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. Re: So many great bezels waiting to be cleaned

> > Another thing giving me pause is a recent incident. I know that my contributions to > this project are not significant and probably woul ...
MAME Artwork: Official Ramirez 09/28/14 09:17 PM
. Re: Already been done

> So you think Street Fighter 2 is ugly? Fuck off, weirdo. Taking into account the proper proportions; If you cut a Van Gogh in pieces and shit ...
EmuChat Ramirez 09/20/14 05:37 AM
. Re: Already been done

> Can you just shut the fuck up, you arrogant douchebag? > > It's painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain that the only interesting th ...
EmuChat Ramirez 09/20/14 05:04 AM
. Re: Game Title

It's a Photoshop from a Metroid screenshot. The guy how made it has many more done. He makes some time-lapse videos of his work on Youtube, that are v ...
EmuChat Ramirez 09/09/14 04:21 PM
. Re: Naomi 31Hz monitor

I actually don't believe that any bios screen goes higher than 640x480. At least I don't know anyone that goes higher.
Hardware Ramirez 08/28/14 10:45 PM
. Re: Screenshot with the shader's default settings

Very cool "scanlines" and shadow mask. With a bit of bloom it would look amazing.
EmuChat Ramirez 08/25/14 07:57 PM
. Re: Danger Express?

> > New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING statusHEADrefs/svn/root/trunkmaster > > Danger Express [Phil Bennett] > > Hi, > ...
EmuChat Ramirez 08/25/14 02:29 PM
. Re: New Virtual cabinet for Outrun

> Thanks for your suggestion Ramirez I use Photofiltre studio x for editing it doesn't > have a pen tool I will try my next cabinet with Photosh ...
MAME Artwork: Official Ramirez 08/11/14 04:37 AM
. Re: New Virtual cabinet for Outrun

> Good work mate. I am the "inventor" of the full artworks and I'm working in a web for > sharing VCabinet artworks. > You might wa ...
MAME Artwork: Official Ramirez 08/11/14 03:50 AM
. Re: New Virtual cabinet for Outrun

Very, very cool man, against a black background it looks perfect, but you should use the pen tool in the outside as well, it looks like you used the m ...
MAME Artwork: Official Ramirez 08/11/14 03:40 AM
. Re: Is Arcading your hobby!

> > > Is pissing people off and abusing punctuation your hobby! > > > > This thread wasn't created for homotionals, it was crea ...
EmuChat Ramirez 08/07/14 04:32 PM
. Re: That will be cool.

> > > as was promised > > > > Huh. I remembered that game as looking a lot better than that. Must've been the > > lovely s ...
News Ramirez 07/29/14 08:00 PM
. Re: Sega Rally Twin Cabinet Video, still has amazing anti-aliasing

> > > > > > > > > > > > > This guy got it pretty close to that o ...
EmuChat Ramirez 07/21/14 02:49 PM
. Re: WTF? [nt]

> A preview of GameEx EVOLUTION has been released. > > Is GameEx using Hyperspin's themes?
News Ramirez 07/05/14 05:47 AM
. Re: my shader.

WOW!!!!!!! Congratulations man, you made it. You've become a pro in the art of making retro games look like they never did. It looks so bad... so ugly ...
EmuChat Ramirez 06/16/14 10:29 PM
. Re: working and latest version of mame 64bit for win7

> > > hi anyone know a working version of a 64 bit mame emulator thats not in beta? > > > > Daffy Duck pointed you in the right ...
EmuChat Ramirez 06/01/14 08:52 PM
. Re: Good suggestion

> I'm form Brazil, and we are NOT happy the World Cup is being hosted here. This is > serious, people... > > Helth care centers are very ...
EmuChat Ramirez 05/22/14 07:56 PM
. Re: Kale: Stalling Till Infinity... (Model 2 WIP)

News Ramirez 04/17/14 12:56 PM
. Re: MAME 0.153 out!!

Amazing work. Thank you all.
News Ramirez 04/07/14 01:52 PM
. Re: Missing Files

> Or I could just get some help since it's obvious clrmame doesn't work for me.... Someone gave you a link to an excellent guide to use clrmame. ...
EmuChat Ramirez 03/10/14 10:09 PM
. Re: Missing Files

> I've read the instructions. I don't understand them. It wants me to load a dat file. > I found one from a few years ago, but I don't see any w ...
EmuChat Ramirez 03/09/14 06:57 AM

> > BTW, you said all (most?) disc have been ripped. Are they in a form that MAME would > > accept? > > > Yeah, they are mostly ...
EmuChat Ramirez 02/20/14 02:46 AM

Awesome. Congratulations.
EmuChat Ramirez 02/19/14 09:31 PM
. Re: Authentic pinball table recreations. Pinball Arcade ! (Android & other platforms)

It's on Steam also, but it has very poor quality. It's actually exactly the same as the Android version, with low resolution textures and all.
EmuChat Ramirez 01/24/14 03:08 PM
. Re: Intel based MAME Build. 1st timer!

Very nice, but... why don't you use the original monitor???
Hardware Ramirez 01/15/14 06:10 PM

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