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. Re: I was replaced on my HP laptop with ryzen 4500U for themselves 5500U. Does exist an advantage on MAME emulation?

Ah man, I was hoping you would have learned english by now and stopped using that useless program to translate, which doesn't work for shit
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/05/21 04:12 AM
. Re: Modern version

Thank you for the explanation of ME. I find that quite interesting. I worked at AOL doing tech support when it was released and we all new XP was co ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/02/21 09:51 PM
. Re: Modern version

I don't get it. I always read how people had problems with ME. I used it for several years. With a partition and everything else you can throw at i ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 07/01/21 11:49 PM
. Re: Modern version

Wait till Windows 11 gets officially released. You know, the one Microsoft said they'd never make
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 06/18/21 11:34 AM
. Re: Well... what you're gonna do now

You know there's a lot of people out there that would press F1 or DEL and wonder why it wasn't working
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 06/08/21 04:20 AM
. Re: Machine translation is not the issue.

Whatever software you're using, it's crap and doesn't translate well at all. No one can understand you and you're coming off as a jerk. Don't bother ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 05/23/21 11:04 PM
. Re: would yours mind able to a henceforward MAME emulation of an android systems?(samsung, terminated with-LG phone, etc...)

Wow...that gave me a headache just trying to read your post
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 05/18/21 11:50 PM
. Re: The Mandela Effect has struck again!

Thank you for the info! I definitely would have noticed it before now!
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 04/06/21 04:17 AM
. The Mandela Effect has struck again!

Ok, now I'm sure you are all going to think "he just didn't notice", or "clearly the guy's just out of his mind"...but I SWEAR tha ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 04/05/21 02:22 AM
. Re: Cannot get CD-i to work

Yeah, that "machine NOT working" can be really confusing
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 03/13/21 06:53 AM
. Re: Clash of the "emuloaders": A duplicate name story...

I agree. While there isn't anything you can do legally, it's still a shitty thing to do. You could always look into having the name Emu Loader trade ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 03/06/21 02:22 AM
. Re: Clash of the "emuloaders": A duplicate name story...

Aaahhhh, I didn't know you had created the original one. I should have paid attention to your signature! I just noticed this new emulator said they w ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 03/05/21 11:33 PM
. Re: Clash of the "emuloaders": A duplicate name story...

Wow. That can get them in a lot of trouble. Esp if Nintendo finds out
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 03/05/21 10:36 PM
. Re: I am not able to reduce CPU/MPU clock with under 10% in MAME.

Ok, maybe it's just me, but I didn't understand a thing you just said
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 02/24/21 10:46 PM
. Re: Which version to use?

Ze_ro, did you even bother reading MooglyGuy's post? Or do you just think you can give better advice than a DEV
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 01/20/21 07:25 AM
. Re: How to set the free play

I love it when people can figure things out on there own
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/30/20 01:09 AM
. Re: Correct colors in GORF. NT

Ok, let me quote what the MAME DEV TOLD YOU.... "One is that the printed documentation on the boards happens to claim that one background color ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/26/20 08:58 AM
. Re: Correct colors in GORF. NT

Wow, you just ignored everything that a MAME DEV stated and posted this dumb shit anyway....that takes a special kind of stupid.
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/25/20 10:45 PM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

LOL, are you trying to use "OLD" as some kind of insult? This project is mostly for us OLD folks that grew up with these systems back in t ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/25/20 08:05 AM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

1) I'd like to see MK4 graphic bugs fixed 2) I'd like to see improvements done to Vector graphics. Specifically where you can make the Asteroids lase ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/24/20 01:07 AM
. Re: Cruis'n Exotica

You're asking how to help out the Dev Team and get the game to be playable in MAME?
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/22/20 05:53 AM
. Re: Software ROM/PROM documentation in Mame Question.

You know when he says it's his 1st post and to be kind, that it's liable to annoy people. And asking about the legality of a ROM...Who does that soun ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 12/20/20 01:37 AM
. Re: TX-1 V8 WIP?

You answered your own question... "he said it will be ready when it's ready as to when that will be he cannot say and he has other more importan ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/30/20 05:16 AM
. Re: Something a little different

LOL, you and I could talk for hours about Voltron. I actually have all the Voltron episodes (original japanese and U.S.A ones). In the japanese vers ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/23/20 01:12 AM
. Re: Something a little different

Which is your favorite Voltron? Lion Force or Vehicle Force? Or even the 3 robots that combined into a bigger robot (Voltron II in the states). I bo ...
EmuChat Envisaged0ne 11/23/20 12:33 AM

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