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. Re: Tora Tora

Sorry guys, no I didn't finish it. Work exploded and almost all the free time I have I spend recouping. I tried it a different way to speed it up and ...
MAME Artwork: Official Antny 09/28/20 04:22 AM
. Re: Since you mention Destroyer...

Unbelievably sweet. I thought I would never hear these games with sound. What a difference to play. Thanks for your hard work. I'm lurking more of ...
EmuChat Antny 08/12/20 01:57 AM
. Re: Midway Gun Fight netlist audio *edit*

Thanks MG. I compared the net-list stuff to the samples and there is a huge difference. The net-list stuff sounds so smooth and fluid (for lack of be ...
EmuChat Antny 08/03/20 04:00 AM
. Re: Cinematronics netlist thanks

Thanks for your recent improvements Colin. I cannot wrap my brain around how you can take voltage, current flow, resistance, etc. and put it in code ...
EmuChat Antny 07/24/20 12:30 AM
. 17

for your WIP folder. *Edit* sorry some of them were duplicates.
progetto-SNAPS Antny 07/24/20 12:18 AM
. Interstellar Laser Fantasy Cockpit

I will upload the PSP file which is mostly vectored. The coin area will need to be updated when I find a better picture.
MAME Artwork: Official Antny 07/23/20 05:19 AM
. Re: Cinematronics netlist thanks

Incredible work by the team. To say it is monumental is be an understatement. Thank you to all involved with the net-list progress. There is nothin ...
EmuChat Antny 07/23/20 03:25 AM
. 15

progetto-SNAPS Antny 06/07/20 04:24 AM
. Re: Midway 280-Zzzap netlist audio

Colin, I wanted to personally thank you also. I'm sure reading, interpreting and then converting schematics to net-list is probably tedious at best. ...
EmuChat Antny 05/30/20 07:41 PM
. 23

More for ya
progetto-SNAPS Antny 05/10/20 04:34 AM
. 16

progetto-SNAPS Antny 05/06/20 12:20 AM
. Microvision

Bless you hap. Thanks
EmuChat Antny 04/13/20 06:33 PM
. Re: Fonz and Death Race

If anyone could rip images out of the old games and post them here that would be cool. I've tried that old program without much luck. I don't understa ...
EmuChat Antny 04/12/20 09:28 PM
. 14

Here's another pack.
progetto-SNAPS Antny 04/12/20 04:56 PM
. Re: *bumped*

I remember when DICE was active (sort of). I miss those days. Sheesh, how much time has passed. Hopefully they all will be in MAME some day.
EmuChat Antny 04/06/20 08:07 PM
. Re: 22

Hmmm not sure what happened let me try again
progetto-SNAPS Antny 04/06/20 01:04 AM
. 22 *DELETED*

Post deleted by Antny
progetto-SNAPS Antny 04/05/20 09:50 PM
. Re: 15

Sorry I was tired. It should have been in the other thread.
progetto-SNAPS Antny 02/22/20 08:11 PM
. 15

progetto-SNAPS Antny 02/22/20 06:24 AM
. Re: Dragon’s Lair Update

>I wonder if a disc dumping status page either already exists or maybe will be created >once that more laserdiscs are worked on. I was wonderin ...
News Antny 01/07/20 06:28 AM
. Re: 14

Sorry no. They are not my pictures.
progetto-SNAPS Antny 10/05/19 05:02 PM
. 14

progetto-SNAPS Antny 10/05/19 02:16 AM
. Pack 13

See attached
progetto-SNAPS Antny 10/03/19 11:25 PM
. Re: 20

progetto-SNAPS Antny 08/30/19 03:30 AM
. and 13

x 2
progetto-SNAPS Antny 04/14/19 07:09 AM

Search results for query: Antny (1 - 25 of 538)
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