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. Re: Kenju is needed unless an emufriendly contributor has one

> Hardware to handle the roms will require someone that has similar tools to what a > contributor in Australia has There's a good handful of pe ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 10/01/20 06:26 AM
. Re: Mr. Do that works on a cocktail cabinet?

Have you tried a newer version of MAME to see if the issue still occurs?
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/22/20 04:32 AM
. Go away, you have no idea what you're talking about

Hardware MooglyGuy 09/16/20 12:36 PM
. Re: Legality of my Sonic The Hedgehog archive

> You were right all along. Illegal downloading's not worth it. It feels SO much better > when you dump everything from your own legit copies, a ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/12/20 08:31 AM
. Re: And it works!!!

> The old hard-coded designations of bezel, backdrop, etc. are now gone. Everything is > now a reference to an Element or a Group (I hope I'm no ...
MAME Artwork: Official MooglyGuy 09/11/20 12:45 AM
. Re: How was this legal?

> Firing Platoon appears to a gambling machine disguised as a tank video game, remotely > switchable by the operator. I wonder if anyone was foo ...
News MooglyGuy 09/07/20 03:17 AM
. Re: It depends

> Sorry,I don't really understand the technical aspect of ROMs and emulation. > But just to be clear ,the ROM's name I'm talking about is " ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/03/20 10:19 AM
. It depends

Can you get us better information about the protection devices used on The End? It has a custom IC that provides protection data, and there's a PAL16R ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 09/03/20 08:26 AM
. Re: I have something important to say to those who are working in M.A.M.E. but I need everyone who is working in M.A.M.E.' s attention!

> I have something important to say to those who are working in M.A.M.E. but 1st I need > everyone who is working in M.A.M.E. to reply so that I ...
Programming MooglyGuy 09/03/20 12:15 AM
. Re: VTech Thomas & Friends Learn & Explore Laptop

> Does we see the VTech Thomas & Friends Learn & Explore Laptop as we saw the video by > MGTracey. So can this gonna work with MAME emul ...
Hardware MooglyGuy 08/28/20 09:23 AM
. Re: Future saving of new games....

> > Exactly, so if buying,say, Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox 1 I'm buying nothing more > > than a disc with a download link and key on it. & ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/28/20 09:22 AM
. Re: New to mame

> Where do you go, what forum can I go to to get help in some issues I am having with > my mame arcade Here
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/24/20 12:12 PM
. Re: I wouldn't worry about the colors.

> There some arcade games that have different colors. From alt and prototype. That might be worthwhile advice if it was relevant.
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/23/20 05:59 PM
. no

EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/20/20 02:47 PM
. Re: 1 down (R360 G-Loc, other than R360 Wing War) 2 to go with Ninja Hayate & Time Gal arcade versions after they are added to MAME first

> two LD dumping is a lot not really
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/20/20 05:47 AM
. Re: Quake Arcade: Tournament Edition Security Dongle Protection Removed

Very much a mistake.
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/16/20 07:00 AM
. Re: Knights of Valour 1 Plus marked in red (kovplus)

Let's back things up a level and ask, if there's unemulated protection, why do you care what it affects? Reading between the lines, it's obvious that ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/14/20 11:49 AM
. Re: Help with MAME Lua scripting

Your best bet, versus either here or Reddit, is the Bannister forums and pinging the user "Golden Child": Tha ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/13/20 03:43 AM
. Since you mention Destroyer... you go. I'm pretty sure the netlist is correct, so I'm not quite sure why the sonar has so much more of a prono ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/11/20 03:59 PM
. Re: VDP or equivalent for Capcom Commando hardware

Oh yeah, jotego's absolutely brilliant. The thing about FPGA-based emulation is that at its worst it's no better than a run-of-the-mill software-base ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/11/20 12:27 PM
. netlist audio goodness here

And there, and everywhere. Have some Atari Flyball audio:
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/11/20 12:51 AM
. Re: VDP or equivalent for Capcom Commando hardware

> I suppose you're right. The pre-cps stuff probably didn't require much more than > schematics. I just figured the hdl might provide informatio ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/10/20 11:57 PM
. Re: VDP or equivalent for Capcom Commando hardware

No offense to you, but you're a little late to the party on this thread. And not to minimize jotego's work, but saying that he "reverse-engineer ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/10/20 09:20 PM
. Re: 1980 Sega Samurai video of cabinet and gameplay

> Your saying the interior art and sounds are different from what you played here in > the states? > I assume the game itself though is the s ...
EmuChat MooglyGuy 08/10/20 02:48 AM
. Re: Sorry

> > > Does anyone know when will TX-1 V8 be added to MAME? > > > > Never > > I'm sorry I asked that question. Honestly, ...
News MooglyGuy 08/07/20 05:25 PM

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