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. Re: Art of Fighting Source Code for Neogeo [044]

To clarify: The CD mastering software they used to make the PC-Engine version of Art of Fighting didn't zero out the CD image prior to writing data, ...
News Charles MacDonald 01/25/14 09:46 PM
. Re: DU December Update III

Time Scanner is one of those games where we found the decryption key by brute force (which thanks to Aaron is very easy to do now), but we had to gues ...
News Charles MacDonald 12/29/13 08:03 AM
. Re: 3D Space Harrier emulation - fantastic translated article on Sega's site

Glad they didn't hold back on the technical details! A really great read.
News Charles MacDonald 11/29/13 10:43 PM
. Re: DU Crew Vs. DD Crew in the Battle for Ultimate Supremacy

Every time I think there are no more FD1094s left to dump, something comes around. Amazing they've lasted this long!
News Charles MacDonald 04/13/13 01:50 AM
. Re: DU Update

Interesting to see the I/O chip (104) connects to a ACIA and RS232 line driver. I guess the 3-pin header in the corner of the board is for ground, RXD ...
News Charles MacDonald 03/04/13 04:47 AM
. Re: Cool Riders WIP

The idea of loading a fake graphics ROM to make the service mode display visible was brilliant. Looks like the game runs fairly well other than the g ...
News Charles MacDonald 02/20/13 07:21 AM
. Re: DU Update: Deco cassette dumps

One good thing is that we've finally got the dumping hardware and utility programs mostly finished and well-tested at this point, so that when undumpe ...
News Charles MacDonald 02/04/13 06:55 AM
. Re: DU Update: Back when 3D hardware had soul

It's a real shame the Taito compilation soundtrack that includes music from Vertexer doesn't have the intro music. Not sure why they'd skip the best s ...
News Charles MacDonald 10/14/12 11:42 PM
. Re: Aaron Giles: Rarest of the Rare

> There's no road ROM, so if it's invoking the road chip, then that could definitely be > a problem. Haha, I guess it can't be it then. I supp ...
News Charles MacDonald 08/06/12 07:24 AM
. Re: Aaron Giles: Rarest of the Rare

Personally I love the music. The controls are odd; it seems you can't move diagonally (4-way movement in whatever angle you face), and having a larg ...
News Charles MacDonald 08/05/12 06:43 AM
. Re: valkyrie source is now in the wild

Hey now, the source is available so you can port it to any OS you want!
News Charles MacDonald 06/02/12 03:58 PM
. Re: DU Update: Deco Cassette Update

There are two sizes, the mini cassettes are the most common and the regular sized ones are only for the older games. I think those old games were re-r ...
News Charles MacDonald 05/14/12 07:48 PM
. Re: Fixing a DECO Burgertime - can MAME DECO cas files be converted back to audio?

There may be data missing from the .CAS images that was present in the real tape, which the boardset would depend on but MAME doesn't need. It may no ...
Hardware Charles MacDonald 12/16/11 06:55 PM
. Re: New Dump : Carrier Air Wing Bootleg (901012 Etc.)

Hmm, two YM2203s instead of the YM2151... I wonder if they really bothered to convert the music for the YM2203, or just recycled some tunes from othe ...
News Charles MacDonald 10/05/11 11:17 PM
. Re: How much will it cost to decap Sega Model 1?

In terms of just getting photographs of the chip die, the TGPs aren't expected to be particularly different from any other chip. So I don't think any ...
EmuChat Charles MacDonald 08/13/11 07:08 AM
. Re: "Please make your dumps 44100Hz or higher"

OK I rewrote the offending line so people are clear about what kind of dumps we are making.
News Charles MacDonald 04/11/11 06:49 PM
. Re: "Please make your dumps 44100Hz or higher"

Actually I was told 48000 Hz or above is even better. Maybe I should change it. Apparently we had some 44100 Hz dumps that were bad.
News Charles MacDonald 04/11/11 06:36 PM
. Re: Regime Change

Aaron, thanks for doing such a great job over all these years. You've done an incredible amount of work keeping MAME up-to-date, and have handled the ...
News Charles MacDonald 04/07/11 10:11 PM
. Re: DU Update: Final Lap 3

Phil, you are absolutely correct about the MCU differences. The early hardware used a 68705, and later games (mostly 3D ones with analog controls) us ...
News Charles MacDonald 09/30/10 12:15 AM

Search results for query: Charles MacDonald (1 - 19 of 19)
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