including compiling and general help. Before asking for help, be sure you have reviewed EasyEmu, MAME FAQ, Mr. Do's Compiling Page and The Sticky Collection forum below. DO NOT request roms, missing files or how to stop those messages from appearing. This forum offers an RSS feed.
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, twisty, italie, Mr. Do, redk9258, URherenow, Tafoid 
3955 31490 Re: MAME on XP
      (R. Belmont) - 02/11/16 05:55 PM

General Threads Posts Last post
News Submission
  Post here any MAME, MESS, general arcade or arcade emulation related news you'd like the community to know about. Keep replies on topic and clean. Any news considered off topic may be posted in the Loony Bin. This forum offers an RSS feed, an Atom feed, a Klipfolio Klip and RSS Email.
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, KiLLerCloWn, twisty, italie, Mr. Do, John IV, Tafoid 
3706 22216 Re: DU: '96 Flag Rally
      (JustNiz) - 02/11/16 07:25 PM
MAME Artwork
  This is a WIP/discussion forum for all things artwork related - whatever MAME/MAMEUI supports.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do, Ad_Enuff 
521 3637 Re: 3 New Bezels: Streaking, Blazer, Changes
      (Vaughan) - 02/10/16 10:58 PM
PC Hardware & Arcade Cab Tech
  Help and discussion for PC hardware and arcade cabinets.
   Moderator:  KiLLerCloWn, italie, Orc 
933 4752 Help using multiple 360 controllers...
      (Quantum Leaper) - 02/11/16 06:30 AM
  A general programming forum for all in the emulation community to use.
   Moderator:  twisty, Pi 
303 1592 Re: MegaPlay Programming
      (Haze) - 02/11/16 07:54 PM
The Sticky Collection
  A collection of helpful sticky posts.
   Moderator:  RocLobsta, KiLLerCloWn, twisty, italie, Mr. Do, John IV 
681 2838 cgwg
      (Stiletto) - 09/06/15 08:43 PM

Frontend Tech Threads Posts Last post
  MAMEUI [formerly MAME32] is the GUI version of the M.ultiple A.rcade M.achine E.mulator. IV/Play is a frontend based on MAMEUI.
   Moderator:  John IV 
50 595 Re: Is a MameUI64 options bug fixed binary available?
      (grobda) - 02/07/16 08:19 PM
  MiSFiTMAME and HBMAME are MAME derivatives that play homebrew hacks and other oddities that aren't eligible for inclusion in the official build.
   Moderator:  Tinker, Robbbert 
69 469 Re: HBMAME 0.170 released
      (CiroConsentino) - 02/07/16 07:05 PM
Emu Loader
  Get all the help you need with Emu Loader right here.
   Moderator:  CiroConsentino 
136 674 Re: mame_listinfo.txt is empty! Aborting...
      (CiroConsentino) - 02/04/16 12:57 PM
MAME Plus!
  All discussion, bug reports, etc. for the MAME Plus! build.
   Moderator:  Emuman, MAMu_, Ashura-X 
79 418 Thanks guys. *nt*
      (Stiletto) - 02/02/16 04:22 PM
  MAMEWAH frontend support.
   Moderator:  Minwah, jcrouse 
1019 4817 Error Message in Log SOLVED
      (DrLarryE) - 01/31/16 10:41 PM
  The official forum. Questions and suggestions concerning all MAME related content found on the website can be discussed here.
   Moderator:  AntoPISA 
102 494 Re: Marquees good news!
      (AntoPISA) - 02/10/16 01:40 AM
MAMu_'s Icons
  Previews of new icons by MAMu_ which can be used with MAMEUI and various frontends.
   Moderator:  MAMu_ 
7 33 Re: MAMEICONS easter eggs :)
      (AntoPISA) - 12/17/14 06:53 PM
  Use this board for talk about the I-Pac, J-Pac, ArcadeVGA or any other Ultimarc product. Please don't post support questions, address these to
   Moderator:  Andy Warne 
752 2402 Need old firmware for UltraStik 360 please
      (Tailslide) - 02/09/16 08:45 AM

Monsters in the fruit cellar Threads Posts Last post
The War Room
  For some reason people feel the need to make threads about politics and religion on a mame messageboard. This is the garbage can they get thrown into.
   Moderator:  Smitdogg 
83 971 Truthers that say they're "Awake"
      (Tomu Breidah) - 01/01/16 10:27 AM

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