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. Re: Best PPC Mac emulator?

> What's the best way to run a Classic Mac OS PPC binary on a Windows machine these > days? QEMU is quite good. There is a helpful thread here: ...
EmuChat Farnf 10/22/21 07:23 PM
. Re: What happened to the 0.221 update on the last Wednesday of April?

> i hate that little bitch he is always so aberrant i remember him answering bullshit all the time Please relax. I used to feel the same way. Mo ...
EmuChat Farnf 05/14/20 06:32 PM
. Re: Artwork ".lay" brightness question.

> If you look at the artwork files I have posted on Google (linked in my signature), > they are ALL set up in this way, with every item except t ...
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 05/09/19 02:28 PM
. Artwork ".lay" brightness question.

I Have an artwork ".lay" question. First my conundrum: By default MAME renders artwork (Bezels, Instruction Cards etc.) at full brightnes ...
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 05/09/19 02:50 AM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update - More Stuff!!

I googled around and found the name of the machine with the odd version of the Univers font. It was the IBM Selectric Composer. An expensive version o ...
News Farnf 03/05/19 06:18 AM
. Re: LOST

You haven't given enough information to even merit a reply. Did you press the "5" key? That inserts a coin.
EmuChat Farnf 03/04/19 06:03 AM
. Re: MAME Artwork Update - More Stuff!!

The font used for the Knights in Armor instructions appears to be a version of "Univers". Unfortunately the version used is not the same as ...
News Farnf 02/27/19 08:37 PM
. Re: QMC2 news

I hope you have a speedy recovery. Your QMC2 project has served me well over the years.
News Farnf 02/22/19 06:27 PM
. Re: Strato Fighter bezel

Your artwork looks great RaspBear! Can you post the full PNGs for us so we can use them?
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 11/12/18 08:16 PM
. Re: MooglyGuy offers no help, but clogs the thread. Gee thanks dumb shit. *nt*

EmuChat Farnf 11/11/18 05:04 AM
. Re: Crazy Balloon Bezel and Marquee

Thanks RaspBear! Even though it's not a very exciting bezel. I appreciate you taking the time to research and recreate it.
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 05/28/18 04:15 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.196GIT (r94403)

Settle down MooglyGuy. Is it a prerequisite that you need to be a total prick to be a MAME dev? English is not everybody's native language. If a guy ...
Welcome to the War Room Farnf 03/26/18 04:35 PM
. Re: Sky Skipper bezel (crude assembly)

That looks really good, considering the source was a video. Good job!
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 02/27/18 05:04 PM
. Re: SDL mame mac version screen black

~Library/Application Support/mame/mame.ini
EmuChat Farnf 06/06/17 02:38 AM
. Re: Galaxy Wars/Galaxy Rescue

Thanks for these Comboman. Wonderful quality as usual. Most of the old Universal games are so strangely wonderful, I'm glad you're taking the time to ...
MAME Artwork: Official Farnf 04/20/16 07:12 PM

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