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. Re: Another rom site down.

> RIP PD. PD is still alive on Reddit and will keep hosting the Mame sets. Follow the link on the site page.
EmuChat MrV2K 09/27/21 02:49 PM
. R.I.P. Sir Clive Sinclair
The Loony Bin MrV2K 09/16/21 11:33 PM
. Re: Looking for Amiga game info

> I am certain that I had a copy of it for the amiga! > > I realise that it was available for the PC, including the sequel. There was neve ...
EmuChat MrV2K 06/17/21 08:43 PM
. Re: ioc1.1c7 error message

> I see only one....not accepting new users The bottom two sites are accepting new users. I just checked.
EmuChat MrV2K 07/22/20 05:52 PM
. Re: ioc1.1c7 error message

> Hey guys, newbie here. Just got an upright arcade running MAME. I'm having trouble > with Street Fighter 2 Championship edition. Getting that ...
EmuChat MrV2K 07/22/20 05:01 PM
. Re: if you like Cooper Black

Disappointed that the missed this...
The Loony Bin MrV2K 06/26/20 02:44 PM
. Re: New name emu old rom pack?

> Just about to d/l the 0.197 rom pack.. will the latest name 0.220 emu work with that, > or do I need the mame 0.197 emu? Check out the Getti ...
EmuChat MrV2K 05/06/20 07:59 PM
. Re: Mame Guide Update

> MrV2K > > have you included inside the guide how we can play handheld games from the 80s > including the fronts etc? There is a sectio ...
News MrV2K 05/04/20 11:56 AM
. Mame Guide Update

Hi All I've had a bit of time to update the Mame guide at EasyEmu. There's a lot of great new content including a troubleshooting guide which covers ...
News MrV2K 05/03/20 01:00 PM
. Re: What's this song from?

> While searching for one thing I came across this video, heard the song, now it's > bugging me that I can't remember what it's from. I'm thinki ...
The Loony Bin MrV2K 03/03/19 04:52 PM
. Re: How To Make MAME / EmuLoader Show All The Game Preview Snapshots?

> I have a folder called "H:\MAME 0.199 EXTRAs" from Pleasuredone. I can't seem to get > MAME to show all the game preview screenshots ...
EmuChat MrV2K 07/23/18 04:49 PM
. Update At EasyEmu!

So I noticed that the site was not tablet/mobile friendly. Nothing really scaled down very well, so I've made a few updates. The all content now resp ...
News MrV2K 04/03/18 12:06 AM
. Re: New Mame Guide at EasyEmu

> Fair enough ! There was also a link to it on the old guide for the last seven years and no-one cared.
News MrV2K 03/18/18 08:14 PM
. New Mame Guide at EasyEmu

Hi All After a seven year wait, I've finally finished updating the Mame guide on EasyEmu. It's completely up to date with the current version of Mame ...
News MrV2K 03/16/18 11:26 PM
. Re: Turbo Sub - How I get this to start?

> I couldn't get pass the controller screen. lol Press Up and Left and then down and right to set the min x & y then press 1 on your keyboards ...
EmuChat MrV2K 03/13/18 09:53 PM
. Re: Mame Won't Start

> Running MAME 0.184 32 bit on an older machine with XP. I can't get MAME to start. > When I double click on MAME.exe I get a quick flash of a b ...
EmuChat MrV2K 04/24/17 10:42 AM
. Star Wars Vector Graphics Bug

Hi If you run starwars on 0.184 with the -flicker option set to anything less than zero, after about 10-15 seconds the rendered beam becomes very wid ...
EmuChat MrV2K 03/31/17 08:33 PM
. Re: Problem with Mame??

Hi Make sure you've installed DirectX. Windows doesn't do it by default. Also try running the exe from the command line with the -verbose command. It ...
EmuChat MrV2K 02/12/17 06:01 PM
. Re: Image clarity

Hi Change the prescale setting up by one or two and the blurriness will go. Regards MrV2k > Hello, > > Why should i use bilinear filteri ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play MrV2K 02/12/17 05:57 PM
. Interesting Article On Systems That Don't Age Well. Regards MrV2K
EmuChat MrV2K 01/23/17 01:11 PM
. Re: Video Snaps

Sorry round the wrong way. The 7z is number 14 in the 13 zip. Regards MrV2k
progetto-SNAPS MrV2K 03/10/16 02:12 PM
. Video Snaps

Hi I just downloaded the videosnaps files to test on a frontend I'm writing and contains pS_videosnaps_fullset_170_1 ...
progetto-SNAPS MrV2K 03/09/16 09:05 PM
. Re: Games not 4:3

Hi You could use the screen.ini folder file from Mash's mameinfo files. That lists all the games by resolution. A bit of maths and you'll have the s ...
EmuChat MrV2K 09/15/15 11:05 AM
. Re: Freeware Batch MP3 to WMA converter req.

I use DBPoweramp. Suppports all formats and has multicore support. I converted 493 flac files to mp3 in 29 minutes on an i7 2600k. Worth the money. ...
The Loony Bin MrV2K 08/11/15 03:42 PM
. Re: Mameworld graphical facelift coming...

The new design makes the site look like one of those BS web domain place holders rather than a fan friendly hobby site. It looks like the main focus i ...
News MrV2K 08/08/15 11:05 AM

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