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. Re: Why does Killer Instinct NOT run interlaced?

That's an interesting question, one that I'll respond to with a question of my own: What do all of those platforms you list have in common, that Kill ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 07/23/21 11:20 AM
. Re: Status of x-86 emulation

> Everything is known about this architecture lol
Programming MooglyGuy 07/23/21 11:20 AM
. Machine translation is not the issue.

EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/23/21 04:42 AM
. Re: would yours mind able to a henceforward MAME emulation of an android systems?(samsung, terminated with-LG phone, etc...)

> I had been encountered mame category as a apple iphone. then, would yours mind able > to a henceforward MAME emulation of an android systems? ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/18/21 12:39 PM
. Re: MAMEUI Interfce Options

> Good Morning Folks > > I am trying to figure out (Did it once years ago) how to make it so when I open > MAMEUI that it just shows the ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/17/21 02:58 PM
. Re: Marble Madness 2021 ;-)

> Just hope Marble Man one day get release for the community to try our and enjoy Having been to one of the CAX expos where the actual cabinet wa ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/12/21 03:12 PM
. Re: The Karate Tornament has glitches on the background screen with 0.231

It would help if you described what's wrong in the screenshot. I suspect the issue is with the floor incorrectly mirroring itself towards the right-ha ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/09/21 05:17 PM
. Re: Double Dragon)NeoGeo) super move works strange

> Can't right now use my laptop with windows 10 because service man trying figure out > why my new purchased fan not working, because old fan ma ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 05/07/21 07:07 PM
. Re: MAMEinfo 0.228 :)

> I believe that the American version of "Puchi Carat" is actually a prototype because > despite the Japanese and the World versions o ...
News MooglyGuy 05/03/21 10:09 PM
. Re: MAME 0.231

> > I'm always impressed what all the Mamedevs have been accomplishing since it's > > development. Really amazing. Thanks again everyone. ...
News MooglyGuy 05/02/21 12:01 PM
. Re: Bravo, Roc [nt]

> holy, shit! How many years now? And it just now dawned on me? Twisty... as in > twisting the end of a blunt? Generally, one twists the end o ...
The Loony Bin MooglyGuy 04/26/21 09:14 AM
. Re: Dansk arcademaskine Speedway

> Google Translate says they're saying this is a slot machine, but could always be a > mistranslation. It is. "spillemaskine" is cogn ...
The Loony Bin MooglyGuy 04/20/21 01:23 AM
. Re: MAME 0.230

> Could someone tell me please, if any of the Nintendo games have been removed since > version .210 it's been a couple of years since I updated ...
News MooglyGuy 04/17/21 05:03 AM
. Re: Golden Tee - Video Settings

> I'm able to get GTfore06 up and running, with minimal audio glitches on low and > medium video settings but the quality on my screen (a 1080p ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 04/13/21 10:29 AM
. Re: MESSinfo 0.230 out!

> it's USELESS to make a file for mess > Mess is integrated years ago in mame and does not exist anymore > > mess is'mame and mame is mes ...
News MooglyGuy 04/11/21 12:26 PM
. Re: Free Online Programming Books

> At least the OP got an answer. If he/she isn't dead by now that is. (?) The OP is/was the site administrator, and wasn't asking a question in t ...
Programming MooglyGuy 04/04/21 01:18 AM
. Re: History.xml 2.30

> Right, if I remove the entry: > > and Keep the: > > Mame doesnt crash and I get the standard 2600 machine info. > > Does you ...
News MooglyGuy 04/04/21 01:17 AM
. Re: Logic Pro 2 music sounds different?

> For reference, this is how I remember the first stage's theme. > There have been countless offi ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 04/03/21 02:45 AM
. Re: Logic Pro 2 music sounds different?

> I checked an older build of MAMEUI from 2010, and I've concluded the altered music is > due to rather than older versions of the ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 04/02/21 08:02 PM
. Re: Best Antivirus as of now. Go.

> There are plenty of free ones though. Are you not using any antivirus at all? What > about Windows Defender? Windows Defender is what it is. ...
The Loony Bin MooglyGuy 03/13/21 06:09 AM
. Re: Cannot get CD-i to work

> cd-i emulation in mame is a mess: games run incredibly slow or freeze. Some titles > can't be played at all. That's pretty much what I said, ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 03/13/21 03:15 AM
. Re: snes.cpp

That was why Tafoid specifically said, "This was before MAME had any type of ability to have HLSL/GLSL/etc effects". As long as the setting ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 03/13/21 01:38 AM
. Re: Cannot get CD-i to work

> I have been trying to get Phillips CD-i games to work (mostly to see how bad they > are), and I keep getting errors even though I have the CD- ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 03/08/21 04:45 PM
. Re: I am not able to reduce CPU/MPU clock with under 10% in MAME.

> > OK. I am understood yours why remarks to me. instand of I am decides to waiting for > > further improve emulation for these games. &g ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 03/05/21 03:12 PM
. Re: Starting mame with -v parameters

> I have my lightgun all setup and working but lags like a mouse so i need to copy the > clctr folder to assign the lightgun its own device but ...
Programming MooglyGuy 03/01/21 02:25 PM

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