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. Re: Atari Qwak bezel opinions

Slightly off topic, but later in that scene from NOTLD they show Midway's Gun Fight with a green overlay. I've only ever seen it with an amber overla ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 01/25/21 06:31 PM
. Re: Atari Qwak bezel opinions

All artwork is printed on the bezel/marquee. One is for sale here.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 01/25/21 06:22 PM
. Re: Parameter animation

>You can now have piecewise liner animation of component position, size and colour within an element. Would it be possible to add rotation? When ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 09/18/20 03:25 PM
. How was this legal?

Firing Platoon appears to a gambling machine disguised as a tank video game, remotely switchable by the operator. I wonder if anyone was fooled by it? ...
News Comboman 09/06/20 11:44 PM
. Re: Steering Wheel / Optipac

It's an quadrature encoder so it doesn't really have active high or low. You'll have to experiment with the A & B outputs (if the car turns oppo ...
EmuChat Comboman 08/31/20 06:46 PM
. Re: Steering Wheel

I suspect they worry a large/heavy wheel would put extra stress on the spinner axle.
EmuChat Comboman 08/07/20 09:48 PM
. Re: Hang-On artwork

>I'm working on Super Hang-on and OutRun similar artworks plus buggy boy and some other (non animated but realistic artwork too) Excellent work, i ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 07/24/20 03:08 PM
. Re: Trackball - Track & Field

Check this thread.
EmuChat Comboman 07/23/20 03:43 PM
. Re: Guided Missile revisited

Surely one of the first "stereo" games. It had a separate speaker for each player.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 06/02/20 03:00 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

Nice work as always. I wonder is Jungle by Universal was actually released. Can't find info on it anywhere.
News Comboman 05/12/20 09:35 PM
. Re: Sega Genesis speakers?

I still have a pair except they're beige and say Cambridge Soundworks instead of Sega. Perhaps I'll get a can a black spray paint and turn them into ...
EmuChat Comboman 02/05/20 07:53 PM
. Re: Artwork based on dipswitch setting?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe inputmask 0xe0 doesn't actually right-shift the value; it reduces the resolution by zeroing the lower 4 ...
EmuChat Comboman 01/21/20 05:23 PM
. Re: Artwork based on dipswitch setting?

You might want to take a look at the tachs in Drag Race for an example of how to do "analog" output. So many little needle pics
EmuChat Comboman 01/20/20 06:11 PM
. $60 isn't a bad price for ... oh my god!

Unfinished Arcade Project For Sale Remember when Homer built Bart a clown bed? Kinda like that only a MAME cabinet.
Hardware Comboman 01/17/20 03:58 PM
. Re: Proof of Concept - Tilted artwork w/ MAME

Very nice. Is there a way to tilt multiple screens at different angles? (such as the "wrap-around" side screens in TX-1)
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 01/02/20 05:27 PM
. Re: Want: Namco Japan Mappy Upright Artwork

There was a Namco Digdug upright. A bezel is currently for sale on Worthpoint. Someone has restored a Namco Pole Position bezel. If you ask nicel ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 11/27/19 06:14 PM
. Re: Want: Namco Japan Mappy Upright Artwork

Found some still photos.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 11/27/19 05:28 AM
. Re: Ripcord bezel (with ripcord!)

This is the best I've got. The top is the control panel for Exidy's Circus. Ripcord (bottom) is virtually the same except for an extra button and di ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 07/19/19 06:49 PM
. Re: any1 know which game this artwork is?

Good job. What are you using to remove the paint without damaging the underlying artwork?
EmuChat Comboman 07/09/19 02:24 PM
. Extra Bases

Nice work Mr. Do. A real black light certainly looks better than trying to simulate the effect. Any chance of getting a little more light on the sky ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 05/18/19 02:21 AM
. Re: Inder's Magic Spot

Here's the zip.
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 03/24/19 08:15 PM
. Inder's Magic Spot

I can't take credit for this one. Sam Gretch of Universal-Arcade did a beautiful job vectorizing this artwork from Inder's version of Universal's Mag ...
MAME Artwork: Official Comboman 03/24/19 08:11 PM
. Re: The Orb Clock from 1979

I wonder if it was possibly a clock for the blind/visual impaired?
EmuChat Comboman 02/19/19 07:39 PM
. Re: ld-decode WIP

Wouldn't composite output (or better yet S-VHS or component output) be much cleaner than RF output?
News Comboman 02/10/19 06:59 PM
. Re: space paranoids..........

Space Paranoids is not a "real" arcade game. It is a PC game designed to look like the fictitious arcade game seen in the Tron movie. As s ...
EmuChat Comboman 02/06/19 12:20 AM

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