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. Re: Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament Reset Glitch (Japan 930911)

> Hello to everyone > today this happen to me > > > with MAME 0.227 and Super Street Figh ...
EmuChat Dullaron 01/04/21 11:43 PM
. Play Conquest on the browser free.

NEWS Be easier find the links here. Use the arr ...
EmuChat Dullaron 12/31/20 03:12 PM
. Capcom Arcade Stadium - Feature Trailer (Nintendo Switch)

The Loony Bin Dullaron 12/21/20 07:24 PM
. Not a "thot"

> What is this stupid fucking word and why is everyone using it? It's not ok to say > slut anymore or something? This is the shittiest word in t ...
The Loony Bin Dullaron 12/21/20 06:16 AM
. I found a video of a 1981 Piranha Arcade Game with a bezel.

Any of you guys got it scan? Looks cool. Glass, top and then both sides of the wall inside. Like a split box.
MAME Artwork: Official Dullaron 12/16/20 10:51 AM
. Tobias V. Langhoff made his own Space Invaders emulator. I notice the green overlay is in two parts. Whi ...
EmuChat Dullaron 12/12/20 04:20 AM
. Re: Shadow Gangs is coming to Switch

> I've just seen it in the coming soon section of the Switch eShop. Very Nice! Nice
EmuChat Dullaron 12/11/20 06:53 PM
. Maximo 3 Unreleased prototype! (Video)

We never get to see this game release. I would've play it.
EmuChat Dullaron 12/04/20 03:09 PM
. Re: MAME v0.226 Benchmarks on Raspberry Pi 4 8GB @2.0ghz (is a total joke for MAME)

> For some reason after a week where nothing worked the way it should, and my MAME > drive had a heart attack, I decided compiling MAME on a ras ...
EmuChat Dullaron 12/01/20 01:45 PM
. Re: Ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch | MVG (Video)

> Regarding the number of games: I am absolutely with you. It simply doesnt make sense > to have billions of games in a Arcade-cab. I have aroun ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/25/20 11:01 AM
. Re: Way *too* quiet about...VECTREX!

> Thanks for pointing that out, otherwise I would have missed it. > Huge improvement! I've been hoping for years that the old Vectrex artwork wo ...
News Dullaron 11/24/20 09:20 AM
. PacMan Arcade1Up Partycade | PCB Board Swap Step-by-Step How-To

HA HA HA he smacking those Arcade1Up people around using his videos. He is right though. v1 board have the sounds issue. I ordered one from here. ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/23/20 12:56 PM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update - ReBoot Hill

> > so I guess it's time for a new MAME Artwork update. 173 new or updated games in this > > > release. > > I'll say....impress ...
News Dullaron 11/23/20 11:45 AM
. Thanks

News Dullaron 11/22/20 08:14 PM
. Re: Ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch | MVG (Video)

> Uuuuummm, he explains why he used that version within the 1st minute of the video Yeah I know that. There so many ports of that version. lol L ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/21/20 06:29 PM
. Re: TurboGrafx 16 Arcade cab

> > This popped up on Arcade-Classics. > > Apparently it has a PCB inside, No more details than that. > > Is this an item that has a ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/21/20 04:53 PM
. Ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch | MVG (Video)

But why use very old MAME? People need to stop using the out of date source code. A lot of roms changes/redump and source fixes isn't in the out o ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/21/20 04:38 PM
. It better to record from your Desktop screen. Using the Bandicam or any program to catcher it.

Pushing button sounds isn't gonna get us to hear the game play fully.
EmuChat Dullaron 11/11/20 11:59 PM
. Re: The elusive TMS32010 mask ROM

> Thanks everyone for their help with the TMS320 project so far! The first article is > out: > > ...
EmuChat Dullaron 11/04/20 10:21 PM
. Re: wow sexy [spam]

> I don't know if it's any good but it sure looks pretty sweet. > > I wouldn't ...
The Loony Bin Dullaron 10/29/20 01:23 PM
. Can my aunt use the Windows 10 key after I uninstalled from my old computer?

I have 3 Windows 10 keys now. Two home and One Pro. Can she use her Live email account without any problem? Like asking for a working Windows 10 key. ...
The Loony Bin Dullaron 10/22/20 06:55 AM
. Re: "Tiger Electronics", "Rocket Pinball"

Main or clone? Sears Cosmic Pinball. Same thing. Artwork is different. I saw this over here at. ...
MAME Artwork: Official Dullaron 10/21/20 06:02 AM
. Re: "Tiger Electronics", "Rocket Pinball"

> > Can anyone turn this into artwork please? > > Too late for artwork update coming out next week... Once I've got all that sorted, > ...
MAME Artwork: Official Dullaron 10/21/20 05:45 AM
. "Tiger Electronics", "Rocket Pinball"

Can anyone turn this into artwork please?
MAME Artwork: Official Dullaron 10/20/20 01:39 PM
. Atari Centipede prototype. Cabinet photos. Would be cool to get those artworks added for MAME. Probabl ...
EmuChat Dullaron 10/12/20 05:07 AM

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