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. Re: DU: Calm down Apache, don't have your lawyer Tatsumi

My first ever arcade game, highly underrated. Mine was a conversion kit retrofit to a chase hq. Very happy to finally see this driver getting some lo ...
News RetroRepair 07/04/18 06:08 PM
. Re: PinMAME for IPAC Ultimate I/O

Me and a friend are currently building a mini TAF from the ground up and this sounds very interesting. We have been modifying pinmame to output LEDs u ...
News RetroRepair 02/10/17 06:21 AM
. Re: MAME 0.172 bgfx

I thought this was the whole GFX card as an extra CPU thing. Looks interesting though.
EmuChat RetroRepair 03/28/16 09:52 AM
. Re: Spartan X 2

Then why plaster it on YT? It's either a very good fake or yet another case of elitism vs preservation.
EmuChat RetroRepair 05/07/15 07:34 PM
. Re: The state of processor speeds

EmuChat RetroRepair 02/11/15 06:07 AM
. Lightgun Tech

There's very little information online on lightgun technology. There are a few brief summaries but nothing I've found that really goes into the techni ...
Programming RetroRepair 01/06/15 02:35 AM
. Re: MESS -listfull?

I expected as much. Thanks Tafoid
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/27/14 07:47 PM
. MESS -listfull?

I'm working on adding MESS/UME support to a database converter but it currently uses MAME's "-listfull" feature to capture the data, does ME ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/27/14 06:51 AM
. Re: 2014 is over,what do you expect MAME/MESS in 2015?

For MAME just Model 2 emulation, anything else is a bonus. In MESS I'd like to see Saturn get some love.
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/16/14 12:57 AM
. Re: MESS Status

Do any Saturn games work? All I've tried either get stuck at loading screen or just go right to black screen. I assume it's to do with CD ROM access? ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/10/14 06:28 AM
. Re: MESS Status

I was mistaken, I was running straight MAME. It does look like MESS has come a long way in the last 5 years though, I'm quite amazed that PSX runs 100 ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/09/14 05:14 PM
. MESS Status

I'm soon to be console-less so am looking into what I can run in emulation land. MESS makes a lot of sense since I use groovyUME already but is there ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 12/09/14 12:12 AM
. Re: One more. I call this one a TV. Edit: New changes.

A PC CRT, especially a small one would not have scan lines like that. Of course no real NES without an RGB mod would look that clean but scan lines? ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 06/15/14 06:45 AM
. Re: Kale: Stalling Till Infinity... (Model 2 WIP)

So glad it's finally getting the attention it deserves
News RetroRepair 04/17/14 12:33 PM
. Re: Lindbergh Emulator WIP

I don't think it's a hoax, it was posted a while ago and only just picked up by emu france. Just looks like a linux wrapper like the type x loader th ...
News RetroRepair 04/02/14 08:45 AM
. Re: Please add Dodonpachi Saidaioujou in the next release

Way to bump a 2 year old post
EmuChat RetroRepair 02/28/14 08:15 PM
. Re: ArcadeVGA 5000

Your still better off with groovymame. Both can deliver native resolutions but only groovymame can give you correct refrsh rates = no tearing/sound sk ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 01/30/14 03:25 AM
. Re: i5 2500 (no k) do I need a Graphics Card?

It all depends on a few things. If you are going to be using it as a desktop PC as well as run MAME and you want to be able to play other PC games th ...
Hardware RetroRepair 01/29/14 11:41 AM
. Re: Art of Fighting Source Code for Neogeo [044]

> I was mostly referring to folks from The Cutting Room Floor, homebrew creators, fan > translators, game hackers, etcetera. These are the peo ...
News RetroRepair 01/25/14 12:31 AM
. Re: Art of Fighting Source Code for Neogeo [044]

That's a pretty rad thing Would be good if anything else from the system could be dumped, like tools compilers etc.
News RetroRepair 01/23/14 01:58 PM
. Re: Mame Performance XP 64bit Vs Windows 7 64bit

I don't really think there's been much in the way of testing but from seeing threads like this it seems the consensus is that win7 is faster for whate ...
EmuChat RetroRepair 01/19/14 04:52 PM
. Re: Daytona ROM Swap not working

12 and 13 are the program roms, they are 100% 27C1024 roms.
Hardware RetroRepair 01/13/14 02:11 PM
. Re: Daytona ROM Swap not working

Ok, got it working using two 120ns roms, had them in wrong sockets. Guess it really didn't like the 200ns rom!
Hardware RetroRepair 01/13/14 01:31 PM
. Re: Daytona ROM Swap not working

Starting to think it's the latency of the roms. One is 55ns and the other is 200ns. I don't have another 55ns rom so I'm going to try a 120 to closer ...
Hardware RetroRepair 01/10/14 07:53 PM
. Re: Daytona ROM Swap not working

There's pics of the hardware here: I kinda doubt the roms floating about online are hacked?
Hardware RetroRepair 01/10/14 06:05 PM

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