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News R.Coltrane 08/25/21 07:54 PM
. Re: Taito Lunar Rescue, Colony 7, and Zarzon Art

You can take a look at the official artwork website and see if these are available. If they are not there, then you will need to wait or track and sca ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 04/01/21 02:17 PM
. Atari 2600 - commandline options for joyport1/joyport2 and some other settings

EmuChat R.Coltrane 01/08/21 03:43 PM
. Re: Psycho Soldier Marquee restoration

Thank you for the links to that Twitter account. That collector has a ton of other cool stuff, plenty of japanese instruction cards.
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 12/28/20 06:13 PM
. Re: 2021's Almost Here: What Do You Guys Hope For in Mame/Mess?

LOL...this will never end! Let's go again: - Danger Express prototype - Dump/emulation of Jaleco's Saint Dragon MCU - Netlist sound support for New ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 12/23/20 10:00 PM
. Re: TX-1 V8 WIP?

> You answered your own question... > > "he said it will be ready when it's ready as to when that will be he cannot say and > he has ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 11/30/20 02:11 PM
. Re: Ported MAME 0.72 to the Nintendo Switch | MVG (Video)

> That decision at the end of the day is upto the "users" they'll make an informed > choice > around which builds they want to use ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 11/23/20 02:25 PM
. Re: MAME Opinions

> > Old fan here, from the very first version. > > > > It's quite simple, there are 3 things to do: > > * 3D GPU acceleration ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 10/29/20 03:10 PM
. Re: impressive and then some

Noob question: this improves music/sounds of all games in MAME or just a few ones?
News R.Coltrane 09/24/20 07:50 PM
. Re: SNK 40th Anniversary - Arcade Artwork contents

WOWWWWW!!! Awesome stuff! Thank you a lot for these pieces of artwork Mr.DO! They have much better resolution than I thought they would have coming fr ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 09/01/20 03:02 PM
. Re: SNK 40th Anniversary - Arcade Artwork contents

Thanks for the replies. In fact I would like to know if under the 'Museum' option for Ikari, if there's the original japanese instruction cards that c ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 08/31/20 06:54 PM
. SNK 40th Anniversary - Arcade Artwork contents

I would like to know if someone here has the SNK 40th anniversary collection. In case someone has, I would like to know if the original arcade artwork ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 08/28/20 11:12 PM
. Re: Future saving of new games....

Oh man, I'm so happy to only play old games.
EmuChat R.Coltrane 08/28/20 02:10 PM
. How to play rotary games without a rotary joystick!!

Since I do not have a rotary joystick, I was trying to play Ikari (joystick hack bootleg) which allows you to move in 8 directions while shooting in t ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 08/24/20 07:27 PM
. Re: Team Europe confirmed MCU Dump of Legend of Hero TONMA (World)

I really hope that these netlist improvements allow the inclusion of more discrete games, such as bazooka from taito and pse.
News R.Coltrane 08/20/20 04:54 PM
. Re: Bionic Commando Bezel donated by Doc Mack

Doc from Galloping Ghost is a nice guy, he did a scan for me in the past.
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 08/07/20 04:48 PM
. Re: Artwork - Bezels

> No, I'm looking for "sideart" not as in side of a cabinet, but artwork from the > original games (usually tells you how to play that ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 07/29/20 06:37 PM
. Re: Game & Watch - slowdown

I've managed to get rid of the slowdown. I was using some parameters that were useless to Game & Watch titles and they were the source of the prob ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 07/24/20 08:22 PM
. Re: Tokio Instruction Card Recreation

When comparing these with the original photos, I say they are excellent!! Very very close to the original material. The only way to do it better would ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 07/24/20 08:19 PM
. Re: Tokio Instruction Sticker Recreation

The are some little differences between your repro and the pictures I have, but I think you will be able to fix these differences without too much tro ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 07/23/20 07:12 PM
. Re: Tokio Instruction Sticker Recreation

I think I have this and other Tokio stickers in high resolution pictures. I will check it out when I come back home later today. Great job as always ...
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 07/23/20 02:07 PM
. Re: Game & Watch - slowdown

> > Specific examples? Donkey Kong and Chef, the only 2 I have. > Added Artwork? I'm using the same artwork since forever, even before ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 07/20/20 04:14 AM
. Game & Watch - slowdown

I've noticed a slowdown in some G&W games I have, I don't know in which MAME version the slowdown begun though. My machine is not top notch but th ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 07/19/20 10:30 PM
. Re: Tokio marquee

This is great!!! Nicely done ArsInvictus, another rare marquee preserved! Thank you very much for your help!!
MAME Artwork: Official R.Coltrane 07/15/20 05:23 PM
. Re: compile mame error

> > Is there any tool to reduce the executable size? > > If you're only interested in specific drivers, the best way by far to reduce bo ...
EmuChat R.Coltrane 07/12/20 07:13 AM

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