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. Re: Hats off to Norm Macdonald

Cancer eh? You sure it wasn't OJ?
The Loony Bin Bad A Billy 09/15/21 12:08 AM
. Re: i guess gpu's are now simply x3 the cost and it's never going back down.

But look at the bright side, you do get FREE SHIPPING with it!! (If it's actually in stock...)
The Loony Bin Bad A Billy 08/28/21 03:26 AM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

Just nitpicking but... shouldn't "Magic Crystals" be "Magical Crystals" ?? Thanks for all the great flyers Dan. It's amazing to ...
News Bad A Billy 08/08/21 12:45 AM
. Did I miss the reason why? <NT>

EmuChat Bad A Billy 08/07/21 10:09 PM
. Re: Banning Pinball & Videogame museum to be auctioned off

That makes me sick to my stomach.. Such a shame. Did anyone find/see a reason why? Did I miss it?
EmuChat Bad A Billy 08/07/21 02:00 AM
. Re: I want to run Mame off a ext-hdd that is plugged to my router ?

Those drives are so cheap anymore I would just go ahead & try it. The worst that can happen is that you end up with a cheap backup drive. The 8gb ...
Hardware Bad A Billy 06/21/21 06:26 AM
. Re: How can I set region for Truxton II? UPDATED

There is no 3rd DSW on the pcb, they appear to be jumpers. The settings are already in the source so they (should) just need to be implemented correc ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 06/17/21 03:09 AM
. "Hit Any Key To Continue..." of course!

EmuChat Bad A Billy 06/08/21 12:46 AM
. Re: [Annc] MAMEUI .232 w/ icons & snaps released.

Seems to be...
News Bad A Billy 05/29/21 01:19 AM
. All Your Grammar Are Belong To Us! -nt-

jk Well, since you looked.. LOL, had to...moral imperative...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 05/20/21 01:13 AM
. Re: Looping Instructions?

?! = Rocket - 2000 Points ?2 = Avoid The Big Green Drops ?3= Big Green Drops Also on the 1st line it should be "the one or two player", ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects Bad A Billy 03/20/21 04:56 AM
. Re: What's the correct URL for auto-update to work? nt

Same here but what's funny is, after updating originally, the next couple of days I used it & it checked & worked fine. Then over the weekend ...
News Bad A Billy 03/16/21 01:00 AM
. Re: Game .ini Files in MameUI

I'm pretty sure that's how it's supposed to be to begin with. How did it get changed to that? Just curious after seeing your OP.
MAMEUI & IV/Play Bad A Billy 03/14/21 12:36 AM
. I love seeing BAD_DUMP & NO_GOOD_DUMP flags being removed! <NT>

I already told you what I wanted to say...Now go away!
News Bad A Billy 03/05/21 03:54 AM
. Clrmamepro 4.041 released

Auto-Update or get the best ROM Manager at the usual place: From the Whatsnew: 4.041 added: Select Sets va ...
News Bad A Billy 03/04/21 11:58 AM
. Re: I am not able to reduce CPU/MPU clock with under 10% in MAME.

You can't get games in MAME to go above 10% ??? Even though it plays 3D games fine ??? What games in MAME are you trying to play? None of those old ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 02/25/21 04:08 AM
. Re: Evil Night problems

No big deal... But that's why we all use rom managers like clrmamepro. 1 quick scan would have showed you that right off! My suggestion would be to d ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 01/22/21 03:54 AM
. Re: Evil Night problems

By hacked up I meant an unofficial build with things added or removed or short-cutted for convenience sake. Yes it should work on those 2. I used the ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 01/21/21 03:57 AM
. Re: Evil Night problems

You said you were using .227. That is the most recent & what I based that on. Also, only the evilngt set works. The chd for evilngte is not added ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 01/20/21 07:48 AM
. Re: Evil Night problems

If MAME doesn't tell you that 1 of the roms is wrong then you should be OK. Unless you're using a hacked up version of MAME then all bets are off... ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 01/20/21 04:42 AM
. Re: Evil Night problems

It's working. Albeit very slowly depending on your system specs... Have you tried deleting the games ancillary files? nvram, ini, cfg, sta, etc? c ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 01/20/21 04:16 AM
. Re: MAME & Flyers

MAME takes whichever view is listed first in the lay file as the default from which to take the screenshot. If the first defined view is the "Scr ...
EmuChat Bad A Billy 12/17/20 05:47 AM
. Re: Ninja Baseball Bat Man marquee scan

Awesome work! That's what I call some deep diving going to the creator himself! Great job on this & all the other TONS of awesome stuff you keep ...
MAME Artwork: Official Bad A Billy 12/12/20 03:42 AM
. Late but necessary: RIP Sir Sean Connery

Oct 31st So many great roles to leave behind for us...Too many to put here... ...
The Loony Bin Bad A Billy 11/04/20 05:08 AM
. Re: Why can't 'hide romless machines from available list' work in MAMEUI?

Thanks Mr. Do! That clarifies a few things for me. Helps to know how things actually work sometimes if you want to use them properly... Good luck ca ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Bad A Billy 10/15/20 03:12 AM

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