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. Re: Here's another video of Super Dead Heat but with a japanese announcer.

> If you seen the video from Phil Bennett listen to the female speaking in Japanese > from these videos: > ...
News Phil Bennett 06/11/19 06:10 AM
. Re: Power Sled dumped

> > After all these years of searching, Power Sled is finally dumped thanks to Phil > > Bennett: > > > > ...
News Phil Bennett 05/02/19 09:23 AM
. Re: Midway V-Unit; How the heck do these pcbs communicate?

> I am considering adding rs232 ports to this driver to enable linking for this > hardware. What I need to find out is if there is any special d ...
Programming Phil Bennett 04/15/19 09:34 PM
. Re: MAME in 2019

> > I'd like to see more work on the Konami M2 driver, but everyone gets > hyper-sensitive > > when I ask and it's not up to me anyhow: ...
EmuChat Phil Bennett 12/25/18 04:16 AM
. Re: DU Reverse Fundraiser Episode 2: Bandit escapes from a California prison

> > > It says 1989 on the first pic posted here. > > > > Yeah i know that maybe i picked up Haze wrongly i assumed he thought i ...
News Phil Bennett 08/02/18 12:22 AM
. Re: DU: OG Halley's Comet

> What, this thing has THREE General Instrument AY-3-8910 sound chips? Four actually
News Phil Bennett 07/26/18 06:15 AM
. Re: Super Medal Fighter PCB pic

I believe this is the same PCB as 'Go! Go! Connie chan Jaka Jaka Janken'
News Phil Bennett 02/04/18 10:55 PM
. Re: Edited.

> I think maybe more important to state with all these things is that even if Phil gets > the boards it might not really be something that's eas ...
News Phil Bennett 10/27/17 07:58 PM
. Re: This is being worked on....

> Phil Bennet is looking at this. Phil Bennett is looking at it too (or at least he will once he receives the PCB to play with )
EmuChat Phil Bennett 10/22/17 11:36 PM
. Re: DU: Sunday Dumpy Sunday

> > Shoutime dumped the EPROM from the controller PCB that was missing for Air Inferno > (Japan). > > > - > src/mame/drivers/ta ...
News Phil Bennett 10/06/17 10:20 PM
. Re: Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting: Too Fast? (Overclock required)

Somebody please loan me an SF2 boardset so I can stick my logic analyzer on it and end this once and for all...
EmuChat Phil Bennett 09/26/17 08:31 PM
. Re: Hacking the Arcadia Super Select System protection

According to the MAME driver (arsystems.cpp), the encryption is merely a data line scramble of one of the ROMs (U16 for Aaargh, U15 for Leader Board). ...
EmuChat Phil Bennett 09/20/17 05:52 PM
. Re: DU: Watch ye damn language while you're on the moon we don't take kindly

Relevant choon: I thought we already had this language ROM? Or was that for another Atari vector game? Regardless, this is cool.
News Phil Bennett 09/13/17 08:39 PM
. Re: Writing code like you work for Atari or how to make a great game better?

> The question is about Cyberball of course, my current passion. > Fantastic game, wouldn't change a thing, except one thing. > Single player ...
Programming Phil Bennett 09/12/17 07:21 PM
. Re: Marble Madness 2 ?

> Well, never say never. > > It only requires one person to change his mind. > When that happens, MM2 will be released the next day. > ...
News Phil Bennett 09/12/17 04:39 PM
. Re: Williams Predators for the first time in 30 years!

> I'm hoping now that it's been at the show the driver can be submitted and we can get > more eyes on any remaining issues. We're going to be ...
News Phil Bennett 07/31/17 02:10 AM
. As featured on Ars Technica!
News Phil Bennett 07/25/17 07:19 PM
. Re: Soreike Kokology Sega system32 bugs

> Many bugs in this game > -Missing titles in screen > - girls voice missing many time > - Screen blinking at some point > > i hope ...
EmuChat Phil Bennett 07/15/17 09:22 PM
. Re: Invisible Monsters

> Undumped Wizard of Wor prototype: > > "These prototype ROMS are the originals and I have not ...
News Phil Bennett 07/02/17 07:31 AM
. Re: DU: Icing on the cake for a historically badass dump/acquisition day

> We got Dunk Dunk Boy (Dam Dam Boy in pure Japanese translation so dam you) thanks to > donations. Anybody want to visit the old DU page and be ...
News Phil Bennett 07/02/17 06:54 AM
. Re: DU: Bubble Bobble prototype and more

> > Fabrice Arzeno got a prototype of Bubble Bobble > > > > > > ...
News Phil Bennett 07/02/17 04:35 AM
. Re: DU: Bubble Bobble prototype and more

> Nice. Any cool differences with the Bubble Bobble proto? It runs on a Tokio/Scramble Formation PCB, which is lacking the YM3526 that produces m ...
News Phil Bennett 07/01/17 08:16 PM
. Re: NFL Blitz 99 and Overtime?

> Playing NFL Blitz 99 on MAME 0.186 - all works fine EXCEPT tie games. The announcer > says "We're going into overtime" and then the ...
EmuChat Phil Bennett 06/25/17 11:49 PM
. Re: The Return of the Japump (w/ Artwork?)

> A member of Team Japump has been archiving instructions, manuals, flyers and arcade > related documentation for decades now. > > I don' ...
News Phil Bennett 06/21/17 06:49 AM
. Bravo Shou, Brizzo -nt-

News Phil Bennett 06/18/17 09:43 PM

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