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. Re: Boss remind me of Tempest alien. lol

> Game look cheap made. His body parts doesn't move around. Would be a better if the > body parts moving and shooting lasers from his mouth or h ...
EmuChat B2K24 10/25/21 05:28 PM
. Bob from RetroRGB Interview with David ‘mamehaze’ Haywood
News B2K24 10/12/21 07:09 PM
. Re: CRT help needed please!

coinops Arcade sounds like crap Get a Radeon card and use GroovyMAME. The cards can be had cheap for little money and will make your hardware shine o ...
Hardware B2K24 10/12/21 09:32 AM
. Re: Another rom site down.

> I know that the site is dead and will be going forward, but I found it strange the > other day that my shared torrents from the site began see ...
EmuChat B2K24 10/08/21 06:07 PM
. Re: Another rom site down.

From strictly a user standpoint there are people out there with bandwidth & space issues even in 2021. I also have 3 different PC's here (I use L ...
EmuChat B2K24 10/04/21 04:13 AM
. Re: HBMAME 0.236

> yeah, it would be trivial for even a junior programmer to convert a lot of those > drivers to load things from software lists for the purpose ...
News B2K24 09/29/21 05:21 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.236

> An arcade game has none of those things. And so software lists cannot be used. > Honestly I thought you knew about that stuff. That's not ex ...
News B2K24 09/29/21 12:01 PM
. Re: HBMAME 0.236

I haven't looked at HBMAME in years. I realize it's only maintained by 1 person and at the very least, appreciate the documentation purpose of it by g ...
News B2K24 09/29/21 10:12 AM
. Re: Another rom site down.

> Yeah T7Z way better. It is for MAME ROMs and Software Lists ROMs it's just that very few people know how to deal with it, but luckily, I know h ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/29/21 10:01 AM
. Re: Another rom site down.

> Fuck..fuck...FUCK!! > > I guess that's my ROM set updating days over, not wasting my life trying to find > complete set updates on all ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/28/21 12:22 PM
. Re: [Team Europe] Juuouki (set 7, Japan) (8751 317-0077) - MCU decapped

Stop in on a thread and not only is another ROM preserved, but you get some entertainment to boot. Awesome!!!
News B2K24 09/28/21 12:19 PM
. Re: Another rom site down.

> RIP PD. I guess I'll be updating my sets and posting to RW, but I only roll with T7Z :P I'll have a few shots tonight in their honor even tho ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/28/21 11:58 AM
. Re: RIP Byuu

Everyone or anyone is free to pay homage, respects, tribute, honor, whatever it is you do or believe in, in your own way, however you deem necessary a ...
News B2K24 08/03/21 03:54 AM
. Re: MAME 0.234

I've got a lot to catch-up on. There's been tons of amazing progress. Great job, Everyone!!!
News B2K24 08/03/21 03:49 AM
. Re: MAME not saving HLSL settings?

MAME also pulls values from the ini/presets folder (more specifically the raster.ini) as well so that's probably overriding what you're doing.
EmuChat B2K24 07/30/21 08:44 PM
. Re: RIP Byuu

> Maybe an upcoming MAME release could be dedicated to Near? Just a thought. I don't think this is a good idea for several reasons although it's ...
News B2K24 07/30/21 08:41 PM
. Re: "thot"

The Loony Bin B2K24 12/31/20 07:01 AM
. Re: Wellbeing check on B2K24

> I haven't seen B2K24 here or other sites in several months. Just curious if anyone > has heard from him? Thanks for the thread I've been b ...
EmuChat B2K24 09/10/19 12:29 AM
. Re: HLSL Scanline_alpha zooms image

> Well that's good to know then. They won't have to. At this point it'll pretty much guarantee that no one will bother to update their version fo ...
EmuChat B2K24 05/29/19 09:04 PM
. Re: Capcom Home Arcade CPS1/2 using FB Alpha

Politics and all that aside *only* 16 games is complete bullshit. I'm not tempted by this in the slightest even if it was discounted to 50 bucks.
EmuChat B2K24 04/25/19 11:43 AM
. Re: Capcom Home Arcade CPS1/2 using FB Alpha

Kid tested, Soulja Boy approved. hahahahhahahaa
EmuChat B2K24 04/18/19 08:04 PM
. Re: Capcom Home Arcade CPS1/2 using FB Alpha

MAME on the 3 CRTs I own are the best experience I can get right now besides using original hardware. Legal stuff aside there's nothing to see here ...
EmuChat B2K24 04/17/19 12:00 AM
. Re: DU: Sit down on the toilet before reading this or else you will shit your pants

Good shit.
News B2K24 04/15/19 10:50 AM
. Re: Error occurs while Compiling Mame Plus

> I didn't know that. > Can I use custom buttons in official MAME too? Of course. Download it and try it out for yourself.
EmuChat B2K24 04/05/19 12:17 PM
. Re: history.dat

> Is there a current history.dat without the line "This Arcade Video Game was published > XX years ago:" ? Older history.dat files did ...
EmuChat B2K24 03/30/19 08:30 PM

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