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. Re: MAME 0.235

> OMG, the return of raflsiau.....! Yes! I never thought I would see this in my lifetime!
News Nomax 08/28/21 11:22 AM
. Re: Emu Loader Frontend v8.9 is out

Great! Thanks!
News Nomax 08/04/21 07:47 PM
. NPlayers 0.234

NPlayers has been updated to the latest MAME version. Download it here: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 08/01/21 08:25 PM
. Re: RIP Byuu

> I know that this news is a few weeks old but it still sad to read. There is no room > in this world, at ALL for ANY type of bullying or shamin ...
News Nomax 07/25/21 11:57 AM
. NPlayers 0.233

The new NPlayers for MAME 0.233 is available here: Enjoy!
News Nomax 07/11/21 10:00 PM
. NPlayers 0.232

NPlayers 0.232 is up! This description file for MAME and frontends indicates the number of players actually supported by the games as well as if play ...
News Nomax 06/20/21 10:54 PM
. NPlayers 0.230

NPlayers (the multiplayer description file) is up to date for MAME 0.230. Get it here: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 04/04/21 12:58 PM
. Re: NPlayers 0.229

> Thanks for the update. Thanks to you for the great EmuLoader update! It would have been a pain in the ass to do it with the Frontend crashing ...
News Nomax 02/28/21 08:38 PM
. NPlayers 0.229

NPlayers 0.229 is out! Get nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini files here: Enjoy!
News Nomax 02/28/21 04:28 PM
. Re: Test build, no more crashes (I hope)

> Try this build. There should be no more crashes when viewing game docs. > I've updated TRichEdit to use "richedit20.dll" (v2 / v3) a ...
Emu Loader Nomax 02/24/21 07:35 PM
. Re: RichEdit line insertion error.

> Apparently this bug is caused by the TRichEdit control. I found other programmers > having the same bug... and with different compilers (C++, ...
Emu Loader Nomax 02/21/21 05:36 PM
. Re: RichEdit line insertion error.

> Ok. I tested all "Fatal Fury" games and none of them made EL crash. Can you give > specific game names ? > I can't upgrade the Ri ...
Emu Loader Nomax 02/14/21 05:54 PM
. Re: RichEdit line insertion error.

> Hi, what file are you using to view in the game docs area ? Does it happens with any > game or a specific one ? Hi, thank you for your reply. ...
Emu Loader Nomax 02/14/21 03:10 PM
. RichEdit line insertion error.

Since I installed EmuLoader on my new PC running Windows 10, I got this error randomly while navigating the game list: EOutOfResources class, RichEdi ...
Emu Loader Nomax 02/13/21 05:05 PM
. NPlayers 0.228

Updated nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini description files are available for MAME 0.228. This is the way -> ...
News Nomax 01/27/21 10:45 PM
. NPlayers 0.227

nplayers.ini and Multiplayer.ini multiplayer description files are up-to-date for MAME 0.227. Please download here: ...
News Nomax 01/10/21 10:51 PM
. Re: New Vs. Nintendo System homebrew

I think it should be added to MAME as long as you can burn it to ROMs and run it on the real hardware, which is the case here. Maybe add "(homebr ...
News Nomax 12/27/20 10:31 AM
. NPlayers 0.226

NPlayers 0.226 is out! Interesting working games in this release of MAME are the 4-player Club Lambada Pac-Man clone (with 2-player simultaneous game ...
News Nomax 10/31/20 08:01 PM
. NPlayers 0.225

NPlayers 0.225 for MAME v0.225 is available now. Please download here: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 10/03/20 08:40 PM
. Re: Emu Loader Frontend v8.8.5 released

News Nomax 10/02/20 03:45 PM
. NPlayers 0.223

New MAME release = new NPlayers version. Please download it here: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 08/09/20 04:22 PM
. NPlayers 0.222

NPlayers 0.222 is out now! Download here: Enjoy summertime! _へ__(‾◡◝ )& ...
News Nomax 07/01/20 01:27 PM
. NPlayers 0.221

You know the drill: New MAME -> New NPlayers! Download: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 05/21/20 12:51 PM
. NPlayers 0.220

NPlayers is available for MAME 0.220. Get it here: Enjoy! ;-)
News Nomax 04/07/20 10:01 PM
. Re: DoDonPachi DaiOuJou prototype

> 0.220 will be released any day now, but this game will not be in it. It will be in > 0.221 that should be out at the end of April. Great! Th ...
News Nomax 03/29/20 10:55 AM

Search results for query: Nomax (1 - 25 of 228)
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