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. A call for historical MAME-related images/videos

With the 25-year anniversary of MAME 0.1 coming up, I'd like to put out a call for amusing, interesting, or otherwise cool images and videos over the ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 01/17/22 09:15 PM
. Re: DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou still on sale.

> It's gotta be pc based too & I wonder if someone is gonna make an emulator for it > like they did with taito type x games, that would piss ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 01/12/22 02:51 AM
. Re: deets plz

The person has more or less been using VPNs and Tor nodes to constantly re-register accounts on Github in order to spam the issue tracker with invalid ...
The Loony Bin MooglyGuy 01/08/22 02:26 PM
. Re: If it have typos in the letter then it could be a fake.

You make spelling and grammar errors all the time, too, dude. Glass houses and all that.
EmuChat MooglyGuy 01/03/22 03:45 PM
. Everyone bitching is full of shit

There isn't a single valid argument, it's just a bunch of reeeeeee-ing from entitled little shits who take, take, take and give nothing back to MAME i ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 01/03/22 03:44 PM
. Re: BletchMAME suggestions

News MooglyGuy 12/28/21 08:03 PM
. What the heck is "Fahking Kdees-moss," and why does anyone care if Melania hates it? (NT)

The Loony Bin MooglyGuy 12/21/21 08:36 PM
. Re: Help With Masks

> For a number of games I have established that the joystick center/default position is > "0xff" (rallyx is one such game in question) ...
MAME Artwork: Official MooglyGuy 12/05/21 10:38 AM
. Re: MiSTer

> Please forgive my ignorance here, but I've been seeing a lot of "trending" stuff > recently on the MiSTer FPGA systems. I have not d ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 12/04/21 07:28 AM
. Re: UPDATE- - Problem Solved!

> I'm wondering if it's just not save-state friendly, or if F3 resets break the > protection state. Both, probably. m_protection_result doesn't ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 11/30/21 04:27 AM
. Re: cheat.7z wrong file

> If you want to make yourself usefull You're in no position to be telling others what to do to "make [themselves] useful", that's for s ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 11/10/21 05:30 AM
. Re: HLSL/BGFX question for Moog, probably.

> But for the beloved vector games, it's tough to beat the HLSL vector and > vector-mono.ini effects. > > If -video d3d is headed for dep ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/29/21 09:22 AM
. Re: Emulation help question - Don't know the system or game titles

> Thanks gents for the info. It was a interesting read. > > Does any one know if there are plans to emulate the systems for preservation? &g ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/27/21 12:46 PM
. Re: Apple 2 - Directional keys not working ?!

I have to ask, do you actually know how to use any of these machines that you've been asking about? Also, why are you so "enthusiastic" whe ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/27/21 08:24 AM
. Re: Mame non-Ui cannot find snapshots, UI can

> I have latest mame version both Ui on my desktop pc and non-ui/command line in my > arcade cabinet. Using the SAME FOLDER with the SAME SNAPS, ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/24/21 05:05 PM
. Re: First time seeing this Sea Wolf version. The Next Mission. In HD widescreen.

> MAME is not everything. It is half the fun at most, without the controller and > everything around the screen. As long as it is not possible t ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/22/21 02:18 PM
. lol

Biden is a milquetoast old fart with a history of supporting policies that are actively harmful to POC, and if you actually stepped outside your shitt ...
Welcome to the War Room MooglyGuy 10/17/21 12:22 PM
. Re: Spy Hunter bad sound emulation

> I would love to fix it, I have the arcade boards and a computer but nothing else. > > Kind of ridiculous on such a big time game and big t ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/09/21 07:41 PM
. Re: Loading Custom CPS3 Roms

> Dope > Now my question is what about the source would i edit to allow me to do this? I've > looked through the source and am unsure what i ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/07/21 11:47 PM
. Re: Loading Custom CPS3 Roms

> For context, i'm using mame-rr-0144-test0 for debugging and whatnot, please let me > know if it's impossible on that revision or how i can go ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/07/21 08:25 AM
. Re: bumping this and dragging my name into this _is_ harassment. STOP.

> I'm not harassing or annoying anybody You don't get to decide if you're harassing or annoying anybody. What you are doing is absolutely harassin ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/02/21 05:34 PM
. Re: Another rom site down.

> There must be other similar sites like PD somewhere? If anyone knows > of one, please provide a hint... Reading the article on Torrentfreak ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/27/21 02:52 PM
. Re: [Team Europe] Juuouki (set 7, Japan) (8751 317-0077) - MCU decapped

> > > > Another one: > > > > > > > ...
News MooglyGuy 09/22/21 07:43 AM
. Re: [Team Europe] Juuouki (set 7, Japan) (8751 317-0077) - MCU decapped

> > Another one: > > > > Not added in MAME yet. &g ...
News MooglyGuy 09/20/21 12:27 PM
. Re: Looking for a game

> Hi, > In the 80's i played an arcade game and i know it is in Mame but i cannot remember > the name. > You had to drive a little car in ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/06/21 10:05 AM

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