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. Re: Question on MAME control settings bar at bottom

> Apologies if this is the wrong area to ask.. > > Something has gotten messed up with my MAME setup. For some reason the arcade stick > ...
EmuChat Robbbert 06/19/21 12:04 AM
. Re: [0.232] Slider setting (Overclock CPU) no longer saves after 0.228 build?

> Is this a bug? I made an upgrade from 0.228 to 0.232 and it seems like it no longer > save Overclock CPU setting in .cfg files, in fact it str ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/28/21 11:03 PM
. Re: Wrestlefest On Mame 0.231

> MAMEUI, if I recall correctly, silently allows loading of romsets which may have a > different CRC hashes or even different labels. Wrong - y ...
EmuChat Robbbert 05/17/21 10:15 PM
. Re: Does MAME support raw floppy disk images?

> I am really surprised though not to see a raw file format, that would have been > helpful yesterday. Not sure what you mean by raw. If you m ...
EmuChat Robbbert 05/10/21 09:07 PM
. Re: Does MAME support raw floppy disk images?

> I'm trying to get 231 to boot CP/M for a Kaypro 4/83, but no luck. It attempts to > boot with a TD0 or IMD image, but never does get to a prom ...
EmuChat Robbbert 05/10/21 12:26 AM
. Re: v0.231 doesn't recognize my swlist zips/roms - how to audit?

You're confusing software-list software with loose software. swpath and software base are for loose software. But you're trying to run an item contai ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 05/02/21 08:37 PM
. HBMAME 0.231 What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2021-04-28 0.231 New Games ------- ...
News Robbbert 04/28/21 07:28 AM
. Re: Windows defender SUX

> So, I finally removed SEP from my system. Many people in here seemed content with > simply having Windows defender turned on, and that's it. & ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 04/25/21 06:52 AM
. Re: Required ROM/disk images for the selected system are missing or incorrect. Please select a different system.

> dl-1425.bin NOT FOUND (tried in qsound_hle xmvsf) > Fatal error: Required files are missing, the machine cannot be run. You need the latest q ...
EmuChat Robbbert 04/16/21 09:12 AM
. Re: Several .ini files corrupted from today's release

> Hi! > The crcs do match. But the error remains. When I copied and pasted the content to > create a new ini file (as Jorge said) it was fixe ...
progetto-SNAPS Robbbert 04/12/21 07:45 AM
. Re: Several .ini files corrupted from today's release

Banned again, Jessica Jones.
progetto-SNAPS Robbbert 04/10/21 10:07 PM
. Re: Catlist... still around?

> I must be missing something obvious somewhere... Yep.
EmuChat Robbbert 04/04/21 05:36 AM
. Re: [Annc] MAMEUI .230 w/ icons & snaps released.

> Thanks to Robbbert for the .exe > > Changes: - Lua initialisation errors are treated as warnings rather than ...
News Robbbert 03/31/21 02:39 AM
. HBMAME 0.230 What's new in HBMAME ==================== 2021-03-31 0.230 New Games ------ ...
News Robbbert 03/31/21 01:51 AM
. Re: Astro Invader/Kamikaze no sound

> i just noticed astro invader (kamikaze) has no sound. How do I fix this? You download and install the samples.
EmuChat Robbbert 03/26/21 01:35 AM
. Re: editing ini files

> I have accidentally deleted the Track X setting in the Input(general) settings. What > is the name of the ini file where these settings are sa ...
Programming Robbbert 03/25/21 08:13 PM
. Re: What's happening?

Welcome to the War Room Robbbert 03/24/21 09:26 PM
. Re: Best Antivirus as of now. Go.

> Now I use MacAfee at work and can get it free the same way. I also used McAfee at work, then I brought a copy home and used it ever since. It's ...
The Loony Bin Robbbert 03/23/21 09:50 AM
. Re: Default cartridge folders/directories?

> Hmm. I created an ini file in the ini folder for the machine I was playing with, and > put a swpath line in there - but no change. The file ma ...
EmuChat Robbbert 03/19/21 12:14 PM
. Re: Default cartridge folders/directories?

This can be done, but you need to make an ini file for each system you're interested in. For example, for nes, create nes.ini and add the one line s ...
EmuChat Robbbert 03/18/21 09:35 PM
. Re: Problem with rom software list

> Hi everyone, I am new and I tried to do a search, but if I have seen correctly I have > not found anything for my case. I decided to insert th ...
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 03/12/21 08:12 PM
. Re: Clash of the "emuloaders": A duplicate name story...

> hi all, > I just stumbled across a newly released frontend called "Emuloader", hosted on > Github. > ...
Emu Loader Robbbert 03/05/21 01:05 PM
. Re: I GOT IT WORKING!!!!!!!!

> Weird enough, richedit20.dll that comes with Win10 build 2004 install is v3.0 and it > gives all sorts of "autofont" bugs for non-E ...
Emu Loader Robbbert 03/02/21 10:23 AM
. Re: MAMEUI - tips, tricks and other nice info not showing

> I have the history.xml in the > 'dats' folder. You need history.dat
MAMEUI & IV/Play Robbbert 03/02/21 10:20 AM
. Re: Command.dat 0.229 out!

> Online a new updated version of command.dat file, available here: pS Command.dat > Page. > > Thanks for all your work.
News Robbbert 02/25/21 07:37 PM

Search results for query: Robbbert (1 - 25 of 1663)
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