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. Re: Banning Pinball & Videogame museum to be auctioned off

If it were closer to the east coast, I would pull a ton of collectors together to grab the lot. But, unfortunately, the cost for shipping/transport wo ...
EmuChat Moochieone 08/07/21 04:54 AM
. Re: RIP Byuu

Even though the idea seems well intended, it does open a can of worms for precedence going forward. What becomes the deciding factor to include additi ...
News Moochieone 07/31/21 01:26 AM
. Re: Taito JC Densha(Train) and Jaleco VJ

Looks really good. Honestly, I was far removed from these types of games until a few years ago when I rebuilt my PC. Since then, I gained a new intere ...
EmuChat Moochieone 07/27/21 03:24 AM
. Dungeons and Dragons Animated series game

A fan-made game that plays in the style of Golden Axe. Looks really good. note: I am not an affiliate... ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 07/26/21 10:10 PM
. Re: Im Trying to Run MAME on retroarch on a Playstation Classic

You will have better luck on the Retroarch forums vs. here. I would HIGHLY suggest you ask over there and forget these forums when trying to do anythi ...
EmuChat Moochieone 05/31/21 04:46 AM
. Re: would yours mind able to a henceforward MAME emulation of an android systems?(samsung, terminated with-LG phone, etc...)

Good call on the Korean. There were a couple of other posts that alluded to the OP is translating from Korean.
EmuChat Moochieone 05/19/21 01:11 AM
. Re: Tornado spinner

Yikes. I have one on my arcade machine, and still love it. I wonder if I can sell it for parts for just as much. Hmmm. Not. At one time, I thought you ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 05/16/21 03:11 AM
. Re: Video converter

UR - thanks for the suggestion. I had never thought that going composite would be a good option, but for under $10, I am willing to give it a try. It ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 05/10/21 05:00 AM
. Re: Video converter

Thanks for the response. I did look at those converter dongles, but most of them only work for ATI video cards, and since my current configuration is ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 05/08/21 04:31 PM
. Video converter

The Loony Bin Moochieone 05/07/21 11:24 PM
. Re: Any pinball enthusiasts that could help me remember a table name?

What immediately comes to mind is Radical! which was released in 1990 and has segmented displays that allow the description you provided. I have never ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 04/22/21 11:42 PM
. Re: Dev vs QA Engineer

My wife works in the audit security realm, and she was even able to relate to this in her world. Imagine having to lock down security for only specifi ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 04/16/21 05:37 AM
. Cell Phone Apps

Is it the OCD in me, or does anybody else get irritated when their cell phone has multiple software update notifications throughout the day? I've had ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 04/06/21 01:44 AM
. Re: G920 steering wheel and pedals

Not sure where you found that information, but, even though I don't have that steering wheel, I think you may be incorrect. I have an older Logitech G ...
Hardware Moochieone 03/13/21 04:46 AM
. Re: Where do mame .inp and .avi files go in Linux (Ubuntu)?

Only a guess, and Vas's solution should confirm this, but could it be defaulting to the home directory of the user running the application?
EmuChat Moochieone 02/11/21 06:13 AM
. Re: mame gauntlet certainly took the long and unpaved road to get to your destination. If you had only searched for the dome of pleasures (Kubla Khan), you wo ...
EmuChat Moochieone 02/07/21 02:50 AM
. Re: Thoughts on the whole Gamestop stock thing?

I've been watching at a distance with amusement, but won't do anything more. I leave the investment analytics to my wife (who has a finance degree) an ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 02/03/21 06:56 AM
. Re: How to set the free play

It only took 8 months, considering there are a ton of guides out there. Not trying to be rude, and the statement is meant more of a joke, but I just h ...
EmuChat Moochieone 12/30/20 01:31 AM
. 'Twas The Night

For some strange reason, I kept feeling like there was something missing last night. As I crawled into bed, I just couldn't shake the feeling - I had ...
The Loony Bin Moochieone 12/26/20 01:32 AM
. Re: Question on Analog Dial Inputs

It goes without saying, but have you gone into the MAME controls menu (which is not the in-game settings but is accessed by default TAB key), and adju ...
EmuChat Moochieone 12/02/20 06:14 AM
. Re: What game is Golgo 13 (1984) by Taito?

As per the other posts, Golgo 13 was a very popular manga - it even had an anime series created and could be viewed on the anime network at one time ( ...
EmuChat Moochieone 11/19/20 02:02 AM
. Re: Winning Run TMS320 decap typing help needed!

I would LOVE to assist with these projects, but after a significant amount of time trying to match the sample picture to the derived binary code, I ju ...
EmuChat Moochieone 11/03/20 04:51 AM
. Re: MAME Opinions

For me, well, I've been a "lurker" for well over a decade (actually 2 decades now), and became interested in MAME from two perspectives. Fir ...
EmuChat Moochieone 10/30/20 08:07 AM
. Re: Go away, you have no idea what you're talking about

Unfortunately, since you are relatively new to the forums, you do not understand the purpose of MAME. As I stated in another post, the purpose of MAME ...
Hardware Moochieone 09/17/20 04:29 AM
. Re: It depends

Please understand that all is not "gloom and doom". There is continuing work being done on various projects, and new information comes throu ...
EmuChat Moochieone 09/05/20 04:29 AM

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