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. Re: One of the Nintendo Wild Gunman (1974) films is being preserved

I can smell the gregf hype from here!
News Firehawke 07/01/21 09:39 PM
. Re: Modern version

I gave ME one try, and it trashed my partition table. Obviously went back to 98SE at that point and stayed there until 2000/XP.
EmuChat Firehawke 07/01/21 09:38 PM
. Re: Starting Over

> Yeah, that's pretty much the way to go. The general MAME dev suggestion is any > relatively recent i5, a decent amount of RAM so that Windows ...
Hardware Firehawke 01/18/21 08:39 PM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

..the end of the "What do you want next year?" threads. They were fun at one point, but it's starting to get stale to the point that the ho ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/25/20 01:56 AM
. Re: DU Donations Update

Congrats are in order for finding and successfully obtaining V8! I'd been wondering if we'd ever find a working set, and this may just qualify as the ...
News Firehawke 03/15/20 09:16 PM
. Re: Question about Rave Racer has the link to a blog entry that no longer exists outside
EmuChat Firehawke 12/28/19 04:58 PM
. Re: Question about Rave Racer

The problem with cross-platform is that you typically end up relying heavily on libraries like SDL2, and frankly SDL2 is still a complete mess. The la ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/26/19 02:26 AM
. Re: 2020's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

My current hopes are: * Renewed interest in various floppy improvements surrounding flux reads (several systems have flux reads now, like X68K, that ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/24/19 03:50 PM
. Hamster artwork

Has anyone pulled the widescreen bezel artwork from any of the Hamster Arcade Archives releases? Feels like that'd make a great fallback artwork choic ...
MAME Artwork X: Other Artwork Projects Firehawke 12/08/19 09:05 AM
. Put in a PR for softlist splitting.

You'll want to keep an eye on this pull request as this is what I was saying I'd try to get into MAME for you. It would split things up into three ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/06/19 02:31 AM
. You should talk to @Textfiles

Jason Scott is working on a project to put together a master list, so to speak, across several books of that variety. You may want to have a talk wit ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/05/19 01:30 PM
. Re: The state of C64 support

A little too tired to parse through most of this right now, but I'll add one thought-- you can generally tell normal cracks by the defacing of titles ...
EmuChat Firehawke 12/05/19 01:27 PM
. Re: How do I enable lowlatency via the UI?

Add lowlatency 1 to your INI file.
EmuChat Firehawke 12/01/19 01:13 AM
. Re: Problem with MAME media types for systems with peripherals

Sounds like INI parsing is taking effect after commandline parsing. I'm not sure if that's desired behavior. If you used... mame64 spectrum -exp dis ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/30/19 12:32 AM
. Re: can mame emulate 4 ways joystick ?

While what we have on isn't entirely the best description of how to set a joystick map up, it does pretty much cover the bas ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/30/19 12:21 AM
. Re: The state of C64 support

Getting clean dumps of some of this stuff is a slightly higher priority in my book because we actually don't have clean cracks or originals for large ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/29/19 08:00 PM
. Re: The state of C64 support

If you're volunteering on this side of things, I'll be glad to help-- I'm the guy doing the Apple II softlists right now. Cracks are fine; in a lot o ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/29/19 02:53 PM
. Re: Any Ryzen 3000 series of benchmarks for MAME?

Spectre is certainly scary enough to make Microsoft feel the need to change policy since many motherboard manufacturers refused to do anything at all ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/29/19 02:13 AM
. Re: HLSL problem with official Mame 0.216

It's likely you didn't replace the entire contents of BGFX. Much like HLSL, the contents of the BGFX folder are versioned and have high odds of breaki ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/29/19 02:09 AM
. Re: MAME 0.216

Out of curiosity, a few additional questions that might help us track this a little further: What OS are you running? Win 10 1803? 1903? Win7? Does m ...
News Firehawke 11/29/19 01:58 AM
. Re: The state of C64 support

One more project I should be looking at. There's a ton of softlists in need of additional care and nowhere enough time and health to spend on them all ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/28/19 09:11 PM
. Re: Any Ryzen 3000 series of benchmarks for MAME?

Quote: Windows doesn't load CPU microcode updates. If you're running Windows, any CPU microcode updates you want to use need to be applied by the BI ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/28/19 09:09 PM
. Re: MAME 0.216

I ended up working with Vas Crabb half the night on this one, and I think I've worked out what happened. I've enclosed a link to a 0.216 binary I've ...
News Firehawke 11/28/19 01:02 PM
. Re: Asteroids video tint - good solution there

We're waiting for your PR. Put up. Or shut up.
EmuChat Firehawke 11/13/19 09:16 AM
. Re: I have successfully compiled MAMEUI under Windows XP... :)

Indeed, it's been more broken than functional for at least five years. Some builds of GCC will just fail to build anything XP can work with; I ran int ...
EmuChat Firehawke 11/13/19 09:07 AM

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