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. Re: Flyer Fever Update

> I can't find the source but I believe this video game never made the arcades and was > ported to the Nintendo Wii. Tried the Wii version las ...
News ICEknight 09/10/21 01:07 AM
. Re: Scanline problem

Works fine in most cases, I've only been able to reproduce this behavior in the X68000 core.
EmuChat ICEknight 08/18/21 01:21 AM
. Scanline problem

In any case, those scanlines aren't following the set curvature, is this a regression? I've just noticed that it also happens with crt-geom-deluxe, b ...
EmuChat ICEknight 08/17/21 04:18 PM
. Re: MSX .CAS format

Why would you rather only keep CAS, which doesn't even support non-hacked games?
EmuChat ICEknight 08/15/21 06:30 PM
. MSX .CAS format

> On my MSX1 days with games in cassette tapes, I moved all of them into floppy disks > directly in the MSX computer. (a Brazilian MSX 1.1 Gradi ...
EmuChat ICEknight 08/14/21 09:54 PM
. Cassette preservation

> If you look at the -listmedia when the -sio cassette is activated, you only get one > extension available (.wav) format. All the softlist item ...
EmuChat ICEknight 08/14/21 05:42 AM
. Re: A certain title coming to FPGA

> It does mean a jamma FPGA board of MM2 is coming. Coming where, exactly? Will people not in the US be able to play it at last?
EmuChat ICEknight 07/05/21 12:42 AM
. Re: Fairchild Channel F and HLSL

I'm using crt-geom, instead of HLSL.
EmuChat ICEknight 06/22/21 10:09 PM
. Re: Fairchild Channel F and HLSL

Here's a direct comparison of real hardware versus current emulation:
EmuChat ICEknight 06/18/21 09:08 PM
. Re: Pepper2?

> Not 100% sure but I think there is supposed to be background music to this game. This looks like a possible regression: Please report it at M ...
EmuChat ICEknight 06/18/21 08:55 PM
. Re: Fairchild Channel F and HLSL

Prescale is used for making pixels look less blurry when no shaders are active (making the filtering less obvious when upscaling the emulated output t ...
EmuChat ICEknight 06/16/21 10:12 PM
. Re: How can I set region for Truxton II?

Emulation of Truxton II seems to be missing a third set of dip switches jumpers: Maybe you should report it at Mame Testers.
EmuChat ICEknight 06/16/21 10:06 PM
. Re: Flyer Fever Update

Just in time to update that "Beraboh":
News ICEknight 06/14/21 10:13 PM
. Re: Namco NA-1 sound problems

Please report it here:
EmuChat ICEknight 05/23/21 11:26 PM
. Re: Would you like fries with that?

> Emulators don't make this easter egg justice. It glitches like mad and crashes a lot on real hardwa ...
EmuChat ICEknight 05/13/21 05:44 PM
. Re: Are mutoscope machines in scope for MAME?

My guess is that it wouldn't be entirely out of scope, if someone could hypothetically find enough interested people to: Take pics/make scans of ever ...
EmuChat ICEknight 05/07/21 04:16 PM
. Re: MAME 0.231

It's so great to have Contra (almost) completely fixed and Shinobi sounding just like real hardware, while seeing other minor games progressing at the ...
News ICEknight 05/02/21 06:22 AM
. Re: MAME 0.231

> starts insulting people in 3, 2, 1... Here we go again...
News ICEknight 05/02/21 06:15 AM
. Re: MAME 0.230

Likely related, just noticed that Vectorman also has sound (in this case music) problems which didn't happen half a month ago, so I've opened another ...
News ICEknight 04/01/21 02:27 AM
. Re: MAME 0.230

> the sound effect of the bat hitting the ball cannot be heard How odd, it does play fully the first time a ball is hit, but not afterwards. Do y ...
News ICEknight 03/31/21 10:52 PM
. Re: MAME 0.230

Awesome update! > 7876: spectrum_cass.xml: Filled in year and publisher for many entries. [ArcadeShadow] For the record, this update (in 5000 S ...
News ICEknight 03/31/21 08:31 PM
. Re: Question about tranquillizer gun

Is the current version in MAME the same as the one included in Sega Ages 2500 Vol. 23?
EmuChat ICEknight 03/27/21 09:34 PM
. Re: Default cartridge folders/directories?

This is one of the reasons why softlists exist, just audit the games you have for each system and move them to their own folder named after the system ...
EmuChat ICEknight 03/18/21 09:52 PM
. Re: megadriv.cpp

In the case of the Genesis/Megadrive, the NTSC composite look gets close but it's not there yet: For th ...
EmuChat ICEknight 03/13/21 03:20 AM
. Re: FamicomBox games list and info.

Here's a better list with the confirmed FamicomBox games: 1943 Argos no Senshi (Rygar) Baseball Bomberman Devil World Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr. Duc ...
EmuChat ICEknight 03/11/21 04:00 AM

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