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. Re: Feature implemented...

I already wrote a function to read history.xml. I'll be releasing a new build in the next 2 days.
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/27/21 09:33 AM
. Re: History.xml 2.28

I'll start coding support on my frontend, Emu Loader, thank you. Done!
News CiroConsentino 01/26/21 04:26 PM
. Re: EL v8.8.5 released

This white box on multi scrollbars are caused by Windows 10. I've seen other old softwares running in Win10 with the same bug. I'm trying to find in & ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/25/21 08:31 PM
. Re: Feature implemented...

I have a classic X-Arcade here too. I haven't played much with my new computer due to lack of PS/2 port on the motherboard. I have to get myself a &qu ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/25/21 08:25 PM
. Re: Feature implemented...

>> So the function was there all along, or is it coming in the next release ? No, only the strings array was there. Sent you a private message. ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/25/21 10:48 AM
. Feature implemented...

Ok, it was a lot easier than I thought. I already had a string array with some info, including "no_image" filenames for each category. I for ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 07:38 PM
. Re: EL v8.8.5 released

yeah, that white square is Win10 fault, not caused by the frontend. I've been, unsuccessfully, trying to override the paint on that area to cover it ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 07:22 PM
. Re: EL v8.8.5 released

Glad it fixed the focus app problem. You do know you can have dark scroll bars in games list, right ? Just go to main menu and click "Customize N ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 05:47 PM
. No marquee

Marquee image MAMu_ created
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 08:22 AM
. No flyer

Flyer images MAMu_ created
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 08:22 AM
. Re: EL v8.8.5 released

hi, >> is that EL loses focus after quitting a game. >> This behavior doesn't happen if EL window is maximized. I don't know why EL does ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 01/24/21 08:20 AM
. whaaaa ?!!! Machete's lost STAR WARS audition :)

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope!" video with sound:
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/15/21 08:23 PM
. Re: Digging into the secrets of SFII: Rainbow Edition (Fireballs)

This is so cool. Can't wait to try it out.
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/14/21 07:02 AM
. Re: Atari 2600 on MAME

If you run mame64.exe directly without parameters you'll be able to select Atari 2600 software list and then its games directly in MAME's internal UI. ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/11/21 03:06 PM
. Re: What controller are you using?

I use an X-Arcade from Xgaming. I have the classic model with no spinner, just dual sticks with 12 buttons per player. So much fun than using a videog ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/10/21 09:41 AM
. Re: Star Soldier Vanishing Earth - How much HP needed??

I suggest using Project64 emulator. It renders graphics with D3D or OpenGL and it's 100% playable... and very fast. PJ64 is now free and open-source, ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/06/21 07:44 PM
. Re: Marble Madness not showing up on .227 gamelist

If you're using Emu Loader, after updating MAME you need to re-create the games list. My frontend doesn't do that automatically since it takes quite a ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 01/01/21 03:11 PM
. Re: Visual PinMAME v3.3 (2020-12-24)

Thanks for the update. Noob question: how do you play the actual 3D tables ? I got the ROMs for a game but where is the table itself to play ? This em ...
News CiroConsentino 12/30/20 09:40 PM
. Re: MAMu Icons causing Windows error in EmuLoader 8.8.5

hi, thanks for the bug report. It's not an error, I forgot a "beep;" command when loading MAMu_ icons for each game. Try the attached build. ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 12/22/20 06:50 PM
. Re: No Panasonic 3D0?

What Windows are you using ? Looks like WinXP ? Win7 is the minimum. Also, Emu Loader does not work well with Aero theme disabled in Win7. Yes, you we ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 12/05/20 09:07 PM
. Re: No Panasonic 3D0?

yes, it is supported. You need the softlist file 3do_m2.xml in "mame\hash\" folder. if talking third-party emulators (Console/Computer emula ...
Emu Loader CiroConsentino 12/05/20 08:13 PM
. Re: Street Fighter 2 Mix (hack of SF2CE/HF/Turbo)

that's what I meant... when it gets added to HBMAME.
EmuChat CiroConsentino 11/17/20 08:16 PM
. Re: Street Fighter 2 Mix (hack of SF2CE/HF/Turbo)

Wow, this hack looks pretty nice, it even have new graphics... I didn't know this was possible. The set name needs to be changed to prevent conflict w ...
EmuChat CiroConsentino 11/17/20 06:59 AM
. Re: Dragons Lair 1:6 Scale Replica

Isn't it Daphne now a commercial emulator ? They haven't released an update in years.
EmuChat CiroConsentino 10/27/20 08:38 PM
. Re: What controller are you using?

I use an X-Arcade controller, the classic model.
EmuChat CiroConsentino 10/13/20 08:05 AM

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