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. Re: Intel Alder Lake bencmarks in MAME 0.238

> Which games / driver families benefit from this? I didn't see an uptick on the bench > games w/ my 4 cores. Anything using poly_manager (Voo ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/07/22 06:06 AM
. Re: Intel Alder Lake bencmarks in MAME 0.238

> While both your system are fast for multithreaded workloads, be warned MAME only uses > the one or two cores for most ROMS, and basically does ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/06/22 04:13 AM
. Re: MAME 0.227

> -cv1k.cpp: a bit more accurate frame rate (nw) [MetalliC] > > Does this bring us any closer to understanding slowdown in those games? No ...
News R. Belmont 01/15/21 05:44 PM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

> > - Taito F3 graphic improvements > > - Konami M2 fixed timing > > - Model 1 recent breakage being fixed > > - Network suppo ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/12/21 05:32 PM
. Re: HP Laserjet 5P pcb

We'd be interested in both the ROMs and the disks.
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/12/21 05:19 PM
. Re: Beast Slayer arcade game from Netflix series Ozark

> So many shows just cheap out and use Atari2600 pacman or something else with the > sounds from that title. Ugh! I've mentioned this before, b ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 12/24/20 05:10 AM
. Re: Be cool... that dude is a NARC

The location test version is really interesting. Fans of NARC and related games should check out the new Midway documentary "Insert Coin": ...
News R. Belmont 12/24/20 04:18 AM
. Re: btw:

> > That and there is also deciphering program rom code; something I have yet to figure > > out to this day :S. > > I spent probab ...
News R. Belmont 12/24/20 04:11 AM
. Re: Dithering

Also, it's important to note that different TVs will show things slightly differently. By the late 80s that really translated to "which manufact ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 01/14/20 05:19 PM
. Re: Dragon’s Lair Update

> I am no expert here, but this sounds way too much GB, for a a PAL format as maximum > resolution. Any lossless or uncompressed codec would pro ...
News R. Belmont 01/14/20 05:03 PM
. Re: Midway Thunder Titles

> Ooof, that hurts. > I suppose then the only way to do it would be to somehow utilize the PC's intel chip > directly, rather than emulating ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 06/18/19 01:56 AM
. Re: Power Sled dumped

> Model 2 Emulator deserves an update with all the current Mame info and obsolete comm > board emulation. Not happening. ElSemi works for Seg ...
News R. Belmont 05/02/19 03:47 PM
. Re: Ars Technica article

> And this. The inclusion of Akka Arrh in MAME and the drama regarding how the data > surfaced is one of the most interesting things to happen c ...
News R. Belmont 04/29/19 03:40 PM
. Re: Star Wars Yoke

> Wasn't sure to post here or hardware forum. For anyone interested in replacing their > original arcade Yoke or for MAME this looks awesome. &g ...
News R. Belmont 04/29/19 03:38 PM
. Re: Ars Technica article

> I also struggle to understand why I've got RB accusing me being responsible for these > things getting coverage. I said nothing about you wan ...
News R. Belmont 04/28/19 03:22 PM
. Re: Star Rider etc. *edit*

> Oh, really? Hmm... Williams was big into what we'd now call "soft synths" as early as Defender. The music in Spy Hunter is a dedicat ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/28/19 03:14 PM
. Re: How to configure Linux for dual trackballs spinners

> Greetings !! > > For the life of me I can't find out how to setup Mame on Linux for dual trackballs > and spinners. It's not supported ...
Hardware R. Belmont 04/28/19 03:10 PM
. Re: MAME bugs

> Edited due to info on your condition (see Sky25 below): "...people like you..." > followed by untrue accusations... I was pretty con ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/27/19 02:05 AM
. Re: macOS build: no sign of kuzmich

> Right, but I really don't use the UI and have no real interest in being obligated to > use it in order to filter out the entire MESS side of t ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/27/19 01:54 AM
. Re: driver by Aaron Giles?

> Did he really make this driver? It's been a while since he's done some Mame related > work. Leave it to Hydro to blow right on through the f ...
News R. Belmont 04/25/19 10:26 PM
. Re: Mame Benchmarks

> Yes, those are percentages with 100% being full speed. That said, note that as ever, > a certain number of frames at the startup of games may ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 04/01/19 08:07 PM
. Re: MSI Afterburner affecting Mame?

> MAME can't really cater for broken behaviour of other software that is clearly overly > invasive and interfering with normal operation of the ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/22/19 10:16 PM
. Re: Programming a RS232 port in mame

Never mind, I saw your other post, you weren't asking what I thought you were.
Programming R. Belmont 03/22/19 10:15 PM
. Re: One-button ClrMAME

> How many times and for how many years have people been asking about / requesting UI > features to make MAME more approachable to the average u ...
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/16/19 06:22 PM
. One-button ClrMAME

What Smitt wants and couldn't quite cough out is that CM should read your mame.ini and use that to find everything.
EmuChat R. Belmont 03/16/19 01:43 PM

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