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. Re: Hi.

i`m using mala frontend to start my mame cabinet and theres an option to for it to run at windows start, can also be set to play a specific game strai ...
Programming CpCaveman 11/19/12 03:47 AM
. Re: Poster

just felt like making some suggestions hope you dont mind, how about pac-man for the sun and a troop of space invaders coming down in some of the &quo ...
MAME Artwork: Official CpCaveman 11/19/12 02:47 AM
. Clueless to programming

I`ve built a mame cabinet and am currently waiting for the paint to dry, was just wondering if its possible and how hard it would be to make a mame co ...
Programming CpCaveman 11/19/12 02:30 AM
. trackball colour change

i bought a 2" trackball (nearly teared up when the 3" one that came with my arcade kit was too big now its gonna end up in the attic like th ...
Hardware CpCaveman 11/19/12 02:07 AM
. Re: Best and Easiest Frontend?

i tried a few, easiest i found was Mala, could draw my background came with an intuative editor for moving menu`s/ snapshots and make lists enough ext ...
EmuChat CpCaveman 11/19/12 12:33 AM
. Re: "Womens Rights"? I wasn't aware they didn't have any rights. Unless...

that last comment was right, i blame prison overcrowding even the broom closet holds life now, cells geddit??! prison cells hahaha oh god i am sooo w ...
Welcome to the War Room CpCaveman 11/18/12 11:28 PM
. Re: Im at a cross roads in my marriage

enjoy the quiet while she`s not talking at you, its what i do when your missus isnt talking to me
The Loony Bin CpCaveman 11/18/12 11:21 PM
. Re: coin mech disabling and hi score remembering

let me be clear from the start, the machine I`m making is a glorified money box for my living room, but when i bought the "arcade" kit it ca ...
Hardware CpCaveman 11/18/12 10:02 PM
. Re: Anyone got old PCs to show off?

got a working sord m5 boxed not sure its worth bragging about as for other "modern" computers i tend to kick them to death
Hardware CpCaveman 11/17/12 04:49 AM
. Re: Looking for documentation - keyboard emulator

Its a mini pac, identical to the one i`m using in MY first attempt at a mame cab, bought the arcade kit with one in a few years ago and started buildi ...
Hardware CpCaveman 11/07/12 09:48 PM
. coin mech disabling and hi score remembering

Hi, first post on any forum so dont have a go if its in the wrong place just tell me where and how to move it I`m building my first mame cabinet and ...
Hardware CpCaveman 11/07/12 08:50 PM

Search results for query: CpCaveman (1 - 11 of 11)
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