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. Re: Question to artwork for Sea Wolf II ...

I see, thanks for explaining. Regards, RetroLover
MAME Artwork: Official RetroLover 02/04/19 09:59 PM
. Question to artwork for Sea Wolf II ...

Hi everybody, I noticed there is a file called ... seawolf2_periscope_full.png ... in the artwork-file of and now I would like to know ...
MAME Artwork: Official RetroLover 02/03/19 07:07 PM
. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

News RetroLover 01/24/19 01:45 AM
. Re: Great stuff and I still ...

Yeah, I remember. Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 01/24/19 01:32 AM
. Great stuff and I still ...

... hope artwork for Atari Video Pinball will once be re-worked, waiting for ages already Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 12/16/18 11:33 AM
. Re: Emu Loader Frontend v8.4.7

I am sorry, but it seems that creates their own full build of 8.4.7 and they forgot to rename the subdirectory, as it's based on your 8 ...
News RetroLover 02/25/18 08:40 PM
. Re: Emu Loader Frontend v8.4.7

Check the full version, this subdirectory is out-of-date in many releases. Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 02/25/18 08:37 PM
. Re: Emu Loader Frontend v8.4.7

Hello, don't forget, that when extracting the archive, there is a subdirectory created called el83-bin ! Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 02/24/18 06:45 PM
. Re: CAPS0ff TGP status update

News RetroLover 11/30/17 11:30 AM
. Re: DU: Unbelievable news

Has Atari's vector game Star Wars from 1983 been inspired from this one? Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 07/02/17 10:04 AM
. Re: Anyone know what's holding F1 Super Battle ...

At least some info. Thank you. Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 12/01/16 08:59 PM
. Anyone know what's holding F1 Super Battle ...

from being completely emulated? To me it seems like it has been completely forgotten the last years or is there any undocumented hardware inside, tha ...
News RetroLover 12/01/16 08:28 PM
. Re: Arcade Reference App

Nice one!
News RetroLover 11/30/16 10:03 PM
. Re: Ville Linde and Model 3 update

> You've been here for the past 8 years, how have you missed all of the posts where > it's reiterated that when you log an AVI from MAME, the v ...
News RetroLover 10/10/14 08:19 AM
. Re: Ville Linde and Model 3 update

> Wow, looking really good! Not only this, it's looking pretty fast as well! Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 10/09/14 09:48 AM
. Re: Demul 0.581

Is it possible that Demul 0.5.8 and is not running under Windows 8 x64? I am unable to choose a video plugin. I am using an Nvidia GeForce 21 ...
News RetroLover 08/08/13 10:39 PM
. I 2nd that!

News RetroLover 11/23/12 11:23 AM
. Wow, that's ...

really awesome! How long have you been working on this already? Iirc, you have made some StarWars Games as well? Good luck. Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 11/09/12 10:12 AM
. Re: @Robbbert

I see! Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 09/18/12 09:41 PM
. @Robbbert

Well, I am a little bit confused atm. To compile MESS binaries, I have to download MAME source now? Best regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 09/18/12 10:18 AM
. What's that? Metal Slug replacement ...

? Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 03/22/12 10:31 AM
. Amazing stuff! Look at ...

the Atomiswave games, like ... Faster Than Speed ... really cool stuff to test drive And btw, to the author of Demul: **************************** ...
News RetroLover 02/28/12 11:15 AM
. Btw ...

interesting contributer of Mortal Kombat called ... ScheissNussen Regards, RetroLover
News RetroLover 02/26/12 07:18 PM
. I managed to ...

play Solar Assault with the current release (thanks redk9258) and I wonder how much horse power is needed to play it without skips. Excellent work Vi ...
News RetroLover 02/26/12 07:14 PM
. I tried to ...

get into service menu yesterday without luck. Thanks for the hint! Unfortunately, I am still too dumb to calibrate it correctly Will give it another ...
EmuChat RetroLover 02/21/12 11:50 PM

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