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. Re: Flyer Update - Oct. 2021, Part I

> Many of those flyers I discovered, I never knew existed let alone the games themselves. They are completely obscure. I'd love to see sales figu ...
News DMala 10/06/21 03:25 AM
. Re: Farting Security Guard

And I thought I was gassy... Also, there were definitely a couple of sharts in there.
The Loony Bin DMala 09/10/18 05:40 AM
. Re: Upgrade for HotRod?

In case anyone is interested... I ended up going with the IPAC-2 VE. Installing was pretty straightforward. The HotRod had three connectors for ev ...
Hardware DMala 09/07/18 04:43 AM
. I-PAC2 VE problem (or not?)

I recently purchased an I-PAC2 VE to replace the stock encoder in a HotRod. I got it all wired up, but noticed two issues: Launching WinIPAC v2, it ...
Ultimarc DMala 09/03/18 04:56 AM
. Re: Way to go, Roseanne!

It was something like the highest rated comedy in three years. She could have done Roseanne for a few years and retired comfortably, and she pissed i ...
The Loony Bin DMala 05/30/18 05:12 AM
. Re: Hey gregf

All the shirts on that site are pretty cool. I kind of want the gray one with the Nichibutsu owl.
The Loony Bin DMala 05/30/18 05:04 AM
. Re: Upgrade for HotRod?

> Wrote this post several years ago: > > > I have been using and continue ...
Hardware DMala 03/24/18 03:05 PM
. Upgrade for HotRod?

After 15+ years of faithful service, my HotRod needs some attention. It looks like the PS/2 port on my current MAME PC doesn't like the output of the ...
Hardware DMala 03/14/18 06:24 AM
. Re: Beer Deaths :'-(

The muddy guy in the boat is the best. He's like a toddler who dropped his lollipop in the dirt.
The Loony Bin DMala 04/01/17 03:39 PM
. Re: Starship 1 Easter Egg story w/ MAME as an investigative tool.

> That guy is pretty funny. Cracked me up a bit. On one hand, it's pretty cool to uncover an easter egg that's been hidden for 40 years, and to c ...
News DMala 03/24/17 05:44 AM
. Re: It's just a Demolition Derby game, right? [nt]

It's actually not bad. There's straight demolition derby, figure 8 racing, regular racing, rallycross, and several different variants of each one. I ...
The Loony Bin DMala 01/14/17 07:40 AM
. Re: Major [s]Rouge[/s] Rogue One spoiler alert.

> > > > Wow! I thought Leia was CG until I stayed for the credits. > > > > > > Maybe footage from 1977? > > > ...
The Loony Bin DMala 12/23/16 10:19 AM
. Re: Atari 2600's damaging TV's back in the day....

There was all kinds of folklore about technology back then. People were clueless about it, so they would make up and pass on all kinds of crazy shit. ...
EmuChat DMala 12/21/16 06:17 AM
. Re: Atari 2600's damaging TV's back in the day....

Yeah, I have a Toshiba touchscreen laptop that I use for development, and the screen definitely retains images of whatever it was showing last. I wou ...
EmuChat DMala 12/21/16 06:11 AM
. Re: Hard to believe I'm coming up on my 10 year anniversary with MAME.

I can't believe you've only been around for 10 years, Gat. You're still a n00b. I can't even remember anymore exactly when I first used MAME. I w ...
EmuChat DMala 12/09/16 09:11 AM
. Re: Most popular video game the year you were born.

Like most of us here, I predate this list, but Space Invaders was the top game the year I was born.
EmuChat DMala 12/01/16 05:22 PM
. Re: $6,000 Gaming PC that can play every game in MAME at full speed

> Hey! I have a P4, 3.0 GHz... not a P3, you got that Buster? (poking you in the chest) I'm glad I'm not the only one in this boat. My MAME box i ...
Hardware DMala 10/16/16 03:54 PM
. Re: Sadness in the front end world....

> I tried out FEEL and Attract-Mode, and was not up and running in minutes. FEEL > doesn't have a set-up menu. Attract-Mode's was just incompreh ...
EmuChat DMala 09/02/16 08:03 AM
. Re: Gene Wilder ;-(

I have to sit down and watch that one again. I haven't seen it in years, but every clip I see has me in stitches. The "mens rea" bit kills ...
The Loony Bin DMala 09/02/16 07:40 AM
. Re: Smoking kills pets!

> Filthy habit with no legitimate reason to be legal in this day/age given the known > dangers. If someone wants to commit suicide, fine, but sm ...
The Loony Bin DMala 09/02/16 07:34 AM
. Re: How do you play this?...

> You do kind of need to set limits, yes. Games come after reducing my DVR backlog to > 50% of available space when allocating free time, and th ...
The Loony Bin DMala 07/23/16 06:45 AM
. Re: I'm hungry for this flick!

OK, I LOL'ed at the Irish potato singing Danny Boy and then, "Oh Jaysus fook!"
The Loony Bin DMala 07/23/16 06:33 AM
. Re: Picked up playing Minecraft again

Funny, I just picked it up again after not playing for a long time, too. My kids wanted to see what it was all about, and after showing them around, ...
The Loony Bin DMala 07/22/16 05:17 AM
. Re: Just saw a Sheridan hotel commercial with instrumental version of Eminem "guilty conscious"

> Someone down here is using a version of Highway to Hell in their election campaign. Although, politicians being utterly clueless about their mu ...
The Loony Bin DMala 05/14/16 06:59 AM
. Re: Tell me it's a prank

> Also, Brian has hearing issues? Yeah. You don't wear earplugs on stage, that is not a > surprise but is expected. Like a hockey player too coo ...
The Loony Bin DMala 04/18/16 07:58 AM

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