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. Re: Controllers getting reassigned in Windows 10

Read the thread by TrevEB "Connecting the 4th joystick....".
Hardware Chappie 05/24/21 11:57 AM
. Re: Connecting the 4th joystick causes numbering to shift in Mame

I would think you should be able to deal with this using Controllerremap. Also, MAME has a built in USB assignment function now (mapdevice). They both ...
Hardware Chappie 05/15/21 12:25 PM
. Re: Krazy Bowl HiScore

Nevermind. It turns out it was working the whole time. When the game finishes and the high scores are entered, the first hi score screen that shows up ...
The Loony Bin Chappie 12/31/19 01:32 PM
. Re: Krazy Bowl HiScore

I will check into using a different version of Mame. I am running .199 at this time.
The Loony Bin Chappie 12/31/19 04:03 AM
. Krazy Bowl HiScore

I just realized Krazy Bowl is not saving hi scores. All my other games are saving fine. I have had problems in the past with this rom doing this exact ...
The Loony Bin Chappie 12/29/19 02:31 PM
. Multi Monitor w/Newer Mame

Struggling to get this to work. Was running perfectly with two monitors (game and marquee) with mame 0.146. I have been trying to upgrade to mame 0.18 ...
EmuChat Chappie 01/02/17 02:48 PM
. Re: Exiting to desktop when press P1+P2

You should be able to load up the iPac software (WinIpac) and change that Exit function to other keys or combo.
Ultimarc Chappie 09/02/16 10:01 AM
. Re: MAME not recognizing AimTrak light gun

What version of Mame are you using? The new version just came out (.177) and it fixed Light gun ID issues but that may have only been a dual gun probl ...
Ultimarc Chappie 09/01/16 11:41 AM
. Re: Lightgun mame troubleshooting when i press lightgun trigger quickly

Did you turn off sticky-keys in Windows?
Hardware Chappie 08/20/16 10:26 PM
. Aimtrak Utility

I may go 3 to 15 bootups but eventually I will start my arcade and the Aimtrak buttons no longer work. I go into the the Aimtrak utility and the On Sc ...
Ultimarc Chappie 01/23/16 12:05 PM
. Re: Help me install Arcade VGA 5000 drivers

Did you ever get through this?? I am having the exact same problem right now with !in 10.
Ultimarc Chappie 12/21/15 03:26 AM
. Re: Mame.bat stopped working

Sorry, I had edited the original post right after posting it with that info, but it looks like it did not take. Anyways, here is partial of the bat fi ...
EmuChat Chappie 10/03/15 10:22 AM
. Mame.bat stopped working

I have been running a mame.bat for quite awhile that directs about 8 games to two different versions of mame to get them to run properly. All was well ...
EmuChat Chappie 10/02/15 11:58 PM
. Re: AimTrak and Mame via hyperspin

In mame.ini try setting: Multimouse = 0 Dual Lightgun = 2 Plug in a gun and start Aimtrak utility. Go to Device ID tab and click to set ID to 2. Cl ...
Hardware Chappie 09/10/15 11:16 AM
. RGB Joystick

Will the RGB Illuminated joystick handle work in the Mag-Stik Plus? Not listed that it can but worth the question. No way I am swapping the joystick o ...
Ultimarc Chappie 02/22/15 01:09 PM
. Re: Where to start on Mame cabinet?

A dual core PC will run a very high majority of MAME games just fine. Some of the driving games and a few other newer games will still be a slide show ...
Hardware Chappie 05/17/14 11:48 AM
. Re: So why did this annoy me so much?

Will this affect us from ever seeing a fix for Hogan's Alley light gun color palette problem?
EmuChat Chappie 10/23/13 01:29 PM
. Re: Thoughts? E8600 or Q9550 CPU

NFL Blitz 99 runs slightly stuttered and I have not tried to overclock the CPU. Steve
Hardware Chappie 08/16/13 12:39 PM
. Re: Thoughts? E8600 or Q9550 CPU

Ended up going with the E8600 and so far I am very happy. Carnevil, Area 51, Tekken3, Virtua Racing and all the Laserdisc games are playing and soundi ...
Hardware Chappie 07/30/13 12:32 PM
. Re: Thoughts? E8600 or Q9550 CPU

This is for a dedicated Mame cabinet, so no other use for the computer (ie...gaming ,browsing, etc) but for that.
Hardware Chappie 07/20/13 04:50 PM
. Thoughts? E8600 or Q9550 CPU

Motherboard will support either...looking to bump the performance of newer games so your thoughts on the performance of the E8600 Core 2 at 3.3Ghz vic ...
Hardware Chappie 07/20/13 02:58 PM
. Re: Cocktail Flip

It is a known problem after .131 and is mentioned here Most of the classic cocktail games, when set to a ...
EmuChat Chappie 01/02/11 02:04 PM
. Cocktail Flip

Any idea when the cocktail screen flip issue will be fixed. I think I will have to go back to .131 to avoid the problem but was wondering if there is ...
EmuChat Chappie 01/01/11 01:24 PM

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