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. Re: Why do you need the PALs/PROMs for CPS1 ROMs anyway?

Quote: But once again, is there any way to obtain them legally? Purchase PCB, dump them yourself
EmuChat Reznor007 11/08/20 05:51 PM
. Re: doom/doom2 ports on switch

From what I've read, these aren't ports of the original Doom engine, but rebuilt in the Unity engine, which may explain some of the bloat. I have a fe ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 04/01/20 05:36 PM
. Re: Capcom games little bugs

Yeah, I found one where its black, but if you look closely you can see the red border slightly. Seems like a weird hardware issue where its maybe over ...
EmuChat Reznor007 12/29/18 04:47 AM
. Re: Capcom games little bugs

"The screen is red on real hardware, this is verified, although some monitors glitch out and strip all red from the image instead. (this happens ...
EmuChat Reznor007 12/29/18 04:13 AM
. Re: Got one today.

> > All my hardware is nvidia but it seems that those monitors are a little pricier & > harder to find... > > > > I'll keep ...
EmuChat Reznor007 01/13/18 01:59 AM
. Re: Softlist roms - Why have split/merged at all?

For arcade games, the newest/bugfixed world/euro version is generally the parent. The same rule was used for the softlist items too, however, on conso ...
EmuChat Reznor007 06/25/16 08:41 PM
. Re: Is there any way to effectively reduce screen tearing/flickering?

> Long silence plus a mamedev coming and and saying there's "no problem" and dropping > the $1000 solution, it's hard not to think the ...
EmuChat Reznor007 06/01/16 01:22 AM
. Re: Directional HDMI?

If it's a RedMere HDMI cable then yes it is directional, as it has electronics in 1 end of the cable that allows longer than normal HDMI cables, or no ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 03/28/16 01:17 AM
. Re: DU: Android

Ghidora from the Godzilla movies/games
News Reznor007 03/12/16 05:58 AM
. Re: Streaming sugestões

The Venture Brothers
The Loony Bin Reznor007 12/11/15 03:33 AM
. Re: ...But what I am still looking for recommendations on...

Foobar will do mass conversion. Just select all the files you want in your library, right click->Convert, and setup how you want the files encoded. ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 11/04/15 05:35 AM
. Re: Well not VLC, for sure. Best music player I've ever used.
The Loony Bin Reznor007 09/26/15 02:09 AM
. Re: Race Drivin and linking?

I know this isn't what you are really looking for, but MAME can run RDP across multiple monitors from 1 PC already if you have a video card capable of ...
Programming Reznor007 06/13/15 03:30 AM
. Re: I5-4670 Sluggish MK4?

My I7 2600K overlocked to 4.4GHz runs it around 120-150% speed in game. If yours is around the stock 3.4Ghz-ish range that might be why.
Hardware Reznor007 06/10/15 05:39 AM
. Re: Computer shuts down and alarm sounds

Use a CPU temperature monitoring program and see what the temps are. I had a PC years ago that would do that at random and it turned out to be the CPU ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 06/04/15 04:52 AM
. Re: Name that Disney short animated feature I think that's what you mean
The Loony Bin Reznor007 05/08/15 01:05 AM
. Re: Looking for an online rpg

To be fair, WoW will run on fairly old hardware if you set the graphics to low. Even an AMD Phenom2 X4 940 +Radeon HD4850(so 2008/2009 tech) is enough ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 04/26/14 03:42 AM
. Re: question about speakers & amps

The only way to really fix it is to replace whichever driver in the speaker is bad. You mentioned one of the DDT lights flashes red sometimes. Does t ...
The Loony Bin Reznor007 02/08/14 12:23 AM
. Re: But it wouldn't matter because..

Yeah, I forgot to mention the need for a different motherboard if he went that route. Considering it's a full new build that might be a better option. ...
Hardware Reznor007 01/15/14 08:59 PM
. Re: Intel based MAME Build. 1st timer!

The i3 he suggested is a newer generation than the i5 you had, but it's only a dual core model compared to a quad. If you get a 4xxx series i5 it woul ...
Hardware Reznor007 01/15/14 07:44 PM
. Re: Intel based MAME Build. 1st timer!

Ah, you're right, I just glanced at it and saw an IB series model number.
Hardware Reznor007 01/15/14 06:41 PM
. Re: Intel based MAME Build. 1st timer!

From a quick glance it seems solid. My only suggestion would be that if you intend on overclocking to get an aftermarket cooler. If you go stock you d ...
Hardware Reznor007 01/15/14 06:04 PM
. Re: I lost HLSL.....

Install the DirectX end user runtime from Microsoft, usually named dxwebsetup.exe
Hardware Reznor007 12/04/13 04:25 AM
. Re: Update - Blitz/NBA controller problem...

If you trace the pin 6 on connector P7 to the closest IC, you could try swapping that one out. My Gauntlet Legends and Dark Legacy PCB's are packed aw ...
Hardware Reznor007 12/01/13 03:11 AM
. Re: Update - Blitz/NBA controller problem...

So you are saying that if you unplug connector P7 from the SIO board, player 4 start button is still showing as active in the test mode? As for the p ...
Hardware Reznor007 11/30/13 07:34 AM

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