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. Curt Vendel of Atari Museum has died https://ruggie ...
News Lord Nightmare 08/31/20 09:45 PM
. Re: GCC 9.2 is bugged and will not compile MAME

> I use win32env.bat as well. > > I didn't do anything special. Everything built like normal for me. Just run at the mingw32 prompt: pacma ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 09/18/19 09:51 AM
. Re: HLSL Scanline_alpha zooms image

> > I will look into it when I have the chance. > > > > In the meantime, if you can determine which MAME version it stops working t ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 05/10/19 05:56 AM
. Re: USPS lost a ton of undumped games

> Nothing there at the moment, but it's good to watch USPS' auctions here: > > ...
News Lord Nightmare 09/02/18 06:15 AM
. Re: preliminary shots

> > perhaps Haze has Aspergers Egocentrism. > > Fixed ! I'm starting to get tired of people blaming everything on Haze for having a &qu ...
News Lord Nightmare 05/27/18 04:18 PM
. CAPS0ff Update: Taito C-Chip: data by lobotomy
News Lord Nightmare 03/11/18 06:19 AM
. Re: Tile Molester (not Hollywood sexually), the tool Sean Riddle is looking for...

> Just like mametesters I'm not creating an account, PM the admin and then wait for > activation just to use it once and maybe never again. > ...
The Loony Bin Lord Nightmare 01/14/18 10:54 AM
. Re: Cube Quest is going home

> I have a good friend with a remarkable collection. > He's the owner of the Bradley Fighting Trainer. > Some day when its not packed in with ...
MAME Artwork: Official Lord Nightmare 09/24/17 04:17 AM
. Re: Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun bug?

> Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan) > MC68705 Emulation stops in the last boss's room This should be fixed in latest git (I hope, I haven't act ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 09/12/17 04:29 AM
. Re: Williams Predators for the first time in 30 years!

> > I'm hoping now that it's been at the show the driver can be submitted and we can > get > > more eyes on any remaining issues. > ...
News Lord Nightmare 07/31/17 08:19 AM
. Re: Has there been any progress on the votrax emulation framework?

> Just wondering, thanks. You'd have to ask sarayan, I'm not involved with that code at the moment. LN
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 07/07/17 08:58 PM
. Re: Arkanoid sound pitch 2x higher as of 0.184

Fixed in git commit 96ed3869ff8461670a940a0ef4cc3e0274938a29 for the next release (0.187). This bug was caused by commit 0d23c0f6ea771f54a367861f379f ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 06/12/17 04:42 AM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

> The crc32 of the fixed PCM sample rom in the 3DS binary is c2de09b2 > > Drop me a PM and I'll email it to you and you can compare the diff ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 06/06/17 12:34 AM
. Re: After Burner/Thunder Blade z80 ROMS with extended/melody music.

> > Is that available anywhere? And has the sample rom been extracted? > ... At the same > time the fixed PCM audio ROM was extracted fr ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 06/04/17 06:37 PM
. Re: ARCADE32/64 0.185

> You can't demand > special treatment, and you can't go leaning on individual team members like that. I don't think Haze "leaned on a te ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 04/29/17 01:44 AM
. Re: Haze: Your Shark is on Fire

> I have both missing games. Not sure when I'll be able to desolder them because I'm in > the middle of a move and other stuff. Use Chipquik i ...
News Lord Nightmare 12/23/16 11:12 PM
. CAPS0ff technical write-up on hd647180 dumping

CAPS0ff posted a write-up as well: LN
News Lord Nightmare 12/22/16 06:38 AM
. Re: The ALL NEW Windows 10 experience!

My (brief) windows 10 experience on this tablet PC: The HP Touchsmart tm2t-1000 has an ati mobility radeon hd 4550 as well as an intel gma950hd video, ...
The Loony Bin Lord Nightmare 07/27/16 09:29 AM
. Re: Hanaho HotrodSE to keyboard to PC using PS2 connector problem!

> The Hotrod's encoder doesn't work with 99% of PS2 / USB adaptors; this is > unfortunately a well-known problem. You have to buy a new USB-nati ...
Hardware Lord Nightmare 04/07/16 01:02 AM
. Re: Ghouls'n Ghost (World): Missing background layer at 3 stage boss (Gassuto)

> This bug is already issued here: > > > > And is a bug from the real ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 03/11/16 05:01 AM
. Re: Question for cat owners

I've been told the litter robot is the best self-cleaning litterbox out there, but it is rather expensive (around $400 IIRC). People have said it is ...
The Loony Bin Lord Nightmare 01/28/16 11:26 PM
. Re: mame Nes bios not playchannel 10

> why cant i play normal nes games without the crappy playchannel 10 driver or bios > whatever u call it by noobs You can (at least on MAME ve ...
EmuChat Lord Nightmare 11/17/15 09:48 PM
. Re: Eco Fighters / Ultimate Ecology with a spinner

> yeah, I already figured out how to get it to show the rolling option (some unused > bits in the input ports) but not sure how to actually get ...
News Lord Nightmare 11/15/15 10:01 AM
. Re: Speak & Read

> Speak & Read is done. Touch & Tell may take a while. Huh, the color still seems a bit washed out. Should I convert the source image to ...
MAME Artwork: Official Lord Nightmare 09/20/15 04:38 AM
. Re: Major MESS Artwork update!

Here's Speak & Read at 1600DPI: As well as Speak & Spell Compact 1600DPI: ht ...
MAME Artwork: Official Lord Nightmare 08/19/15 10:11 PM

Search results for query: Lord Nightmare (1 - 25 of 233)
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