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  MAME or related news. RSS feed | RSS w/replies | Atom feed
   Moderator:  John IV, Tafoid 
4550 27106 r71430
      (MASH) - 08/19/17 02:29 AM
  On-topic chat for arcade games, retrogaming, emulators or related. RSS feed | RSS w/replies
   Moderator:  redk9258, URherenow, Tafoid 
4713 37919 Re: CRT-aperture GLSL shader
      (anikom15) - 08/19/17 07:17 PM
The Loony Bin
  Anything that doesn't fit into the other forums can be posted here. Not for the faint-hearted.
   Moderator:  Gatinho 
13958 83401 Re: Joey Diaz Tells Hilarious S@#$ stories
      (Dullaron) - 08/19/17 10:34 PM
MAME Artwork: Official
  Recreating or restoring original game artwork and pics for use by MAME or frontends or cabinet restoration.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
551 3285 Re: Yo TrevEB
      (TrevEB) - 08/17/17 05:38 PM
MAME Artwork X: Other Stuff
  Anything else artwork-related such as artwork derived or inspired by original artwork.
   Moderator:  Mr. Do 
33 712 Enhancement of VS. Super Mario Bros. Instruction card
      (Sgt Jack V) - 08/05/17 05:34 PM
  Help and discussion for electronic hardware.
   Moderator:  Gatinho 
998 5075 Re: LCD Lightgun technology -are we there yet?
      (MooglyGuy) - 08/11/17 01:07 PM
  A general programming forum for all in the emulation community to use.
   Moderator:  Pi 
326 1707 Is the 3D-models ripping from Model 2 games possible?
      (VasiliyFamiliya) - 08/18/17 03:34 PM

Frontend Tech + Threads Posts Last post
  MAMEUI is the GUI version of MAME. IV/Play is a frontend based on MAMEUI.
   Moderator:  John IV 
153 882 Re: killer instinct clones
      (Robbbert) - 08/16/17 02:09 PM
  HBMAME is a MAME derivative that plays homebrew hacks and other oddities.
   Moderator:  Robbbert 
87 555 Re: X-Men: COTA (Boss Hack) Akuma Problem
      (Smoker1) - 07/18/17 04:42 AM
Emu Loader
  Get all the help you need with the Emu Loader frontend right here.
   Moderator:  CiroConsentino 
235 1090 ... and HDD folder selection
      (CiroConsentino) - 08/10/17 08:47 PM
  The official forum.
   Moderator:  AntoPISA 
145 654 Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.188 Support Files
      (AntoPISA) - 08/01/17 06:00 PM
  Discussion forum for all Ultimarc products. Send all support questions to
   Moderator:  Andy Warne 
      (beanor) - 08/18/17 02:12 AM

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The War Room
  Trump is a moron.
   Moderator:  Smitdogg 
247 1863 that 'business-y council' thingy....
      (gregf) - 08/16/17 09:39 PM

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