Welcome to the MAMEWorld snapshot project downloads page. A few of us at MAMEWorld wanted to create a premium quality collection of snaps with the original color depth and size left intact. Another goal was to have snaps created for MAWS on a frequent basis, our target is to have a full set of snaps released to MAWS after each u release,and a public release after each full MAME update. We are a small dedicated team, consisting of myself, alien_mame and jabman. Thanks to all of the volunteers at MAMEWorld, who have all put in a great deal of hard work in getting the project to where it is now.

None of us on the team are infallable, so if you find a snap that can be improved upon, please feel free to submit it for inclusion using the contact details below. Be sure to mention HitF12 in the Subject line Here is our current list of known snaps to be retaken. Extract to your "folders" folder and restart MAME32. KrapSnap.zip


Complete set to MAME 0.104 (104Mb)

0.104 Part 1 0.104 Part 2 0.104 Part 3 0.104 Part 4 0.104 Part 5 0.104 Part 6 0.104 Part 7 0.104 Part 8 0.104 Part 9 0.104 final

Update Packs

0.104u1-105 0.105u1-106 0.106u1-108 0.108u1-110 0.110u1-111 dat

e-mail alien_mame