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. Re: Emulation help question - Don't know the system or game titles

Battletech ran on Amiga hardware? Article claims it's Windows-based, but the older version they described might be the one that's Amiga-based ( anothe ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 10/27/21 04:30 AM
. Re: latest version without unneeded files

478MB (Dullaron's link) vs 10.6MB? That's a lot of bloat- what was removed?
EmuChat Qun Mang 08/28/21 03:44 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

> > My bad. I messed up my edit and the top part was from your post from last year. > I was adding in the rom name since the real Ms Pac Twi ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 02/20/21 01:47 AM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

{First part retracted} In our conversation he said he looked at and rejected this Susilo hack as being what he remembered.
EmuChat Qun Mang 02/19/21 04:34 AM
. MJR receives review unit

Looks like it's pretty much as promised, even with replica player, disc (with sleeve), and even an arcade manual (albeit with their info inside). Uses ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 10/27/20 04:06 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

> Ms. Pac-Man twin is a homebrew for the 7800. It is a simulation of the arcade game. So this is a recreation on the 7800 of the Susilu arcade ha ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 09/26/20 07:37 PM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

So it turns out it wasn't the one Mr. Do suggested. He still says it was Quote: the Midway Atari version which was a co-op variation of the original ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 09/26/20 06:50 AM
. Re: Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

> Not in MAME. More info here: > > Ah, so one does exist. Not exactly a Midway/Atari release ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 09/25/20 06:07 AM
. Two Player Co-op Ms. Pacman in the Arcades?

EmuChat Qun Mang 09/25/20 04:11 AM
. Re: Moderator Please Read

> There is a reply earlier in this thread posted with my user name but I have not > posted in this thread until now. When I look at who is on th ...
The Loony Bin Qun Mang 07/12/20 04:56 PM
. Re: billy mitchell video - official statement

> > So Guinnes World Record is reinstating Billy Mitchell's emulator scores? Oh boy. > > AFAIK this reinstatement only covers stuff (201 ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 06/19/20 01:49 AM
. Re: MAME 0.221

News Qun Mang 05/19/20 05:51 PM
. Re: the mario 64 source port is... strange.

> does anybody know how this was done? The Mario 64 decompilation project has been going on for awhile, most likely came from that. https://git ...
The Loony Bin Qun Mang 05/05/20 11:44 PM
. Re: Game & Watch - the letdown of the presentation...

> A fair number of junior high classmates would bring their Mattel Electronics led > handheld games to junior high (my jr high years 1977 to 198 ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 05/01/20 05:14 AM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.220 update!

Thanks, those are working again. The Snap and Title MAME + Software Lists full sets need their links updated as well, thanks again.
News Qun Mang 04/19/20 05:35 PM
. Re: progetto-SNAPS 0.220 update!

EDIT: The ones you mentioned are working now. Thanks AntoPISA for your continued work with MAME pictures. It's saying a decryption key is required to ...
News Qun Mang 04/19/20 04:49 PM
. First Moon Cresta, then Terra Cresta, now...

...Sol Cresta from Platinum Games Okay, not really (see hash tags in video description). Wouldn't be surprised though to see a hack appear in the f ...
The Loony Bin Qun Mang 04/01/20 07:18 PM
. Re: Very good OCR text PDFprogram -> Giveaway Of The Day

The Loony Bin Qun Mang 03/13/20 05:45 AM
. Re: Amiga disk boot menu

I don't know off hand, but did you try asking at English Amiga Board ( That is a forum dedicated to the Amiga if the name wasn't obviou ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 01/25/20 03:05 PM
. Gamesack arcade episode

Joe shows off his small arcade PCB collection in this episode. He compares sound at one point (about 5:12) between his board and MAME with MAME soundi ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 01/20/20 01:25 AM
. Re: Question about Rave Racer

> By the way....what's wron g with the forum? The background colors are missing and > every time I submit a post I get the following message: &g ...
EmuChat Qun Mang 12/20/19 05:43 AM
. Re: pfeMAME version 2.11.4 has been released today

> Yes that would be quite correct. Thanks for pointing it out. File has been corrected. Interesting thing is it wasn't just the archive name, but ...
News Qun Mang 12/16/19 05:29 PM
. Re: Keeping big brother out of my room...

Well, to be fair you're the one who titled your post "keeping big brother out of my room."
The Loony Bin Qun Mang 11/09/19 06:01 AM
. Re: Compiled older Mame / MameUI with nonag

> Hey.. just tried this and its doesn't seem to have nonag enabled. For example still > shows the Not working 100% type of message with Galaga. ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Qun Mang 10/26/19 02:52 AM
. Re: Bagel-Boss Cafe 5ft guy outburst

Second video comment explains what set him off. Quote: Doctor Centurion said: Bit of context, apparently the people in the store were repeatedly as ...
The Loony Bin Qun Mang 07/17/19 04:53 PM

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