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. So that's what they mean by Skull F**ked - nt

The Loony Bin FatTrucker 08/26/11 06:39 PM
. Re: Ubisoft DRM: Today

> Pretty sure all the (offline) games I've bought on St ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 08/19/11 02:33 PM
. Re: Why 14 buttons?

Some people go OTT with buttons on their cabs trying to cover too many bases. For maximum flexibility you'll want 6 buttons per player and a P1& ...
Hardware FatTrucker 08/18/11 08:06 PM
. Certainly don't need no education at that point-nt

> > Doesn't it always though?
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 08/17/11 09:33 PM
. Re: I need a new book to read.....

> .....give me some suggestions! Fiction. Any and all genres considered. Pretty much anything by David Gemmell, the Troy trilogy is particularly ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 08/17/11 09:12 AM
. Re: Monitor sync issues due to refresh rate being changed by mame

If the monitor is brand new you've either got a degausing problem or some significant magnetic interference causing the purple discoloration in the to ...
Hardware FatTrucker 07/24/11 11:01 PM
. Re: Ultimate space pr0n.

> Mame it!. Pretty sure someone would want to add a trackball and an extra ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 07/13/11 03:14 PM
. Re: US Accused of News Blackout on Nebraska Nuke Plant

> > I actually heard about the issue at the plant on the news earlier this week, so if > > there was a blackout, people aren't following i ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 06/22/11 06:06 PM
. Re: Hey Liberals

Just wanted to make the point that what's going on in Libya isn't war in any way shape or form. Its a supportive action under UN mandate to provide su ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 06/18/11 11:51 PM
. Re: Does someone know what's wrong with Mamedev?

Being childish and trying to suppress debate about the obvious problems going on > internally with the MAME project, wont make them go away.... > ...
EmuChat FatTrucker 06/12/11 12:04 PM
. Downhill time trial in Chile.

And I thought my ride to work was bad.
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 06/04/11 04:26 PM
. Re: Ok, I'm asking for all you loonies for life advice

Work/Life balance is everything. Don't know what your financial situation is but what you earn is never really any measure of success or happiness, so ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 05/26/11 09:53 PM
. Re: Yes

> It hasn't 2yrs since I last played it, more like within the last 6 months. Slow downs > occur as soon as the actual gameplay begins. Title scr ...
EmuChat FatTrucker 05/22/11 04:39 PM
. Re: Has anyone tried compared 64bit MAME with 2GB vs. more RAM?

> I'm considering going to Windows 7 64 bit on my MAME machine, but don't want to buy > more RAM. I only have two slots and would not be able to ...
EmuChat FatTrucker 05/17/11 10:37 PM
. Re: I surprised IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn doesn't have diplomatic immunity.

> I guess being on the IMF, he isn't a "diplomat" of a foreign government, per se? > > Good thing he doesn't. It wouldn't be the f ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 05/17/11 10:29 PM
. Re: I can't remember anyone famous coming to my school

> The closest thing my school had was Kent Hrbek (Minnesota Twins in 80s and 90s). > Hrbek went to my school and played ball there when he was t ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 05/17/11 10:25 PM
. Re: what's your take on the afterlife

> or if there even is one. how do you rationalize and live your life with whatever > you've accepted lies after death? have you decided? > & ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 05/17/11 09:57 PM
. Re: Ultimate Front End

> So I built my cab more than 6 years ago and used MAMEWAH for the front end while I > like it it's time for an upgrade. > > Which is th ...
EmuChat FatTrucker 05/16/11 05:47 PM
. Re: Found this for iphone and ipod touch. Capcom Arcade

> > > I got it free for Apple Store. I'm planning on getting ipod touch. Will be great if the ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 05/14/11 06:21 PM
. Re: Soft-on button to power up entire cabinet

> I need your input before I go re-inventing the wheel. I need a drawing and pictures. > I want to press a "SINGLE" button that will t ...
Hardware FatTrucker 05/08/11 03:58 PM
. Re: Questions about Supermodel code found in Ville Linde site

> > I think it is a bit unfair to imply that just because El Semi's Model 2 emu doesn't > > work with EVERY SINGLE FFB wheels out there th ...
EmuChat FatTrucker 05/03/11 06:02 PM
. Re: What do you pay for electricy/utilities?

The Loony Bin FatTrucker 04/30/11 07:32 PM
. Re: wait...

> and what about foreskins? so god just fucked up and was all like, "oops! my bad. you > gotta cut those things off yourself". Worke ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 04/28/11 10:00 PM
. Re: I can't wait for the royal wedding

> To be over so my morning news doesn't consist of new anchors talking about the horses > that will pull the carriage, the food that will be ser ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 04/28/11 09:19 PM
. Re: Japan: Just how bad can it get???

> > > If anyone needs an emergency Foster's shipment, just send me a PM. > > > > Hahaha Fosters is the Australian beer than no-o ...
The Loony Bin FatTrucker 04/11/11 08:06 PM

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